The Boy That Never Yawns

The other night, when Daddy and I were telling the Captain bedtime stories and Baby D had already gone to sleep in his own room, something happened that was strange….the Captain yawned.  After four+ years of being the mother of this child, I realized that he doesn't yawn very often.  I asked Daddy to confirm and he laughed and agreed, although we hadn't thought about it, really.

It's strange….Baby D yawns ALLLL the time and is a pretty good sleeper, but the Captain rarely yawns!  I was reminded of back in the day when all the [...]

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Captain Fussybuckets’ Birthday Interview

I saw this idea on a blog once and so we gave it a shot!  It turned out really fun!  Check out Captain Fussybuckets' birthday interview:

1.  How old are you?  "3….I mean 4!"

2.  What is your favorite color?  "green"

3.  What is your favorite food?  "lasagna"

4.  What is your favorite thing to drink?  "Dr. Pepper and water"  (I should point out that he has had DP VERY rarely!)

5.  What is your favorite toy?  "a huge dump truck….I mean a trumpet"

6.  Who are your favorite friends?  "my cousins and my friends from [...]

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