Favorite Toys

When I was little, I spent a lot of time playing with my favorite toy, the Fisher Price doll house.  I loved that thing.  There's just something about those little figurines with round heads and the ability to put them in the little chairs, lay them on the little beds, and even push them around in the school bus that we had.  I'm so glad my mom was smart enough to save this awesome toy so my kids could play with it!  

Here is a picture of Captain Fussybuckets playing with it last year when we lived with them for a few months.  He loved playing with it, too!  (sorry it's blurry, it was an iPhone picture!)

my childhood dollhouse

I've thought about buying the boys something similar to this, but, alas, toys just aren't the same.  There are a few fire station toys that are a lot like this (although way more expensive) and I might get them that, but we'll see.  I'm always on the look out for a great deal!  

I also wanted to share with you two toys I bought last week at Target.  I don't usually get my kids toys when we go shopping because, then they expect it.  But we were in the toy section (we were shopping with my parents if that tells you anything.  HAHA!) and I found this box of wooden trucks.  They had everything, and they were only $3 each!  I let the boys pick one out and honestly, it's the best $6 I've ever spent.  These trucks have quickly become some of their favorite toys!  Baby D was sick on Sunday and my hubby said that the Captain played with these trucks for thirty minutes, just laying on the floor in church, pushing them back and forth.  If anyone knows my child, you know how astounding that is!  The truck on the left has a little magnet on it, for picking up things.  The Captain has experimented with everything and it has taught him a lot about magnets and metal!  The truck on the right is a dump truck, but they like to take that part off and I wasn't about to go look under our pillow fort that we made this morning for it to make the picture.  So, it's a dump truck, just imagine a green box on top.  đź™‚  Oh!  And there was a warning sticker that advised to use caution for kids under 3, so, keep that in mind.  But, $3 for a toy that has been played with more in a week than most of their other toys.  I'm sold!

the boys love these trucks!

\What was your favorite childhood toy?  What is your child's current favorite toy?

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