Photo A Day (late) May 21 – “Where I Stand” #photoadaymay

This is a picture of a picture, and it's a day late, AND it doesn't really "fit" with the theme of "Where I Stand" but I DO still stand, married and in love with my husband of 7 years and yesterday was my anniversary!  


Photo a Day (late) May 14 – “Grass” #photoadaymay


Photo A Day! May 1 – “Peace”

Thanks to my awesome cousin, I'm participating in the "Photo A Day" challenge for May.  Today is "Peace."  I had a lot of thoughts about peace….sleeping kids are peaceful, the stillness of the morning (before the wind starts blowing!) is peaceful.  But then, I saw that my husband had DVR'd "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" for me because I had been talking about introducing the show to the boys.  It was my favorite show as a child and you know what…..Mister Rogers is so gentle and peaceful, that was the perfect picture for today.  

May 1 – "Peace" – Mister Rogers