Pre-K Update (And A Few Things That Have Helped Ease the Anxiety!)


Less than two weeks ago, the Captain started daily pre-k.  Things were great at first, but they got worse.  A lot worse.  He started on a Wednesday and absolutely loved it.  Thursday he cried and said it was because he didn't like the noisy cafeteria, which they had to go to first thing.  Thursday is also soccer practice day, and the day he gets a little one-on-one from an awesome homeschool teacher, that I'm glad we didn't have to give up because he loves.  By Friday, he was tired and totally did not want to [...]

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Confession time.  When I was a kindergarten teacher, before having my own children, I often wondered why it was so hard on some parents to drop their kids off at school.  Some parents happily dropped their child off in the car line and went on their way.  Some kids were anxious about school, so their parents dropped them off at my door every single day, all year long.  I kept thinking that the parents walking them to the door made them anxious, so they should "just stop."  Well, a lot of lessons are learned after becoming a [...]

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The School Quandary for a Fall Child

Captain Fussybuckets' birthday is in November.  Here in Texas, you have to be 5 on September 1st to start to kindergarten.  So, while one of his cousins and most of his preschool buddies will be starting kindergarten in the Fall, he will not.  He has been in the 4's and 5's class at a two day preschool program since September.  It was the first year of this program, so they were still trying to figure out which class to put the kids in when school started.  The Captain was three when he began the 4's and 5's [...]

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