Four Reasons to Love the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack

This baby sleep sack post was brought to you by Merino.  All opinions are that of the author.

I'm past the baby stage with my little guys, so I was excited to be able to have a guest on the blog today!  Jess Weaver is the mom of three boys and a brand new baby girl.  You can find Jess at her website – Jess Lee Writes.  HUGE thanks to Jess for sharing this post and pictures of her adorable baby girl with us!


Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack
I recently had my fourth child, which happens to be a girl, after three boys. It’s been such a joy to watch her learn how to nurse and understand how the world works.  As a mom to a new baby, sleeping is one of the most important parts of their lives (and ours). I want her to sleep safe and be comfortable along the way. The Merino Kids Baby Sleep Sack has been a great addition to our sleeping routine. Here’s why we love it!


If I’m going to put something on my new little girl, even if she’s sleeping, I want it to be stylish. I love the checkered pattern of the sleeping sack and she seems to love it, too.

Sleep Sack

Sleep Safety

Safe sleeping is important to me. The sleep sack encourages safe sleeping. Placing your child in the sleep sack allows them to stay warm without any extra blankets. The sleep sack also makes it easy to place your child in it. The buttons down the side make it easy to put baby in and out of the sleeping sack.


If you’re going to spend your money purchasing a sleep sack, it only makes sense to buy one that will last for several months or years to come. Not only can I use the Merino Sleeping Sack while she’s an infant, I can also use it as she grows older, which is one of my favorite parts.  


The material on the sleep sack is very soft. To me, it almost feels like a weighted blanket of sorts, so baby will always feel as though someone is there hugging her.  

I hope you enjoy these pictures of our adorable little one in the Merino Sleeping Sack! You can purchase one for yourself at or on Amazon.

Make This Fun Burlap Flag Craft With Your Kids for The Fourth of July!

This burlap flag craft has been brought to you by Burlap Fabric.  All opinions are mine.

Burlap Flag CraftThe boys and I really making crafts together, especially during the summer.  We love flags, but realize the complexity once we're already covered in paint, figuring out how to equally space all 50 stars.  It is what it is, and this craft was super fun for all of us to make.  As I've said before, crafts for kids do NOT have to be perfect at all.  I like to just sit back and let the boys do what they want to do, and then we can work together on the more difficult parts.  That's what we did with this American Flag craft.  



2" Inch Burlap Ribbon Wholesale - 100 Yards


  1. Cut 13 strips of 1" burlap, 15" long
  2. Lay out 7 of the burlap strips on newspaper or mat.
  3. Use small foam roller to paint 7 strips red.  (This was fun for the boys!)American Flag Craft
  4. Wash out the foam roller and then paint the 6 strips white.whiteburlap
  5. Let strips dry and wash out foam roller again.
  6. Cut square of regular burlap, 7" x 7".
  7. Use foam roller and blue paint to cover the burlap square.
  8. Let blue square dry.
  9. When blue square is dry, use angled paintbrush to paint white stars (or circles, lines, blobs, etc) on the blue square.
  10. Next, create a frame with the sticky craft sticks.  It should be in the shape of a flag (of course,) and tall enough for the strips to line up.  This size depends on what kind of look you are going for.  We chose the layered look.
  11. Parents, use the hot glue gun to carefully glue each strip, layered on top of each other – remember, red goes on top!
  12. Next, glue the blue square with white "stars" on top in the top left corner. 
  13. Let dry and add a small piece of burlap to hang your work of art!

This craft was a bit difficult for my 6 year-old to complete on his own, but he and I, along with my 4 year-old, worked together over a couple of days and made a flag they were proud of.  We had a great time and got to learn more about the flag, too!  You really can't be educational crafts and remember, they do not have to be perfect!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


“I’m The Daddy”

I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for AVEENO. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #UnscriptedBeauty

I'm so excited to have my awesome hubby guest post today!  As we celebrate Father's Day, I thought it would be a great time for him to tell a few stories of his favorite memories with our boys.  We are so blessed!


What's up, this is Gena's husband, Ben. I'm the daddy of the Captain, D, and and Baby Brother. One of my favorite labels I wear is the "daddy" label. I even have an awesome sticker that my wife gave me that is plastered on my work laptop. It says "I'm the daddy." I'm so proud of that title.

I spend all of my moments away from work with my family.  We plan lots of activities for the boys, plan lots of fun events and pose them for the "perfect" picture, but most of the time, it's the simple, unscripted moments that are the best.  When it comes to unscripted moments with my kids, it's much harder to pick just a few of my favorites.  I take tons of photos of unscripted moments, so I'll try and give you a glimpse into these moments through a few photos.

Daddy's Unscripted Moments
Here, me and my sons are training for our first 1-mile fun run. The boys took the "race" so seriously that they asked if they could train every day for a week leading up to the race.  I was so proud of them for being excited to exercise and work hard.  When they put their game face on, I had to snap a pic before we started the training race. They both ran hard and made me proud in the race.

You've gotta hear the story behind this photo! So, recently my son has figured out the front camera on my phone. He noticed that I've taken selfies of a goofy face, just to share with the family. So the Captain grabs Gena's phone from her at HEB and snaps this gem.  They come home and he shows it to me with pride.  I took one look and laughed so hard because it's purely his personality. He came up with the face on his own, and I was so proud of this unscripted moment that I tried to match his face and Gena put them side-by-side. We pull it up once a week and just reflect on that moment and have a good belly laugh. 

DaddyOne thing you must know about me is that I like to eat. If eating were an olympic sport, I would qualify every 4 years.  One of my favorite cuisines is Chinese food.  My favorite Chinese restaurant is a place called "Little Panda" in Abilene, Texas. Gena and I fell in love around this exact dish from the picture. It was a lunch order of orange chicken with fried rice, for $4.28. I didn't plan on sharing this particular lunch, but the Captain walked up curiously, and actually showed interst in trying.  I was so proud that I immediately fed him a bite, and waited for his verdict.  It was spicy, so I was worried he was going to spit it out.  HE DIDN'T! He loved it, and ended up splitting the rest of the chicken with me.  It was a special moment, that I'm glad Gena caught on camera.


Another very important part of my parenting is reading the bible to my boys.  They were so proud to get their first bible from their grandparents, so here I was reading it to all three of them.  It's hard to get all 3 boys captivated at the same time, but there is power in this book like no other, and it kept the attention of all of them for a good while. I'm thankful to God for His word. That He thought it was important enough to captivate children, orchestrating some of the most amazing stories for us to tell to our kids.


In this last picture, their faces say everything. You don't get any more candid and real than the sheer joy that was emanating from my boys this particular afternoon.  If you look at the top of the picture you'll notice there's a toy quad-copter suspended in the air. They had never seen such a thing, and couldn't believe that my dad was flying it right above their heads.  It was a proud moment for me because my dad was showing me how to be a good dad to my kids. He ended up leaving the quad-copter for my kids to have. 

This Father's Day, I hope you have enjoyed reflecting on my life's most beautiful unscripted moments.  I challenge you to pull out some photos of your children when you shared moments like these.  Show the pictures to them and relive those memories so they never fade.  More importantly, don't spend too much time reflecting on the great past, but go and have new unscripted moments with your children. 

An AVEENO survey found most parents say that “unscripted” moments are more beautiful than those that are perfectly planned. At the end of the day, it’s sharing candid, unscripted moments that build authentic relationships. 

AVEENO is creating an #UnscriptedBeauty Movement, encouraging parents to embrace the natural beauty of a life that doesn’t always go as planned.  Visit the AVEENO Facebook page to see more moments of #UnscriptedBeauty and submit your own.  You can even enter to win by uploading your favorite moment to Instagram and using these hashtags: #AVEENO #UnscriptedBeauty and #Contest.  The winner will receive a photo shoot with acclaimed photographer, Danielle Guenther!

What was your favorite #UnscriptedBeauty moment?

Prepare For Busy Mornings With Quick Freezer Breakfast Burritos

This freezer breakfast burritos post was brought to you by Glad®.  All opinions are mine.  #SAVEITSUNDAY #FoodFairyTale

Freezer Breakfast Burritos #SAVEITSUNDAY #FoodFairyTale ad

What is it about frozen breakfast foods that make them so delicious?  Okay, really, most of them are not all that good.  They're just convenient.  Have you ever looked at a package of frozen waffles or sausage biscuits?  I'm very guilty of serving these up to my family, but then I had the idea of making breakfast ahead of time in individual portions, freezing them, and having them readily available when someone was hungry!  Why didn't I think of this before?

My first freezer breakfast meal was individual breakfast burritos.  I buy raw tortillas that you cook because they have very few ingredients and taste the best, in my opinion.  I cooked them up really quickly, while I made my egg and sausage mixture.  Then, roll them up in Glad® Press'n Seal and make sure they are extra protected in the freezer with Glad® FreezerWareTM.  This ensures that they will be protected from freezer burn for a long time.  Sorry I can't tell you how long they will last, but I'm pretty sure they will be eaten before they go bad, especially if they're protected in Glad.  When someone wants a burrito, simply unwrap, wrap in a paper towel, warm for a minute or two in the microwave, and it's breakfast time!

Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Ingredients:  (you really can add in anything that you want in these!)

  • 8 burrito sized tortillas
  • 8-10 eggs
  • 3/4 cup cooked sausage
  • shredded cheese

Freezer Breakfast Burritos #SAVEITSUNDAY #FoodFairyTale ad


  1. Cook eggs and sausage until done.
  2. Lay out tortillas and scoop egg and sausage mixture on top.  Don't overfill!
  3. Sprinkle with cheese, if desired.
  4. Fold up two opposite sides, and then roll one side until your burrito is snug and secure.Freezer Breakfast Burritos #SAVEITSUNDAY #FoodFairyTale ad
  5. Wrap each burrito in Glad® Press'n Seal.
  6. Place wrapped burritos in Glad® FreezerWareTM, snap lid on, and store in freezer.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos #SAVEITSUNDAY #FoodFairyTale ad

Directions for re-warming burritos:

  1. Take a burrito out of the freezer.
  2. Unwrap.
  3. Loosely wrap in a paper towel.
  4. Microwave for 1-2 minutes (you will probably have to experiment with this due to microwaves being so different.)
  5. Let cool, top with your favorite salsa, and enjoy!

Freezer Breakfast Burritos #SAVEITSUNDAY #FoodFairyTale ad

In the past 7 months since we started using Glad products to take care of our food, we have wasted less, preserved the flavors of our food, and saved money by not having to toss out uneaten food!  Check out these Food Protection Pointers and start planning ahead, saving money, and stop throwing away food.  Glad is here to help!  For another fabulous make ahead freezer recipe, check out my Banana Mini Muffins.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Glad Food Protection. The opinions and text are all mine.


Make Road Trips With Kids Safe and Fun with These Five Preparations {Plus A DIY Interactive Travel Map}

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FuelTheLove #CollectiveBias  Make road trips with kids safe and fun with these five preparations!

Make Road Trips with Kids Safe and Fun #FuelTheLove ad #CollectiveBias

Summer means road trips for a lot of families in America.  The roads are busy with families traveling to different destinations, family reunions, theme parks, and more.  Summer for us looks a little different, because this is Hubby's biggest time of the year.  He is a youth minister and spends a good amount of time traveling with his youth group, going to camps and service projects.  This also means that the boys and I are traveling a lot to spend time with Grammy and Grampy and our other family members while Daddy is away.

It's so important to have the van all ready to go before we leave.  Hubby and I work together to make sure these important tasks are done before we head out.

1.  Check tires, lights, and wipers to make sure they are road trip ready.  Doing this a few days before your trip makes your departure a lot less stressful!

2.  Buy or prepare a first aid kit in case of emergency.  Also, always have blankets handy in the cold weather, along with water, extra clothes, and plenty of snacks in case you are stranded on the side of the road for a while. 

3.  Check carseats, booster seats, and seat belts the day before you leave.  I always like to take the carseats out, clean them, have the kids sit in them and make sure the straps are adjusted properly, and reinstall them in the van.  Carseats should be comfortable for the kids, but the straps should be adjusted correctly and snug enough to actually protect the kids in case of an accident.

4.  Organize all DVDs, tablets, games, and any other suppies your child may need before you leave.  Make them easily accessible so they don't need help reaching things.  Pinterest has a lot of great ideas for this!  Keep in mind that it is good to have everything anchored down in case of a car accident.  Anything that isn't secured to the car will fly and become dangerous in an accident.  

Have LOTS of fun activities handy and available for kids to grab without unbuckling their carseats.  I created this quick DIY interactive travel map for the boys to be able to visualize our trip and see how much further we have to travel.  I just printed out a map of our trip and taped it to a cookie sheet.  Then, I printed out a picture of a van and the names of a few towns we would be going through.  I then attached all of the printouts to a magnet strip so the map can be interactive and the pieces can be movable.  You could do this with states, landmarks, directions, and more.

DIY Interactive Map for Kids #FuelTheLove ad

The Captain, 6, loves to read signs and ask about towns, cities, distances, directions, and more, so this project is perfect for him.  He can label the town when we get to it, or plan out the trip.  He can match the town name to the one on the map, too.  He loves moving the car to our current destination!

DIY Interactive Map for Kids #FuelTheLove ad

5.  Have your car's oil changed before you leave on your trip.  This is so important and so, so easy at Walmart.  They have a great Automotive Care Center that will do everything to prepare your car's engine for the road. Their trained employees will make sure your car is taken care of and will help you select the oil that is right for your engine.  And the best part is that you can drop your car off, shop for your road trip essentials, and pick up your car when you are done.  It's so easy and convenient!

When we drove up to the Auto Care Center, we saw a sign that helped us make our decision as to which Pennzoil oil to use.  

  • Conventional Motor Oil – Good (yellow bottle)
  • High Mileage Vehicle – Better (goldish/brown bottle – suggested when car milage is above 75,000)
  • Platinum (synthetic motor oil) – Best (silver bottle – Now made from natural gas)

Make Road Trips with Kids Safe and Fun #FuelTheLove ad

Since our van has over 75,000 miles, we went with "Better" for high mileage vehicles.  The Auto Care Center specialist quickly came to our car and asked a few questions, including what oil we would like.  She was very friendly and answered any questions we had about the oil change.  We left the keys in the van and unloaded the family to go inside and shop for our road trip.  When our van was finished, they called our name over the speaker and let us know it was ready.  When we were ready, we paid for our groceries and went back to the Auto Care Center to pick up the van.

Make Road Trips with Kids Safe and Fun #FuelTheLove ad All of the staff in the Auto Care Center were very knowledgeable and friendly.  The checkout was quick and easy and we didn't have unhappy kids waiting around while the van's oil was changed.  

Make Road Trips with Kids Safe and Fun #FuelTheLove ad

I know I can trust the Auto Care Center at Walmart for our road trip preparation.  And the best part is Pennzoil oil changes at Walmart are on Rollback through September 9th.  

  • High Mileage $35.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $39.88. {Industry standard price is $46}
  • Platinum Full Synthetic $45.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $49.88. {Industry standard price $66}

Pennzoil motor oil for high mileage vehicles is great because:

  • They help clean out sludge that other oils leave behind.
  • Designed for complete protection
  • Will allow you to drive an extra 550 miles per year vs. a dirty engine
  • Provides the best protection from friction
  • Helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage vehicles
  • Pennzoil offers a free warranty that covers 15 engine parts that may fail due to engine wear or friction.

We are ready for our summer road trips with these five easy preparations!  


How do you make sure your road trips with kids are fun and safe?

GoPro for Dad at Best Buy!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  All opinions in this GoPro post are mine.  #GoProAtBestBuy


The GoPro has been on my husband's wish list since it first came out.  This is such a versatile camera that can truly go anywhere that you go.  All of the summer's activities can be captured with this fun camera.  Swimming, surfing, vacations, hiking, biking, running, flying….everything…all on one camera.

The latest amazing GoPro device- the GoPro HERO+ LCD, is available at Best Buy, just in time for Father's Day.  What dad wouldn't love to wear a high definition camera and capture all of the exciting activites with his kids?  Dad can relive incredible moments on the spot with with LCD display.

#GoProBestBuyThe awesome features of the new GoPro HERO + LCD include:

  • 1080p60 video

  • 8MP photos

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

  • Touch display

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connect to the GoPro App for shot preview, total camera control and easy content sharing to Instagram, Facebook, and more

Imagine how cool it would be for Dad to capture his child swimming for the first time, jumping off of the diving board for the first time, learning to ride a bike, or even learning to walk while hands free to be able to help out?  And then being able to instantly upload for family to see on Facebook!  How amazing is that?

From now until June 20th, get a free $50 Best Buy gift card with the purchase of the GoPro HERO4 Silver (Sku 8374096) or GoPro HERO Black (Sku 8374078).  OR get the HERO+LCD (Sku 6954009) with free 32GB Extreme Plus memory card (Sku 9387066).


Give Dad the gift of GoPro memories this Father's Day! 


Quick Microwave Chocolate Candy

This microwave chocolate candy post contains affiliate links.  

Quick Microwave Chocolate CandyChocolate and pecans seem to have such a lucious combination of textures and flavors.  To me, there is no better pair than those two!  Peanuts are an okay substitute, but being from Texas, pecans are my "nut of choice," especially when paired with chocolate!  Chocolate sheet cake with pecans, chocolate pecan pie, chocolate chip cookies with pecans, and Turtles candy, to name a few!  

Somehow, my oldest has a pecan allergy.  Sigh.  He's pretty good about it, as long as he has a dessert alternative if a pecan pie is placed in front of him, for instance.  He's learned to check the regular suspects – fudge and brownies, to see if they have pecans (or walnuts, which he is also allergic to.)  It's SUCH a downer when we are at potluck at church and the only chocolate dessert has tree nuts in them.  He definitely has his mommy's love of chocolate and sweets!  

The challenge for me is satisfying my craving for pecans and chocolate in a quick and easy way, and preferably in a way that can be catered to his allergies, in case he wants a bite.  I created this easy recipe a few months ago and it is so easily adapted.  Just think of whatever you want to see in a candy bar and it's done.  If the Captain wants some chocolate candy, he can add fruit or peanuts.  If Daddy wants candy, he can add his favorite – cashews.  

So here's what you need and how to make this deliciously easy snack!

Materials needed:

  • silicon molds – here's the star I used or any other mold like the candy bar mold
  • microwave
  • fork


  • semi-sweet chocolate chips (Enjoy Life is a great dairy, soy, gluten, & nut free option.  You could, of course, use any other kind of chocolate chips – milk, dark, white, etc)
  • nuts (pecans, cashews, peanuts….pick your favorite – optional, of course)
  • other optional add-ins:  dried fruit, fresh fruit, coconut flakes, caramel, cereal…anything!



  1. Place chocolate chips, as many as you'd like, in the silicon mold.  Spread them out evenly.
  2. Microwave chocolate chips, stirring/flattening out every 20 seconds, until fully melted.
  3. Add ingredients of choice, pressing down into chocolate with a fork.
  4. Refrigerate for about 20-30 minutes to harden.
  5. Take out of the mold and enjoy!


For fancier chocolates, check out Mini Layered Chocolates, Cake Batter Coconut Chocolate Candy, or Coconut Chocolate Candy!

See The Difference of the Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV at Best Buy – It’s Dad’s Dream Come True!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  #SUHDatBestBuy  The opinions in this Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV post are mine.

Samsung HDTV at Best Buy

My family always enjoys visiting Best Buy because they always have the top of the line, brand new, coolest electronics.  We could spend hours there!  Hubby took the boys to scope out the latest and greatest TVs and found the Samsung 4K HD TV, playing an exclusive sneak peek of "Jurassic World."  The quality was amazing!  It got Hubby excited for the new movie, for sure.  

You can visit select Best Buy stores through June 13 to see an exclusive sneak peek of "Jurassic World" and see the amazing difference.  Also, save up to $1500 on Samsung SUHD TVs at Best Buy through June 13th.  (Just in time for Father's Day!)

Jurassic Park sneak peek

What's so great about the Samsung SUHD TVs?

  • Reveal more colors and a brighter picture
  • Nano-crystal technology
  • Immersive curved screen portrays a greater sense of depth
  •  A brighter, more true-to-life picture with a wider range of colors
  • Peak Illuminator Pro for enhanced picture detail and color
  • Improved black levels and contrast for a greater sense of depth
  • 4 times the resolution of full HD
  • Smart View 2.0 – Watch your TV on your mobile device!
  • Enjoy faster speed for your media with the Octa-Core Processor

The Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV would be the perfect focal point of any home theater system.  Dad is guaranteed to be wowed with this HDTV.  It truly is the best of the best!  Do you know how happy my hubby would be if I brought this TV home for him?  I'm pretty sure he'd be set for years with that gift!  Learn more about this amazing TV at the Best Buy site.

Twitter Party:

Join @BestBuy and Brand Ambassador (and fellow Dallas blogger!) @dodomesticdad for an SUHD Twitter Party on Tuesday, June 9th at 7:00pm CST.  RSVP and join in the fun.  You could win a Best Buy gift card!

Samsung HD TV at Best Buy

Homemade Salad Dressing & Vinaigrette Recipes – And How To Store Them For A Healthy Salad On The Go

This homemade salad dressing post was brought to you by Glad®. All opinions are mine.  #SaveItSunday #FoodFairyTale

Delicious Homemade Salad Dressings & Vinaigrettes #ad #SaveItSunday #FoodFairyTale

Salad dressing is something that people are very passionate about.  If a favorite kind of dressing is missing from the potluck, they might skip the salad all together.  I think everyone assumes that everyone likes Ranch dressing, but that is not true!  I cannot eat Ranch dressing at all, but my husband and kids do!  My favorite is Italian or some vinaigrettes.  I love tangy, robust flavor on my salad and veggies!

The store bought salad dressings, however, are packed with preservatives to make them last longer and shelf stable.  There are so many delicious homemade salad dressing and vinaigrette recipes, and I have collected a few here for you to choose from.  After you pick your favorite, scroll down to see how I'm taking my salad on the go these days!

Homemade Ranch Dressing

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix – A Few Shortcuts

Ranch Dressing Mix – Simple Saving Savvy

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix – Spend With Pennies


Homemade Italian Dressing

Homemade Italian Dressing Mix – A Few Shortcuts

Italian Dressing – Thrifty Jinxy

Homemade Italian Salad Dressing – Quirky Inspired

Copycat Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix – Simple Thrifty

Fruity Vinaigrettes

Strawberry Fruit Vinaigrette – Southern Krazed 

Orange Vinaigrette – Southern Krazed

Pomegranate Vinaigrette – Ann's Entitled Life

Raspberry Vinaigrette – Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Sweet Vinegar Salad Dressing – Mission To Save

Other Great Dressings and Vinaigrettes

Being a stay-at-home mom, I do not often take my lunch to eat outside of the house.  Sometimes we have a nice picnic or go to the zoo, however, and a nice salad with homemade salad dressing would be a great meal.  But then there's the issue of how do you transport the salad dressing.  Do you take the whole bottle? Look for a small bag?  Before I know it, I usually talk myself out of the salad and choose something more convenient.  That was until I found the Glad® To Go Lunch containers with a dressing cup that snaps into the lid.  The cup stays secure until I need to drizzle it all over my delicious salad.  That solved that problem!
GladĀ® To Go Lunch #ad #foodfairytale #saveitsunday Glad Salad To Go #FoodFairyTale #SundaySuppers
It's easy to prep the salads the night before and store them in the fridge, too.  Just grab and go on your way to the park, zoo, picnic, work, or wherever you may be headed for the day!  Find more food protection pointers on the Glad website, and print out an my fridge guides for proper food storage times, too!
Homemade Salad Dressings and Vinaigrettes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Glad Food Protection. The opinions and text are all mine.


Skip the Cooking – Collin Street Bakery Delivers the BEST Desserts!

This post was brought to you by Collin Street Bakery.  All opinions are mine.Collin Street Bakery Praline CheesecakeIt's a great time of the year.  Summer is on it's way, end-of-school and graduation events are happening, Father's Day is coming, and many picnics and family BBQs are on their way!  There are many different gifts and foods to celebrate with, but what's more awesome than cheesecake?  Collin Street Bakery has made it easy to give delicious, homemade desserts for gifts or keep them on hand for all of the family get togethers this summer.  

This praline pecan cheesecake is absolutely delicious and definitely a real treat.  The bakers at Collin Street Bakery coat the native Texas pecans in sugar and syrup to make a crunchy praline coated confection that is then mixed into the New York style cheesecake.  They take care of making sure it is perfect and shipped to your doorstep when you need it.


I'm always searching for the perfect, original gift for different occasions.  Collin Street Bakery has a variety of delicious desserts so you will be sure to find the perfect one!  Ship directly to your lucky recipient for a special surprise or have it shipped to your home so you can personalize the package!  Cheescakes, fruitcakes, pies, cookies, squares, Texas pecan cakes, snacks, and more are available all year long.  Find the perfect gift or summer dessert at Collin Street Bakery.