Find the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for the Techie Dad at Best Buy!

Find the Perfect Father's Day Gift for the Techie Dad at Best Buy!

The Perfect Father's Day Gift for the Techie Dad

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The day to celebrate fathers is coming up on June 19th.  While many jokes are made about this day, I really do think it's special that dads have their day to be appreciated.  My hubs is one of those great dads, and we always love to celebrate this day with yummy food and a special gift.  I know what hubby likes and I already have his perfect gift in mind.  If you are still looking for the perfect father's day gift, I have an awesome suggestion and a fantastic offer from Best Buy!

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HUGE Best Buy Holiday Shopping Event: This Saturday, November 7!

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Order Your Holiday Desserts Now from Collin Street Bakery

Apple Cinnamon Pecan Cake

This holiday desserts post was brought to you by Collin Street Bakery. All opinions are mine.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are such a wonderful time of year.  Spending quality time with the family, eating delicious food, and just being able to relax is a great change of pace from the every day grind.  If you're a mom or especially a grandma, you might be a little bit stressed just thinking about all of the work that has to be done during the holidays.  I know that my mother and mother-in-law both spend countless hours in the kitchen, preparing the holiday feast for all of us.  

This year, why not make it easier on yourself and others in charge of cooking by ordering your holiday desserts from Collin Street Bakery?   We have tried the luscious praline pecan cheesecake and were in awe of the exceptional quality and flavor.  A great holiday treat is the Apple Cinnamon Pecan Cake, which is pictured above.  Washington apples are sprinkled with cinnamon and folded into Collin Street Bakery's unique honey batter and THEN topped with delicious, crunchy native Texas pecans and slivered almonds.  It's a special treat that arrives in a keepsake tin and if refrigerated, can stay moist and delicious for months.

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Skip the Cooking – Collin Street Bakery Delivers the BEST Desserts!

This post was brought to you by Collin Street Bakery.  All opinions are mine.Collin Street Bakery Praline CheesecakeIt's a great time of the year.  Summer is on it's way, end-of-school and graduation events are happening, Father's Day is coming, and many picnics and family BBQs are on their way!  There are many different gifts and foods to celebrate with, but what's more awesome than cheesecake?  Collin Street Bakery has made it easy to give delicious, homemade desserts for gifts or keep them on hand for all of the family get togethers this summer.  

This praline pecan cheesecake is absolutely delicious and definitely a real treat.  The bakers at Collin Street Bakery coat the native Texas pecans in sugar and syrup to make a crunchy praline coated confection that is then mixed into the New York style cheesecake.  They take care of making sure it is perfect and shipped to your doorstep when you need it.


I'm always searching for the perfect, original gift for different occasions.  Collin Street Bakery has a variety of delicious desserts so you will be sure to find the perfect one!  Ship directly to your lucky recipient for a special surprise or have it shipped to your home so you can personalize the package!  Cheescakes, fruitcakes, pies, cookies, squares, Texas pecan cakes, snacks, and more are available all year long.  Find the perfect gift or summer dessert at Collin Street Bakery.

Make Plans to Attend the Best Buy Holiday Shopping Event this Saturday

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Now is a great time to start thinking about the holidays, if you haven't already.  I have just now started to think about what Hubby might want for Christmas and to be honest, I'm completely stumped.  Best Buy is always a good place for him because there are just so  many items he would love!

Best Buy is prepared to make this a great holiday season, starting with their Holiday Shopping Event this Saturday (November 8th)!  From 1-4 PM, visitors will be allowed to preview and shop great holiday collections from some of the biggest brands.  Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony will all be represented, and more!  There will be experts available to answer any questions you may have and to help you make the best holiday gift purchases for those that you love.

Another great incentive to attend the event is the in-store only (not valid online) offers:

  • Get a $100 Best Buy gift card when you buy any Apple® MacBook Air 1,2
  • Get a $50 Best Buy gift card when you buy the new Apple® iPad Air 2 or iPad Air 1,2
  • Bundle & save when you buy the Surface Pro 3 128GB, Type Cover and Microsoft Office 365”
  • Purchase a 55-inch Samsung UN55H6350AFXZA HD TV (SKU 4323009) for only $799.99
  • Receive 3X My Best Buy points on all Samsung curved UHD TVs. (Not a My Best Buy member? See a sales associate to get signed up today.  As a reminder, My Best Buy members will not get 3X points if they select promotional financing (6, 12, 18 or 24 months).

  • Save $200 when you buy a Sony XBR55X850B 4K UHD TV (SKU 5005006) with a Sony PlayStation 4.

  • Select PlayStation 4 games on sale for $24.992 (regularly $39.99)

  • Get free Geek Squad Smart Device Online Setup (valued at $49.99) with the purchase of Geek Squad Protection for Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

  • Get free Geek Squad Virtual Smart TV Set Up (valued at $149.99) with the purchase of Geek Squad Protection.

  • Get 20% off Geek Squad Protection with the purchase any Geek Squad TV Installation service.

**Unless noted, rainchecks are available for advertised products. We reserve the right to limit quantities. No dealers. Other limitations may apply.  Not available online.**

Get more infomation about the Best Buy Holiday Shopping Event and see more great offers, details, vendor demos, and to find participating stores in your area.  

Do you have your eye on something at Best Buy?  What would YOU love to receive this season?


Check Out The New Switch & Go Dino® – SkySlicer the Allosaurus™

This Switch & Go Dino® post has been brought to you by VTech.  All opinions are mine.

Both the Captain and D love dinosaurs, so I knew they would flip over the new Switch & Go Dino® – SkySlicer the Allosaurus™…and I was right!  When SkySlicer came in the mail, the boys were so excited and after we got him out of the packaging, they played with him for a long time.  (They had to practice their sharing skills for sure!)


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Displaying Pictures…Even the Silly Ones! Eco-Friendly Photo Prints

This eco-friendly photo post has been sponsored and was written by me on behalf of Static Pixels.  All opinions are mine.

I am always on the lookout for new ways to display favorite family photos.  I take so many pictures of the boys, but there are some that are just priceless.  They tell a story and can be looked back on with fondness year after year.  Some pictures I take are completely silly and I want to frame because I laugh every time! 

This picture was taken on an old train.  Our friends came to take our pictures and the boys loved it so much.  They just cracked up!  It is one of my favorite pictures!eco friendly photo

Static Pixels is a company based in Canada that is doing all they can to provide high quality photos that are not taking from the environment.  Static Pixels prints on recycled cardboard made from post-consumer and renewable sources, which adds a different look, for sure. 

The quality of the print is exceptional.  I was a bit hesitant when I read "printed on cardboard" but Static Pixels uses fade resistant UV ink so it really LOOKS high quality.  They also don't use any glue or toxic chemicals, so I feel good about the boys touching it, too.

The view from the top is an interesting one.  I bet you have never seen a photo like this before:


eco friendly

The DeepSquare prints come in two sizes – 5" or 10" – and come with their own easy to use kickstand and sticker wall mounts:


You can upload your Instagram pictures directly to the site.  Or you can upload any of your pictures to create lasting memories your family and friends will adore.

Static Pixels is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Forest Stewardship Council.  And, all DeepSquare prints are inspected for quality and carefully packaged, making it perfect for gift giving.  I truly appreciate companies like Static Pixels who are making quality products while protecting the environment.




Tone It Down, Parents.

Yesterday was Easter.  We don't do the Easter Bunny at our house although I see nothing wrong with him.  I just was a bit obsessed with Santa and the Easter Bunny as a child and would rather my kids not be greedy little boogers like I was.  I have two older brothers that were not as obsessed as I was, so it was all me, not my parents or anything else.  It was all me.  We do still celebrate holidays and our boys get candy and gifts.  After seeing some of the HUGE Easter baskets in stores and online…..I really gotta say….tone it down, parents.

Easter eggs are one thing.  Plastic pieces strewn all over my floor after the hunt is over, candy wrappers, then later, broken plastic eggs on the floor and hurt feet after I have stepped on these awful booby traps.  I was smart yesterday, I helped the boys empty their eggs and then I scooped them all up and put them in a bag for next year.  But I still can guarantee you that I will be finding eggs for the rest of the year, hidden under the TV, in the playroom, and under the refrigerator.

I always had Easter eggs with candy in them.  This was fun.  But now, every kid not only gets a million Easter eggs, but they get elaborate Easter baskets, filled with MORE candy, small trinkets, toys, and even more junk to pick up off of the floor.  Why do parents do this to themselves???  Unless your child is an amazing cleaner-upper, I don't know why anyone would subject themselves with more…for lack of a better term….crap!  My kids get enough crap without ever celebrating a holiday.  They were thrilled with their coin filled eggs that they found in our backyard yesterday.  (They were also thrilled with the chocolate, berries, and cold hard cash that Grandma brought to them for their savings.)  The Captain asked for a chocolate bunny for Easter  so I got the boys a small one and they got to eat it before church.  This was special.  And they were both so surprised and both kept saying "thank you for my chocolate bunny!"   Well, Baby D's was more like "tat too" but I knew what he was saying.

Maybe my kids are just young and I don't know what I'm in for.  Maybe the madness peaks at about 8, and they won't be satisfied with one small chocolate bunny and a little money.  I'm not sure, but I do know that if they got a huge Easter basket, each, after getting coins and chocolate for St. Patrick's Day, after getting a huge box of chocolates and red dyed lollipops for Valentine's Day, after getting a gazillion gifts for Christmas, (which really, they did,) after getting a huge bucket full of Halloween candy, they would never, ever, be satisfied and next year I'd have to outdo this year.  I don't want to be cheap, I don't want to be lazy, I don't want to be compared to other parents, but I have already realized that kids as young as three do remember last year and they will expect the same thing plus more next year.  Plus, there are always pictures.  That's why I'm always AMAZED that parents willingly take so many pictures of their first child's first birthday with the gazillion of gifts that they're sure to get (because it's exciting to spoil your first child on his first birthday, I know!)  Start small, don't take a picture of all the gifts they got, and they'll never have to say "why don't I get as many gifts now as when I was a baby??"

It's not too late to tone it down.  I promise.  And if you really want to spoil your kids, at least go today and buy up all of the unsold Easter candy, toys, or clothes and give it to them a day late (or next year, in the case of toys and clothes) instead of paying ridiculous prices for….well, crap.  😉  Or buy something a little bigger that is more eco-friendly, educational, nutritious, longer lasting, and/or useful!

I apologize if this post offended you.  I'm not judging, I promise.  I'm just saying that you could totally have it a million times easier and raise a less greedy child, as well, or at least have a shot at a less greedy child.  😉  I'll honestly tell you that my kids are greedy and have too much junk, but, we're working on that.


Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts

Eco-Friendly Easter Gifts

Since becoming a parent, I've become amazed at all the candy and gifts we parents give our kids at every possible opportunity.  We like to celebrate Valentine's Day, Easter, birthday, Christmas, Halloween, and more, all with candy and stuff our kids don't really need.  Here are some of my suggestions for the best eco-friendly Easter gifts this year!

1.  Egg Shaped Easter Chalk – $5.99 – Springtime colorful chalk in egg shapes, perfect for little hands!


2.  Bunny Natural Wood Teether from Montana Solar Creation – $10.95 – Handmade with natural, untreated hard wood, and will not splinter.  What a great eco-friendly gift for a teething baby or toddler!

eco-friendly Easter gift

3.  Nature's Magic Egg Dyeing Kit from Wee Can Too – $16 – The dyes are all natural and edible, made with fruit and vegetable powders.  

we can too

4. Tommy Rabbit Handmade Organic Doll – Waldorf Doll by Cheengo – $24 – This adorable little bunny is handmade with organic cotton and filled with poly-fill and rice.


5.  Eco Kids Natural Plant Dye Molding Dough – $17 – This dough is made with plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts.  It contains no chemicals, artificial dyes, or metals.  



6.  Moo Free Bunnycomb Easter Egg – $20 – non GMO, Vegan, no dairy, no wheat chocolate


7.  Resurrection Eggs – $20 – Okay, maybe this is a stretch because these plastic eggs aren't really "eco-friendly," but when you compare them to other Easter gifts we give, these Resurrection Eggs are loved and well used by my kids, to teach the story of the true meaning of Easter.  Each egg contains a small "trinket" to teach different parts of the Easter story of Jesus' death and resurrection.



8.  Haba Wooden Eggs in a Carton – $10 – These wooden eggs are perfect for pretend play!



9.  Organic Easter Egg Blend Radishes from Nimble NiteCap Seed Co. from – $2.25 for 100+ seeds – I love these beautiful heirloom, organic radishes that look like little Easter eggs!  Any gardener or child would love to grow these pink, red, purple, and white radishes!



10.  Lastly, if you need an eco-friendly gift for yourself, your child's teacher, or a friend, try this delicious, raw honey for about $12.  I have been using it in my tea and it's SO good!



Forget Me Nots Giveaway Hop featuring Sibu and Hallmark {closed}

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up quickly, and to celebrate, I bring you the Valentine’s Day Forget Me Nots Giveaway Hop hosted by MamaNYC!  This is a HUGE event with lots of prizes to be won, all worth $25 or more. This event will run until February 14th, which means you will have plenty of time to enter all of our giveaways.

Here at Life With Captain Fussybuckets, you can win a great prize package featuring Sibu and Hallmark!

forget me nots hop

Enter to win a box of Sibu Seven Omega 7 chocolates, "Until We Hug Again" bear and greeting cards from Hallmark.  Enter to win in the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

Giveaway has ended and Michelle O. is the winner!