Whole Food Crock Pot Recipes for Delicious Sunday Dinners

This whole food crock pot recipes post has been brought to you by Foodie.  All opinions are mine.

Whole Food Crock Pot Recipes for Delicious Sunday Dinners

Sundays are always chaotic for this family.  We wake up, quickly eat and get ready for church, and are out the door without even thinking about lunch or dinner.  I would love to have lunch ready to eat when we get home from church, or be able to throw something into the Crock Pot between lunch and nap for it to be ready for a delicious Sunday dinner.  However, I am a bit put off with all of the processed foods and additives in some Crock Pot recipes.  So, I created a collection of Crock Pot recipes on Foodie made with only whole foods!  Simple, easy, delicious, and healthier than any processed foods you might grab in a hurry on Sunday.  Check out this great collection!

What is your favorite Sunday dinner?  Which recipe would you love to try from this collection?

Find these and more delicious recipes on Foodie!

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