Life With Three Boys

It's hard to believe that Hubby and I are the parents of three boys.  Baby Brother is eighteen days old today and as always, I cannot believe it has been that long since I woke up at 5:50 AM and as I was getting out of bed, my water broke, and we headed to the hospital.  It was a quick and easy labor and delivery, which I felt I was due after long and difficult labors with the other two, ha!   

Lots of people have asked "is he a good baby?" to which I reply "as good as a newborn can get, I guess."  What a difficult question!  I think he's perfect and the only babies I have to compare him to are his brothers, which were about the same.  The Captain was probably a lot more "difficult" in the first few days but that was due to feeding issues and us just being new parents.  It happens.  It wasn't his fault.  I think all three of my sons were "good babies" but if they weren't "good," then it wouldn't be their  fault.  I dunno!

Baby Brother (that's the best nickname I could come up with, yes!) is a grunter, however.  He grunts in his sleep.  He grunts to get out of his swaddle.  He grunts when he's not swaddled.  I know newborns make a lot of weird noises and that's normal, but it is a bit difficult sleeping with his grunting going on two feet away from me.  At least he sleeps well, so far.  I always say that my boys starting waking up more and getting tricky with their sleeping habits at about 6 weeks, so I am enjoying the time before we hit that mark!  ­čÖé

The Captain and D are still blissfully in love with their little brother.  The Captain asks to hold him about 10 times a day and will sit and hold him, look at him, and smell his little head for about 5 minutes at a time.  D loves to hold him, as well, but his max is about 20 seconds before he says "I'm done." or "he's fussy!  he's fussy!"  But, D is the master of the paci, or "meh" as D always called it.  He gently puts the paci in Baby's mouth and instructs his brother to take it.  It's pretty precious.  D is still in love with his "mehs" even though he turns three next week, yes.  It's a special bond the brothers have, I suppose.

We haven't been out too much, with the ice storm and cold weather, but we have made it to Target once as a family and church a few times.  Baby Brother has done well and Mommy hasn't lost her mind yet, so I guess we are doing okay!  

Thank you for all of your well wishes and congratulations!  Thanks for bearing with me as I post the bare minimum so I can enjoy time with our three amazing sons!


Fun Facts about the Captain and Baby D: March 2013 Edition

A little over a year ago, I posted some "Fun Facts" about Captain Fussybuckets & Baby D.  I was thinking about it the other day and I can't believe it has been a year since I wrote it.  It feels like only a few months ago.  So, it's time I do it again.  The Captain is 4 1/4 years old and Baby D is 2 (almost 27 months).  They are so much fun and also can be quite michievous!

Fun Facts about Baby D

1.  He loves his pacifiers, still, or his "meh"s, as he calls them.  We've limited them to bed time, but he has to have at least two – one to rub on his cheek and one in his mouth.  The other night I asked if he wanted to give his pacis to his baby cousin, and he was excited and said yes, so I gathered them up and left the room at bedtime.  He was okay for a couple of minutes, but then he freaked out and said "MOMMY! MY MEHS!!!!"  So, I gave them back without incident.  He will stop using them when he's ready….right?  Let's hope.

2.  His speech isn't fantastic, but he's doing a lot better and trying more.  We think that he is just a bit lazy with his speech.  We've been challenging him more and that has helped.  The other day, I noticed that he says three words exactly the same:  "orange," "outside," and "Alice," who is one of his Bible class teachers.  So, I gave him this sentence to say "Alice eats oranges outside."  This is what he said:

3.  He's potty trained…but only when he's naked.  If he's not wearing anything on the lower part of his body, he uses the potty every single time.  But if we put underwear, a trainer, or a diaper on, it's over and he doesn't even try to get to the potty.  I don't really know what's up with that, but oh well.

4.  He loves food.  His favorites are oranges, blackberries, peas, and hamburgers.  He also ate a few pieces of broccoli the other day, which shocked me completely!

5.  He says things for shock value, such as "tee tee on couch," "na na na boo boo," and "poo poo head."  Lovely.

6.  He loves to watch himself in the mirror or while talking to family on FaceTime.

7.  He loves milk and water.

8.  He needs a haircut.  I'd love to let it grow out but it's just wavy, like mine.  He's got a large forehead so I can't cut his hair like the Captain's, so, I just leave it.  Who knows what to do with that mop!

9.  He doesn't like sweets much at all.  He can eat sweets, and he does, but he's not a huge fan.

10.  He LOVES to be outside – running, going for walks, playing at the park, or just wandering around the backyard, looking at the plants, etc.

Fun Facts about Captain Fussybuckets

1.  The Captain has started to become more responsible.  He is FINALLY understanding that cleaning up isn't FUN, but he needs to do it to be responsible.  He's still not a cleaning pro, but he's a million times better than he has been in the past.  He's also slowly but surely remembering to put his clothes in the hamper and shoes where they belong.

2.  He loves sweets way too much.

3.  He is learning about self control and moderation.  He remembers that the dentist said no more than one juice a day and he can remember if he's already had juice that day.  It's harder to have self control with sweets though (see #2.)

4.  He loves his green blanket, his cousins, and his baby brother.

5.  He can FINALLY buckle and unbuckle himself in his five point harness carseat.  HALLELUJAH!

6.  He absolutely loves music.  Of course he always has, but it's becoming more evident with each passing day.  He loves to sing, make up new songs, play instruments, and dream about playing instruments.

7.  He asks at least twice a day for something for his birthday.  His birthday isn't until November.

8.  He's a really great baseball and basketball player.

9.  He can sing the books of the New Testament, thanks to his Bible class teachers!

10.  He loves to eat sandwiches!


Wordless Wednesday: Brothers

This past weekend, we went to my parents' house and I went through some old dolls and toys.  This was about the extent of the brothers playing with my dolls:


Brotherly Apologies and a Didgeridoo

The Captain has a love for music and a love for musical instruments.  I have lost count of how many instruments he has, but he loves them all and could probably tell you all about each and everyone one.  Most of them are toys, but some are real.  For Christmas this year, he got a child-sized accordion and a set of real bongos.  He also got this super awesome didgeridoo that was MADE by his aunt.  She is a music lover, too, and she spent hours on this thing.

(If you're wondering what a didgeridoo is, it's a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians.  Anthony from The Wiggles played one in the concert we attended this summer!)


Anyway, so he loves his instruments and while they are highly annoying at times, he is actually getting pretty good at some of them.  I think he's most talented on the bongos, which is what he was playing yesterday when this story took place.  He likes to give us all instruments to play "together" so we can all be in a band.  Well, Baby D is 2 and while he's very musically inclined, I'm afraid he doesn't have the deep musical love that his older brother has.  Plus, he's 2.  So while they were playing in their "band," the Captain got mad and said "You are NOT playing MUSIC!" and snatched the drum away from him.  Baby D didn't care, he just went on his merry way.  Well, about 20 minutes later, the Captain said to Daddy "I shouldn't have said that to D.  I need to go tell him I'm sorry."

Jaws dropped.  Something clicked.  I rejoiced!  My child is sweet but he's got a mean streak that runs deep.  This child who struggles with a temper (thanks to me, I'm sure) and blurts out whatever is on his mind has finally realized that his words could've hurt his brother and he needed to make it right and go apologize.  My heart melted as he went and said he was sorry and hugged his little brother.  And sweet Baby D just said "Tay" and hugged him back.

Lesson learned for the Captain and lesson learned for Mommy – apologize when hurtful things are said.

Turning Two Early??

Something strange has happened, but apparently, it's fairly common.  Baby D, who just turned 19 months old yesterday, is acting like a full fledged two year old.  Just in the past two weeks or so, he's started becoming far more defiant than ever, saying "NEH!" for 'no' and even hitting and pushing us.  This phenomena is very odd, because while he was getting into trouble a few weeks ago, he wasn't being defiant and still got his feelings hurt when we corrected him.  But now……it's like a different kid….a kid in the midst of the terrible two's.  How is this right?  I know from raising Captain Fussybuckets, that things will get far worse before they get better.  In all honesty, the Captain is only now beginning to creep out of those Terrible Two's/Three's, but man, he still has his days.  But his behavior currently resembles the behavior of a preschooler who likes to get attention by talking about poop and other taboos, not a toddler who is seeking independence and testing limits.  

I was thinking about when we hit this phase with the Captain.  He was about 22 months when it came on fully, possibly even later, but it was before his 2nd birthday.  We were houseparents at the children's home and, while he had plenty of good influences, let's just say there were some not so great influences, as well.  Let's be honest, there were teenagers living there, so you can only imagine the stuff he heard at that age.  BUT, he survived and then got a new baby brother, and really, he didn't hit the terrible, Terrible Two's until closer to three, I'd say.  Sure, there were the tantrums at the store, the whole having to share the attention of Mommy and Daddy with Baby Brother, the not getting his way thing, but as his independence blossomed and he became more aware of things, the scarier his behavior became!  And now that I think about it, maybe Baby D has more of an issue because he isn't as verbal as the Captain was at this age.  While he's learning to say more words all of the time, the Captain was pretty good at letting us know, through talking, what it was that he wanted.  Baby D isn't quite there yet, and I'm sure it's highly frustrating!

I cringe a little every time someone says to me:  "This too shall pass."  Of course it will pass, but I need some sympathy here in the moment!  ha!  Baby D will grow out of this Terrible-ism and become an independent, sometimes whiny preschooler like the Captain has.  And then, they'll become obnoxious ten year olds and awkward 12 year olds and then miserable teens, and I'm sure that I'll wish I could go back to the Terrible Two's and Three's.  I try to keep that in mind when parenting my two precious boys, really I do.  In all honesty, I am glad they are independent and see what they can get away with, because that means they're healthy and know how to think for themselves, and that will be so beneficial as they get older.  And who knows, maybe it'll make me smarter, too.  ­čÖé  Being a parent of two boys has definitely helped my patience level!!

What Makes Your Heart Leap? #nablopomo

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is "What makes your heart leap?"  I feel as though I need to change my "What Makes You Jump For Joy" post from a couple of days ago because these are actually two different reactions/emotions, but, I won't.  I'll just share with you something I posted to Facebook yesterday.  My boys were both enjoying their own bowl of grapes and the instant Captain Fussybuckets ate the last grape out of his bowl, Baby D picked it up, climbed up on the chair to the sink where the bowl of grapes were sitting, put a few in the Captain's bowl, and carried them back over to him.  Baby D is only 17 months old, but he already has so much love and consideration for his brother, it's unreal!  My heart definitely leapt in that moment!  Who knew that a toddler could even notice that his brother was out of grapes?  His bowl was still full of grapes, but he wanted to get his brother some more.  I really hope there are many more moments like that one, even on into the teenage years and adulthood.  The boyshave such a special bond and I hope they always continue to take care of one another!


Photo A Day May 15 – “Love” #photoadaymay

This picture was taken when Baby D was only a few weeks old.  I'm so blessed to have two little boys who have always loved and adored each other! (now let's just hope it stays that way!)

Wordless Wednesday: The Rocking Horse





Oh how our boys are different!  Here they are, both at 14 months.  The Captain obviously preferred no clothes and a spatula and Baby D likes to be warm and have a paci and Daddy's hat while riding this horse…which I might add, is one of their favorite toys!








Baby D is almost 1!

This was our family about this time last year….
This was at a Christmas party at the children's home.  Look how huge I was!  The Captain didn't know how much his life was about to change!  But it has been THE most awesome experience for all of us.  The boys love each other VERY much and I can't imagine it any differently!
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