My Dream Come True – “The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep” (birth through 5 years)


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As a mother of two, there's something I'm addicted to that I don't get enough…..good sleep.  If you've read my blog at all, you know that the Captain, age 4, still wakes up in the middle of the night and comes into our room to sleep on the floor. [...]

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My Life Before Kids

Sometimes I remember back to what it was like….our life with no kids.  We had one computer, one TV, two dogs, and that was pretty much it.  What on earth did I do before I had kids?  Hubby and I got married 2 weeks after he graduated from college and 6 months after I had, we quickly moved and started our lives as youth minister and wife at a new church.  It was a blast.  We loved those first few years.  I remember the summer after we got married, we got a dog, I searched for a job, had [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions…For Your Spouse? Regarding Parenting?

I have never been much of a resolution girl. I made them, I broke them, I felt guilty, I moved on. So, the past few years, I haven’t made any resolutions. But this year, hubby said he was serious about losing weight and he made a resolution to follow the South Beach Diet as closely as he can for as long as he can. We both did the SBD two years ago and he lost a lot of weight. It’s definitely not easy, but I secretly think women need carbs more than men. haha So this year, [...]

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Monday was Fail Day!

It always seems that all of my "oopsies" or "fails" come in one day.  Why is that?  Yesterday was one of those days.  It started off well…  I woke up a little early to get everything ready because it was hubby's day off and we had a dentist appointment.  I packed the diaper bag and got the kids dressed and took them to a friend's house for her to watch them for a couple of hours.  Hubby and I went to the dentist, which scares some, but not me.  I think it's because my parents took me [...]

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Soft or Strong? #CharminVote

As a parent, there are many times when I have to be soft and gentle with my kids.  Their emotions are raw and their feelings get hurt easily.  I believe that it's important to be soft with them and consider their feelings at all times.  It's amazing the things that Captain Fussybuckets remembers, even from very early on in his life.  Sure, there are times when we are short on patience, but I don't want anything that I say or do to damage his little spirit in any way.  

I am always [...]

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It’s Okay to Mix the Colors.

Teachers and OCD moms everywhere are about to cringe.  Ready?   It's okay to mix the colors.  It's okay!  Two months ago, I couldn't say those words.  But now, I can.  After my friend Carla told me that her 2 year old likes the way the Play-Doh colors look when mixed and pointed out that Play-Doh IS fairly inexpensive, well…..I stopped being so OCD about it.  I tried to remind Captain Fussybuckets to keep the colors separate, but when I left him with his Play-Doh cake making station to tend to Baby D one day…..I came back to a [...]

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