Photo A Day May 31 – “Something Beautiful” #photoadaymay

Today, for the last day of May and the last photo of the month, look at this BEAUTIFUL giraffe!  God's creatures are beautiful and amazing!

This has been a fun challenge!  I think I'll participate in the June Photo A Day challenge, but I probably will just post them to Facebook and Twitter.  Here is the lineup if you're interested in participating!  Leave me a link to your photo a day and I'll check it out!


Photo A Day May 30 – “Your Personality” #photoadaymay

This was definitely the hardest "Photo A Day" assignments!  My personality?  How am I supposed to define that with a picture?  So, I found this old picture, when I was three or four.  I love this picture and I think it describes my personality well, or at least part of it.  In this picture, I'm deep in thought and quiet.  Or possibly I'm about to blow a kiss to my dad who is taking the picture?  Who knows?  But I'd like to think I'm a quiet thinker, but I also can be loud and obnoxious, so watch out.  Split personality, perhaps?  ha ha!



Photo A Day May 29 – “A Number” #photoadaymay

Have I told you how HOT it is???

Photo A Day May 28 – “The Weather Today”


It's in the 90's and hot here, so Daddy and a family friend built this awesome sprinkler and we pulled out the old slip 'n slide-ish thing!  Such fun!!!!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  Stay safe and say a prayer for those who have served our country!

Photo A Day May 27 – “Something Sweet” #photoadaymay



Photo A Day May 25 & 26 – “unusual” and “12 o’ clock” #photoadaymay

Yes, I'm a day late again.  Here was my "unusual" picture from yesterday.  Not sure what it is, a rock, shell, organism, or something that some friends brought back for the Captain from Hawaii.  Anyone know what it is?


And today, "12 o' clock."  I think we were taking a nap at that time, so yes, I turned back the clock for this picture.


Photo A Day May 24 – “Something New” (late!)

For some reason, I struggled with this….so I decided to grab an old photo of my precious boys when Baby D was brand new!



Photo A Day (late) May 21 – “Where I Stand” #photoadaymay

This is a picture of a picture, and it's a day late, AND it doesn't really "fit" with the theme of "Where I Stand" but I DO still stand, married and in love with my husband of 7 years and yesterday was my anniversary!  


Photo A Day May 20 – “Something You Can’t Live Without” #photoadaymay


Photo a Day May 18 – “Something You Made” #photoadaymay

Okay, so I know thatdidn't make these plants, God did, but I love seeing how my plants have grown from tiny seeds!  So yes, I made this garden…with God's help!