Baby Brother is Enjoying the Summer with Kushies

This post was brought to you by Kushies.  All opinions are mine.

Being the third child is hard.  Scoff if you will, but I was the third child and my older brothers might see it differently, but being the baby has it's challenges!  The constant noise, physical battles, living up to older siblings' reputations, and having to wear hand-me-downs is what we babies of the family have to suffer through!  Okay, okay, so it wasn't that bad.  And, I was a the first born girl so I did get new clothes.  But Baby Brother is the third boy and while he does not care what he wears, it is nice to have some new things from time to time….especially cloth diapers!

Throughout our cloth diapering journey, I have continued to hear great things about Kushies.  Their diapers are adorable, but for whatever reason, I never tried them, until now.  We tried the Kushies Ultra Lite "All in One" diaper, in White Crazy Circles.  The outer shell is lightweight and waterproof.  It has a hook and loop closure system, which usually I am not a fan of, but Kushies makes it work  because of the positioning and length of tabs:

Kushies all in one diaper

This diaper is less than $20, which makes it easy on a family's budget.  It features six layers of 100% cotton flannel with a super absorbent soaker layer inside.  And the best part is….this diaper contains a patented built-in flap that can be folded up for boys or down for girls for extra absorbency.  The infant diaper fits babies 10-22 pounds and sells for  only $14.49.  The toddler version is $17.49 and fits from 22-45 lbs.

Kushies all in one cloth diaper

I had no clue that Kushies offered WAY more than just cloth diapers, too.  If cloth diapering isn't your thing (or even if it is,) you should visit the Kushies website to see all the wonderful things going on!  Baby Brother loves this Little Lizard Romper by Blue Banana.  It is soft and super adorable.

Blue Banana RomperAnd don't forget the perfect summer accessory…sunglasses!  These Kushies blue sunglasses are fit him well and keep his eyes protected from UVA and UVB rays.  The lenses are scratch resistant and the arms are flexible and virtually unbreakable.  And it's true that my children have big heads, (95 percentile, y'all!) but these sunglasses even fit D, who is three.  They are less than $6 and fit for quite a while, so I will be looking to Kushies for more sunglasses in the near future.

Kushies sunglasses

Find out more about Kushies and see all the great things they have to offer for your baby.  Follow Kushies on Twitter and Facebook, too, to stay up to date about new products and sales!  Check their products out on Amazon, too.



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Pink & Blue: Babies Are Due Giveaway – Thanks Mama and Teething Tots

To celebrate Baby Brother's arrival, I've joined the "Pink & Blue: Babies Are Due" Giveaway Hop hosted by Mommy's Favorite Things and Mama's Baby Cupcakes.  Michelle's baby girl was born this December, and Heather's baby boy set to arrive in January. This hop is focused on items you'd want/need for babies ages newborn to 6 months of age. Whether its bottles, blankets, toys, or clothes, I'm sure you'll enjoy what all the bloggers have to offer. After visiting my giveaway, make sure you use the linky below to take a look at what the other blogs have to offer! Each blog has a minimum prize package of $25 per winner.


Check out my Thanks Mama and Teething Tots reviews and enter to win a great prize from both awesome online stores in the Rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Combi USA teamed up with Heather on a Shuttle Infant Car Seat review, and they've also offered a giveaway! One US winner will win a Shuttle Infant seat as seen in the button above, with their choice of colors (black, red, royal blue or teal) ENTER THE GRAND PRIZE HERE!!!


Celebrating Baby’s Firsts

This post about baby's firsts has been brought to you by Pampers.  All opinions are mine.

Baby Brother is our third child, but yet, everything seems brand new all over again.  It has been amazing to me that we are still sometimes confused about what to do and how much we have forgotten since D was a newborn…just three years ago!  I'm also pleasantly surprised that all of Baby Brother's firsts are so special.  I was worried that he would have "third child syndrome" but so far, I do believe he's getting more love and attention than the other two did.  Probably because his brothers adore him so much!


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Give A Gift Throughout the Year with Citrus Lane

This post is brought to you by Citrus Lane.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.


citrus lane

The Captain and D both have birthdays close to Christmas, and the new Baby will, as well.  I sometimes have a little guilt over the fact that they can only celebrate with gifts one or two months out of the year.  We don't let that stop us from buying them things they need or little things they might want throughout the year, but as far as the surprise factor and quality items….that's only reserved for birthdays and Christmas.  Citrus Lane monthly subscription boxes are a fabulous remedy to this problem.

Each month, Citrus Lane compiles boxes full of 4-5 quality toys, books, snacks, household and body care items, as well as the occasional treat for parents.  There is a box each month for kids ages newborn through five years old.  Each box is worth at least $25 in retail value, and shipping is always free.  


august box


We received a Citrus Lane box to review for D because his birthday is a week from Christmas, and I felt he needed a little surprise in November, after the Captain's birthday.  He was SO excited to receive his very own package in the mail and loved opening it up!  The Captain was excited, too, of course!  The surprises were wrapped in yellow tissue paper and was fun to just tear into.


citrus lane

D's box was jam packed with goodies!  It contained:  a Dreamz & Twinkles To Go from Cloud B, rhythm sticks from Hohner Kids, BOPS baked organic potato snacks from Good Boy Organics, and a Ladybug Magazine from Cricket Magazine Group.  Also included was a 3 month digital subscription to Ladybug Magazine!


citrus lane

I was most excited about the adorable Dreamz & Twinkles To Go.  It is a compact nightlight that can easily be packed in a suitcase for travel, used in the car on a dark night, or just for use at home, like D is doing at this very moment in his crib!



Although D loved each item in the Citrus Lane box, his and the Captain's favorite item was definitely the rhythm sticks.  They both love music and banging things together, so of course they loved these sticks!  D likes to take them in the car or play with them at home.  They're high quality and fun!


citrus lane


I think a monthly subscription to Citrus Lane would make a great, different Christmas gift – one that gives throughout the year.  You can discover new products, get great new toys and items, and receive a great surprise in your mailbox every month.  Citrus Lane boxes are perfect for rainy days, rewards, trips, or "just because." 

Subscriptions are available in one, two, three, six, or twelve month increments and start at $25.  Right now, you can save $10 off any subscription.  Just visit the Citrus Lane website.  **Offer Terms: can only be applied to subscription purchases by new Citrus Lane customers. It cannot be applied to gift subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew to full retail price. You may cancel anytime.**

Stay up to date on info and deals by following Citrus Lane on Twitter and Facebook.


Should We Switch To A Big Boy Bed Because Baby Is Coming?


Everyone who knows our family or who has read this blog knows that we've struggled to keep the Captain in his own bed at night.  You see, shortly after D was born, just after the Captain turned 2, we decided that he needed his own "big boy" bed.  We put him in a different room, in a twin bed with bedrails.  It worked pretty well.  D was not in the crib yet, but everything I had read suggested to give the older sibling time to adjust to the new baby "taking over" his old bed.  Hubby and I were house parents at a children's home and would be going back to work shortly, so we wanted to hurry up and get it done, in case the Captain had trouble adjusting.  Well, the Captain adjusted dreamily.  There were no problems, (except for that he rarely actually wanted to go to bed.)  But, he slept through the night in his big boy bed and was well rested, which was great, because we were getting newborn sleep.

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D Loves His Doodle Pants!

This Doodle Pants post was written by me.  I received a free product in exchange for my honest opinions.


With having two boys, (and one on the way!) I have always felt our options are limited in the way of cute clothes.  Sure, there are a lot of cute clothes for boys, but it's rare that I find something different that is fun, functional, and just plain cute.  When we first received these Doodle Pants for D to wear, I honestly wasn't sure if he would go for them.  But one look at them, he was game.  In fact, he tried them on and wore them around the house for a few hours, in the summer, and then asked for his Doodle Pants the next day!  I have a feeling they are very comfortable and they are super fun to just lounge around.

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Get Organic, Sustainable Baby Clothes with KinderStuff

I love to buy the boys news clothes, but I always have to rationalize whether or not they need it, how much it will be worn, etc, etc.  I like to get the most out of my kids' clothes, who doesn't?  When I heard about the new company, KinderStuff, I was excited!  KinderStuff is offering adorable organic clothing for little ones at a great price.  And besides that, they are being earth friendly and offer free return shipping PLUS a discount on future clothing.  So, when your child grows out of his favorite KinderStuff shirt, just send it in, free of charge, and get a discount on the next size up.  Now he can wear his favorite shirt in all sizes!  

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Wordless Wednesday: Blast From The Past – March 2011

What a difference two years make!  I hope you enjoy this blast from the past, where Baby D appears to be very frightened by the Captain's dinosaurs!  Funny because now D is wearing this shirt!


Tips For Sleep Challenges


Welcome to the February 2013 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Addressing Sleep Challenges. This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and The Pistachio Project through the Green Moms Network. This month our members have written posts about how they address sleep challenges in their homes.


If you have read Life With Captain Fussybuckets AT all….you know that Captain Fussybuckets himself is a sleep challenge.  He was a sleep challenged infant, baby, toddler, and is currently a sleep challenged preschooler.  So, I've finally realized that this is who he is and it really is okay!  Here are some random tips that I've compiled that have helped us deal with a sleep challenged child and also some things that might not have made a difference, but things we did differently with #2, Baby D, who is an awesome sleeper!

1.  Babywear.  Baby D took many naps in the sling or Beco early on.  He was a catnapper and it helped me get out and exercise or get things done around the house, so it worked.  I was actually kind of bummed when he stopped napping in the carrier!

2.  Don't be afraid of the pacifier.  Captain Fussybuckets never took to liking the pacifier and we didn't force the issue.  Of course now, at four, we're happy we didn't have to break him of the paci, but he did have his own sleep crutches that we had to get rid of.  For awhile, he nursed to sleep and after that, he had to have a bottle, car, or stroller to fall asleep.  After we got rid of the bottle at 18 months, he slept through the night.  Go figure.  But Baby D loves the paci and he's still using it at naptime and bedtime to fall asleep.  No biggie, he won't be taking it to college!




3.  Don't freak out over naps.  Both of my boys were catnappers.  They loved 15-45 minute naps up until they were about 6+ months on. I kept scouring the internet for tips on extending the naps and scheduling them so they'd sleep the same time each day.  It just didn't work for the boys and that's really, really okay.  It stinks because of the "sleep when they sleep" advice, but they're not going to get sick or be horrible sleepers for life or never nap if they catnap early on!  So just go with the flow and do what you can, but know that they'll sleep longer when they're good and ready.  I personally think it's sweeter when they take longer naps later on than be awesome sleepers early on and then teething or sickness or just growing up shocks you into the realization that they are their own little person!! 

4.  Have a plan, but have a few back-up plans, too.  Most co-sleepers didn't plan to be co-sleepers.  Well, okay, maybe some did, but most everyone I've talked to says they had great plans to just lie the baby down in their crib and peacefully sleep the night away in their own room.  (ha!) We weren't all night co-sleepers many times, but there were times when we had to be and especially when we were travelling, we were forced to go to Plan B.  Have a few places where Baby or Child can sleep, don't limit it to one place.  This goes for travelling, too.  Not all kids will sleep in a Pack N Play, no matter how nice they are.  There are travel beds, co-sleepers, foam bumpers, mattresses on the floor, and of course, good ol' co-sleeping.  

5.  Don't upgrade to a "big boy" or "big girl" bed too soon.  The Captain moved to his own "big boy" bed when he was about 26 months old, when his baby brother was about a month old.  It worked for him.  He didn't realize he could crawl out for a LONG time, but when he did, he didn't stay there.  Baby D is currently 26 months old and I can't imagine him being in anything but a crib!  He is completely content with his crib and no body else is waiting to use it, so it's perfectly fine for all of us.

6.  Get a great monitor for peace of mind.  We have used our Angelcare motion sensor monitor since Captain Fussybuckets was a baby.  We are able to sleep better knowing he's okay.  We also love our video monitor because you just can't be in the same room with Baby all of the time and it helps to be able to peek in on them while they sleep.

7.  Sound machines work wonders.  When the Captain was a baby and waking every 45 minutes at night, we were desperate.  For a few months, we had three sound machines in his room, hoping that they would help.  And they did, but really, three was a bit excessive.  :)  Now we have air purifiers in all of our rooms and they have worked really well!  You can also soothers, sound and sleep machines, and cute music makers like our favorite, the Soothe & Glow Seahorse.

8.  Be prepared for sleepwalkers.  The Captain began walking in his sleep around 2 1/2.  He would walk into our room in a state of confusion and at first, we'd just pull him into our bed.  After a few nights, we realized this was becoming a habit and he was walking straight to our bed as early as 10:30 PM!  So, we went to Plan C and set up a little couch in the corner of our room.  Since then, he has come straight to that couch almost every single night.  We've gotten used to it and well, again, he won't be doing it in college so it's okay.

9.  Choose a bedtime that is best for your family.  We used to get the Captain to bed by 8 PM every night.  We just thought that was a good time for a baby to go to bed for the night.  But, when we moved to work as houseparents at a children's home, we realized that a bedtime wasn't really going to work for us.  We had late night things to attend, not to mention Wednesday night church that ended at 8, I believe.  So, we just went with the flow.  If we had to keep him up late, he adapted.  I remember very clearly the night we stayed up to watch the series finale of "Lost" and took him with us.  I think he finally crashed around 10 PM and he probably didn't sleep in the next morning.  Now the Captain's "bedtime" is between 8:30 and 10, depending on if he napped that day and what we have to do the next day.  Baby D is pretty much the same, although he loves sleep a lot more and actually asks to go to bed.  

10.  Do what's best for your family.  Everyone has advice and some even will tell you that what you're doing is wrong.  But, you and your spouse are the only ones who have to be up with the baby every night, so only you really have a say.  If co-sleeping feels right, do it.  If sleep training feels right, do it. If it's working for you, your spouse, and your baby and it's safe, then, it really is up to you.  

sleep challenges

If you have any great sleep tips or stories, I'd love to hear them!


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Protect Your Kids From RSV This Season

​Did you know that RSV is a common seasonal virus that affects two-thirds of all infants by age one and almost 100% of babies by age two?  RSV is highly contagious and can live on surfaces for several hours or can be spread by kissing, touching, and hugging.  RSV usually only causes mild to moderate cold-like symptoms, but in some babies, it can result in a very serious repiratory infection.  Preemies are especially at risk because of their under developed lungs and fewer antibodies to fight off infections.  There is no cure for RSV and it usually runs it's course with no major side effects, but it is important for parents to remember to keep sick kids home so RSV doesn't spread to those little ones whose bodies can't fight off the illness.

I remember being a brand new mother to Captain Fussybuckets, four years ago.  He was born in November so I was a bit anxious about the fact that it was cold and flu season.  I had heard scary stories about babies getting sick within the first few weeks and months of life.  I'm sure some friends thought I was looney when I wouldn't take him to church for the first three weeks and after that, I kept him close and was careful to whom I passed him off to.  It was actually his pediatrician's recommendation to "come late and leave early" from church to help keep baby Captain Fussybuckets well.  Luckily, he avoided RSV and Baby D avoided it with his December birth, two years later.  You can't be a hermit all winter most likely, but it is important to use common sense, even if it hurts others feelings.  Here are a few tips for keeping your baby and older kids well this season!

  1. Limit visitors in the hospital/birthing center when Baby is born.  It really is okay to tell people you would prefer no visitors, or limit it to (well) family members.
  2. When you must go out, wear Baby to protect him from germs and eager Baby cuddlers.  There are many great choices in baby carriers, from slings to wraps, and more!
  3. If your baby or child is going to daycare, check to see what the facility's policy is about sickness and handwashing.
  4. Wash, wash, wash.  Even if your baby is very young, make sure you wash his hands often!  If you have an older child, make handwashing fun with a sticker chart or special song to sing while they are washing their hands.
  5. Boost your child's immune system with foods high in vitamin C like oranges and pineapples and high in antioxidants like berries, beans, and artichokes!
  6. Teach your child to not touch their face with their hands.  It's hard to avoid it, but it's how germs are spread and how many kids get sick.

Learn more about RSV at RSVprotection on the website and in the helpful infographic below and stay well this season!


I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of MedImmune and I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.