What a Weekend – Birthday Party Fun!

We celebrated the boys' birthdays this weekend with lots of family and fun stuff to do!  The Captain turned 5 last week D will turn 3 in December, so a double birthday party is always easier on everyone, it seems.  Especially since D's bday is so close to Christmas.  He doesn't mind one bit though….lots of fun, attention, presents, and cake!

The day started off with a baby shower for Baby #3 with a few lovely ladies from church.  It was a fun time with los of delicious food!  Then we went to the Captain's [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: Box Boys


Wordless Wednesday: Superheroes


Wordless Wednesday: Brothers

This past weekend, we went to my parents' house and I went through some old dolls and toys.  This was about the extent of the brothers playing with my dolls:


21 Days of Prayer for Sons

My sweet friend Michelle just told me about this fantastic project, 21 Days of Prayer for Sons, hosted by the MOB Society (For Moms of Boys, By Moms of Boys).  I'm up for a challenge, and we all could stand to pray more and my sons could always use more prayers for them, so I'm participating.  Go to the MOB Society if you'd like to learn more or participate, there's still time!  

The project entails downloading [...]

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