My Favorites of 2012

I've had a fun year here on the blog!  We've gotten to review some awesome stuff this year and I'm thankful for that and glad I got to share with my readers!  While I am always honest and never give a bad product a good review, there are some things that we couldn't use or would be better used by someone else, so I've donated or given away a lot of the products we've reviewed.  BUT, there are a few things that we can't let go of because they've been SO helpful, enjoyable, or simply awesome and [...]

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Mark Gungor Live!

We have seen Mark Gungor's "Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage" DVDs two times now, so it was a treat to get to see him live last week!  The hubby and I were lucky enough for Grammy and Grampy to watch the boys while we enjoyed listening to Mark on Friday night and Saturday morning.  We were both wondering how he was going to get everything in from the DVDs into the seminar, but Mark seems to have been doing it for so long, that he condensed the information on the DVD down [...]

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Mark Gungor – Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage DVD

Mark Gungor

My husband and I first heard of Mark Gungor while working at the children's home.  One of the ministers there shared the "Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage" DVD with us and I, personally, was very encouraged and excited about the DVD.  I had a lot of "aha!" moments, where things Mark said clicked and made complete sense.

Mark Gungor is a pastor at Celebration Church in [...]

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