Spring Clean Your Backyard with One Simple Cleaning Hack

Spring Clean Your Backyard with One Simple Cleaning Hack

spring clean your backyard

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Is it just me or was that the longest winter ever?  I have no idea why I feel that way, I mean I'm in TEXAS, I should not feel that way!  There were plenty of warm days, but I just hate the cold more and more as I get older.  Or maybe it is because I have three little boys that do not thrive indoors!  I am SO glad that Spring is here, but Winter sure did leave a huge mess in our backyard!

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Give Your Kitchen A Spring Makeover!

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Give Your Kitchen A Spring Makeover!

Best Buy Kitchen Aid

I spend a huge amount of time in my kitchen.  Preparing school lunches, breakfasts, lunches, dinners….and then brunches, snacks, 2nd snacks and after dinner snacks, too…the kitchen gets lots of my attention.  If I was able to give any room in my house an upgrade, the kitchen would be my top choice, hands down.  The appliances are reliable, but they are very outdated.  I would love to refresh the old appliances with elegant, updated appliances that do more and use energy better, too.

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How to Throw a Fun Disney Preschool Playdate! #DisneyKids

How to Plan a Fun Disney Preschool Playdate! #DisneyKids

I teamed up with Walt Disney World and MomSelect to throw a Disney Preschool Playdate.  I received free products in order to host the playdate.  The opinions expressed here are all my own.  Pictures are not to be used without permission.  Special thanks to Melissa Allred Photography.  Contains affiliate links


Our three sons L-O-V-E everything Disney.  They have loved Disney Junior for years, but ever since we visited Walt Disney World last year, it has become a huge part of their fondest memories and we all cannot wait until we go again.  And they are getting into Star Wars, as well!  While they haven't seen the newest movie, they are all about reading books, playing with toys, and watching old Star Wars movies with Daddy.  We love Jake, Sofia, and Mickey Mouse, too!  So when I was given the opportunity to throw a Disney preschool playdate, I was so ecstatic!  While the playdate was aimed towards preschool kids, ages 3-5, we had kids aged 2-9 there and each and every one of them, including the adults, had a blast!  Who doesn't love Disney??

So how do you throw a super fun Disney preschool playdate?  The good news is that because everyone loves Disney and because there is so much Disney stuff out there…throwing a Disney playdate is pretty easy!  And you know I love stuff that is easy!  

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Arancini with Marinara and Broccolini – Create an Italian Inspired Meal with Bertolli

Arancini with Marinara and Broccolini – Create an Italian Inspired Meal with Bertolli

Arancini with Marinara - Create an Italian Inspired Dish with Bertolli

If I told you that our family loves an Italian inspired meal, that would be a complete understatement.  There is nothing in this world that the boys and my husband get more excited about than the smell of Italian food cooking.  Lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, alfredo chicken….anything and everything that has a remote taste of Tuscany, they will love.

When we visited Walt Disney World last year, we ate at a restaurant called Via Napoli in Epcot.  He ordered a delicious appetizer called Arancini.  He was not sure what it was, but he did love it…of course.  I researched many recipes when deciding just how to make this recipe for our family.  What I came up with was a delicious dish that we all love!  I added a special Springtime ingredient – broccolini!

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Don’t Get Hangry – Grab Some Chocolate with a Crunch!

Don't Get Hangry – Grab Some Chocolate with a Crunch!

Don't Get Hangry - Grab Some Chocolate with a Crunch!

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I would like to think that after having three kids, I am a good planner, but that is not always true.  I have a mental checklist that I go over every time we leave to go just about anywhere – three cups of water, snacks, diapers, extra clothes, jackets if it's cold, pajamas if we are going to be traveling late, tablets, DVDs, crayons, coloring books, etc, etc, etc.  Once I have everything packed for the kids, we are usually running late.  Sometimes I remember to grab water for myself, but rarely do I remember a snack for myself.  

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April Fool’s Day Breakfast – Tuna Can Muffin and “Egg” Drink

April Fool's Day Breakfast

April Fool's Day Breakfast - Tuna Can Muffin and Egg Drink

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April Fool's Day can be so much fun!  I am not a fan of the mean side to April 1st because tricks and mean jokes are not very fun if you are the one being tricked….BUT being silly and odd can be so much fun…especially to a house full of boys!  This is a fun, easy to make ahead breakfast that is perfect for an April Fool's Day breakfast!

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Simple Easter Bunny Wreath DIY – Made Out of Pruned Grapevines

Simple Easter Bunny Wreath DIY 

Easter Bunny Wreath DIY out of a grapevine

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A while back, I noticed that our grapevine was out of control.  It grows on the fence between our garden and carport, and it was so out of control that the boys had to push them back if they go out of Daddy's car.  It was almost like a jungle!  I enlisted the help of the Captain and D to prune the grapevine, which apparently you are supposed to do in the winter, anyway, to encourage new growth in the spring.

I taught the boys how to use the loppers to carefully trim the old vines that were growing right into the carport and our garden.  Traditional pruners would have worked too, but well, loppers are more fun to use and to say.  The Captain would prune off a few vines, then D would.  My little boys LOVE to cut things, especially big things like a grapevine!  After a lesson in where to cut, I let the Captain get a bit too comfortable and he lopped off a huge part of the vine, but hey, it happens.  It will grow again!

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Catch the New Video from Chris Tomlin – “Good, Good Father” {giveaway, too!}

Chris Tomlin – "Good, Good Father"

Chris Tomlin -

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If you have listened to Christian radio for any length of time, chances are very good that you have heard and loved a Chris Tomlin song.  He is one of the top Christian music artists, a fantastic worship leader, and also a beautiful songwriter who has sold over 30 million records. And now his latest song, "Good, Good Father," has a music video to go along with it!  Check it out at the bottom of this post….but first…

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Celebrate The Lion Guard DVD with Kion’s Morning Sunrise Drink!

Kion's Morning Sunrise Drink – The Lion Guard

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Do you remember the first time you saw "The Lion King"?  Can you believe it is 22 years old?  It is SUCH a powerful, emotional movie, filled with love, laughter, and lots of great music.  Plus, in true Disney fashion, the characters are super cute and lovable, too!  It is a classic that I'm proud to say my kids enjoy, as well.  

When the commercials for the new "The Lion Guard" mini movie came out last fall, we were all stoked.  How would it compare to the original?  Would it be as fun?  The answer is a resounding YES!  My boys LOVE "The Lion Guard" and so do I.  It's so adorable and really exciting to see Kion, the second-born cub of Simba and Nala, have fun with his friends and form the Lion Guard.

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Textured Basketball Craft – Get Ready for March Basketball Games!

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Textured Basketball Craft


March means basketball, plain and simple.  We, along with millions of other Americans, will be watching the college basketball games this month, as well as our favorite professional team, of course!  The Captain also has a basketball tournament this week, so we are really into the basketball spirit!

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