Happy Mother’s Day ( #photoadaymay 13)

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms, step-moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, house moms, grandmas, great-grandmas, aunts, baby-sitters, nannies, teachers, daycare workers, and I'm sure I'm missing someone, but if you have any part in raising a child, I salute you! It's hard work! Enjoy your special day!

And to my own mother, THANK YOU for being so supportive and helpful and always being there for me and my family!  We love you!




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Save your purse from germs with Clipa!

Have you ever sat down at a table at a restaurant and had no where to put your purse or diaper bag?  I usually try to put it in an empty chair or hang it on the back of my chair, but then I'm constantly worried about someone coming by and swiping it!  Well, I don't have those problems anymore, because I found Clipa, which is a purse hook that is easy to use and can hold up to 45 pounds.

Here it is in action:

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