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Our family is trying to eat more organic produce.  We do have a few options to buy organic fruits and vegetables nearby, but it can get quite expensive.  We have a small garden in our backyard, with squash, peppers, and okra, and I can't wait until they start producing yummy goodness that we can enjoy!  And since I am the gardener, I know that they aren't being treated with pesticides or other yucky stuff.

Our garden is small, but it's all we need at the moment.  Sure, it would be nice to have a huge garden with tons of different fruits and vegetables, but we'll save that for another year!  Here is a picture of our garden:

Whitney Farms® organic soil is perfect for creating an organic garden in your backyard.  You know that the soil is organic and thus, healthier for you and your family.  And Whitney farms also has organic plant food so your plants can thrive and grow naturally!  

Whitney Farms' organic soil contains kelp and alfalfa meal, and grow plants up to twice as big as growing with regular topsoil.  The naturally occurring microbial activity enhances nutrients for the plants, thus feeding them more efficiently!  The organic soil also contains organic materials such as forest products, peat humus, or compost, sphagnum peat moss, composted manure, pasteurized poultry litter, and fertilizer.

Use the Whitney Farms' organic plant food at planting time, as well as every 6-8 weeks to feed your vegetable gardens, flower beds, ornamental plants, and all types of container gardens, to produce lush and plentiful gardens!  The benefits of Whitney Farms' organic plant food are that it feeds plants with protein based nitrogen and not manure.  It also is low to no dust and is easy to use.  The plant food stimulates root development, too, which makes plants more water efficient and able to absorb the available nutrients!

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Right now, you can get a $3 off Whitney Farms® products!  What a great way to start the growing season!

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Photo a Day May 18 – “Something You Made” #photoadaymay

Okay, so I know thatdidn't make these plants, God did, but I love seeing how my plants have grown from tiny seeds!  So yes, I made this garden…with God's help!