What are the Benefits of a Sound + Sleep Machine?

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Summer is the time for traveling, vacations, visiting family…..and sleeping in new places with strange noises during the night.  Our family has seen it's share of hotel rooms and sleeping quarters, even this summer.  We took a family vacation at the beginning of June and had a great hotel room, went to visit family, and hubby even had a youth group camp already.  We are all light sleepers, except for possibly D, and it bumps in the night disturb our sleep.  Whether it is slamming hotel room doors, noise on the floor above us, traffic outside the window, sirens in the night, or whatever, we need to minimize the noise to help us sleep better!  And there's nothing worse than going on a super fun vacation or family visit and feeling like a zombie because the sleep was less than ideal!

Enter…..the nomad. 

sleep machine

We took the nomad sleep machine from Sound + Sleep with us on these trips, and we were SO glad to have it!  It provided a constant, soothing sound so we could sleep and not hear all of those pesky hotel noises.  We all got a good night's sleep and the only thing that could've made it better was if we had a travel window cover so the sun wouldn't wake up Captain Fussybuckets!

sound sleep nomad

Daddy raved about the nomad when he stayed with teenage boys for three nights at a youth camp, and you better believe he's taking it anywhere he goes to ensure that he gets good sleep. And the best part is….that those around him that may have trouble sleeping away from home will sleep better, too!

The nomad is the perfect size for travel at 5.4" x 4.6" x 2.5".  It's small enough to fit in your briefcase, backpack, purse, or carry-on.  It can be plugged in OR even taken outdoors with the handy battery compartment. 

So what are the sounds, you may be wondering.  Sound + Sleep has developed the appropriate mix and lengths of sound to optimize your sleep, not disrupt it.  Visit the Sound + Sleep website to hear the different sounds available.  It also has a timer you can set, volume controls, and adaptive and richness controls, as well, so you can perfect the sound that will help you sleep best.

The nomad sells for $179, but is currently on sale at the Sound + Sleep website for $149.95 or on Amazon for $144.

For a limited time, order the nomad for only $99 plus free shipping by entering code "CAP50" at checkout at Sound+Sleep.  Code expires on July 31, 2013.


Those Tricky Sleep Transitions

Sleep Transitions

Do you ever wish your kids would just stick with what works? It seems like as soon as we find the perfect schedule, get the routine down to a science and everyone is well-rested, they suddenly stop napping or begin catapulting themselves from the crib. What is a tired and bleary-eyed parent to do? Whether this brings to mind your first or fifth child's latest antics, all of us have to face the same challenges and make it through to the other side! 

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My Dream Come True – “The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep” (birth through 5 years)

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As a mother of two, there's something I'm addicted to that I don't get enough…..good sleep.  If you've read my blog at all, you know that the Captain, age 4, still wakes up in the middle of the night and comes into our room to sleep on the floor.  Sometimes he wakes us up, sometimes he doesn't.  He has always been a horrible sleeper, so this is the best it has been and it's still not good.  As a first time mom, I didn't even CONSIDER that my darling angel wouldn't be an awesome sleeper.  I remember reading another sleep book or two when he was a few months old.  I was exhausted, hubby was exhausted, and the Captain was…..well, he was Captain Fussybuckets!  We tried a lot of things with him and some worked, some didn't.  I really, really wish I had "The Happiest Guide to Great Sleep" book by Dr. Harvey Karp BEFORE the Captain was born.

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Tips For Sleep Challenges


Welcome to the February 2013 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Addressing Sleep Challenges. This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and The Pistachio Project through the Green Moms Network. This month our members have written posts about how they address sleep challenges in their homes.


If you have read Life With Captain Fussybuckets AT all….you know that Captain Fussybuckets himself is a sleep challenge.  He was a sleep challenged infant, baby, toddler, and is currently a sleep challenged preschooler.  So, I've finally realized that this is who he is and it really is okay!  Here are some random tips that I've compiled that have helped us deal with a sleep challenged child and also some things that might not have made a difference, but things we did differently with #2, Baby D, who is an awesome sleeper!

1.  Babywear.  Baby D took many naps in the sling or Beco early on.  He was a catnapper and it helped me get out and exercise or get things done around the house, so it worked.  I was actually kind of bummed when he stopped napping in the carrier!

2.  Don't be afraid of the pacifier.  Captain Fussybuckets never took to liking the pacifier and we didn't force the issue.  Of course now, at four, we're happy we didn't have to break him of the paci, but he did have his own sleep crutches that we had to get rid of.  For awhile, he nursed to sleep and after that, he had to have a bottle, car, or stroller to fall asleep.  After we got rid of the bottle at 18 months, he slept through the night.  Go figure.  But Baby D loves the paci and he's still using it at naptime and bedtime to fall asleep.  No biggie, he won't be taking it to college!




3.  Don't freak out over naps.  Both of my boys were catnappers.  They loved 15-45 minute naps up until they were about 6+ months on. I kept scouring the internet for tips on extending the naps and scheduling them so they'd sleep the same time each day.  It just didn't work for the boys and that's really, really okay.  It stinks because of the "sleep when they sleep" advice, but they're not going to get sick or be horrible sleepers for life or never nap if they catnap early on!  So just go with the flow and do what you can, but know that they'll sleep longer when they're good and ready.  I personally think it's sweeter when they take longer naps later on than be awesome sleepers early on and then teething or sickness or just growing up shocks you into the realization that they are their own little person!! 

4.  Have a plan, but have a few back-up plans, too.  Most co-sleepers didn't plan to be co-sleepers.  Well, okay, maybe some did, but most everyone I've talked to says they had great plans to just lie the baby down in their crib and peacefully sleep the night away in their own room.  (ha!) We weren't all night co-sleepers many times, but there were times when we had to be and especially when we were travelling, we were forced to go to Plan B.  Have a few places where Baby or Child can sleep, don't limit it to one place.  This goes for travelling, too.  Not all kids will sleep in a Pack N Play, no matter how nice they are.  There are travel beds, co-sleepers, foam bumpers, mattresses on the floor, and of course, good ol' co-sleeping.  

5.  Don't upgrade to a "big boy" or "big girl" bed too soon.  The Captain moved to his own "big boy" bed when he was about 26 months old, when his baby brother was about a month old.  It worked for him.  He didn't realize he could crawl out for a LONG time, but when he did, he didn't stay there.  Baby D is currently 26 months old and I can't imagine him being in anything but a crib!  He is completely content with his crib and no body else is waiting to use it, so it's perfectly fine for all of us.

6.  Get a great monitor for peace of mind.  We have used our Angelcare motion sensor monitor since Captain Fussybuckets was a baby.  We are able to sleep better knowing he's okay.  We also love our video monitor because you just can't be in the same room with Baby all of the time and it helps to be able to peek in on them while they sleep.

7.  Sound machines work wonders.  When the Captain was a baby and waking every 45 minutes at night, we were desperate.  For a few months, we had three sound machines in his room, hoping that they would help.  And they did, but really, three was a bit excessive.  :)  Now we have air purifiers in all of our rooms and they have worked really well!  You can also soothers, sound and sleep machines, and cute music makers like our favorite, the Soothe & Glow Seahorse.

8.  Be prepared for sleepwalkers.  The Captain began walking in his sleep around 2 1/2.  He would walk into our room in a state of confusion and at first, we'd just pull him into our bed.  After a few nights, we realized this was becoming a habit and he was walking straight to our bed as early as 10:30 PM!  So, we went to Plan C and set up a little couch in the corner of our room.  Since then, he has come straight to that couch almost every single night.  We've gotten used to it and well, again, he won't be doing it in college so it's okay.

9.  Choose a bedtime that is best for your family.  We used to get the Captain to bed by 8 PM every night.  We just thought that was a good time for a baby to go to bed for the night.  But, when we moved to work as houseparents at a children's home, we realized that a bedtime wasn't really going to work for us.  We had late night things to attend, not to mention Wednesday night church that ended at 8, I believe.  So, we just went with the flow.  If we had to keep him up late, he adapted.  I remember very clearly the night we stayed up to watch the series finale of "Lost" and took him with us.  I think he finally crashed around 10 PM and he probably didn't sleep in the next morning.  Now the Captain's "bedtime" is between 8:30 and 10, depending on if he napped that day and what we have to do the next day.  Baby D is pretty much the same, although he loves sleep a lot more and actually asks to go to bed.  

10.  Do what's best for your family.  Everyone has advice and some even will tell you that what you're doing is wrong.  But, you and your spouse are the only ones who have to be up with the baby every night, so only you really have a say.  If co-sleeping feels right, do it.  If sleep training feels right, do it. If it's working for you, your spouse, and your baby and it's safe, then, it really is up to you.  

sleep challenges

If you have any great sleep tips or stories, I'd love to hear them!


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The Boy That Never Yawns

The other night, when Daddy and I were telling the Captain bedtime stories and Baby D had already gone to sleep in his own room, something happened that was strange….the Captain yawned.  After four+ years of being the mother of this child, I realized that he doesn't yawn very often.  I asked Daddy to confirm and he laughed and agreed, although we hadn't thought about it, really.

It's strange….Baby D yawns ALLLL the time and is a pretty good sleeper, but the Captain rarely yawns!  I was reminded of back in the day when all the sleeping experts said to watch for cues that he is sleepy so we would know when to put him to bed.  Well, one of the most obvious clues was yawning and he just would never yawn so we would never know.  And if he did yawn, you bet we'd put him down that very instant!  Which, often times, we'd put him down after a yawn and alas, he'd talk to himself in his crib for an hour before falling asleep, which stressed me out, but I got over it.

So what other cues were there to show he was tired?  That's a good question.  He's only told us he was sleepy a handful of times, mostly when he is sick.  On New Year's Eve, we allowed him to stay up past midnight for the first time in his life.  He went to sleep at about 12:45 and woke up just an hour later than his average time.  He then took a nap of regular length and acted completely normal (for a four year old boy.)  Weird.  I'm still trying to catch up on the sleep I lost when the Captain was a baby.  And no, I'm really not kidding!  This kid slept 45 minutes at a time off and on until he was a few months old and as I've said many, many times, didn't sleep all the way through the night consistently until he was 18 months old.  So, yeah, still catching up on that sleep.  wink

The Captain hasn't always shown signs of exhaustion like I've heard that other children do.  Sure, he gets a little grumpy if he misses his nap, but that boy can roll on and on without passing out until we MAKE him go to bed.  With Baby D, you KNOW when he needs to go to sleep and that he can't make it much longer without closing his eyes and falling asleep…

So how can this be?  Daddy loves sleep.  Mommy loves sleep and doesn't function well without 8 hours.  Baby D loves sleep and sleeps 11-13 hours a night and has slept through the night for most of his life AND usually is happy when it's time to go to bed!  Then, there's the Captain, who rarely yawns, only ever fell asleep in his high chair once in his babyhood, fell asleep on the couch once, is bright eyed before all of the rest of us, no matter what time he went to bed, and told us last night that "I have energy all the time, I don't need to sleep."  This is the kid that STILL wakes up in the middle of the night and comes to sleep on a tiny fold out couch on our bedroom floor, which CAN'T be quality sleep.


I heard a report once…and Business Insider reports, as well, that a small group – 1 – 3% – of the population can function very well on just a few hours of sleep.  Some of these sleepless people are very successful, such as Donald Trump, who claims to only sleep 3 or 4 hours a night, Jay Leno, who only sleeps 5 hours a night, and Martha Stewart, who sleeps LESS THAN four hours a night.  I am very interested to know how these people slept when they were children!  Maybe they all caught up on their sleep as children so they didn't need as much as adults?  ha!  Either way, I'm not giving up on the Captain until he's a teenager and doesn't sleep until 10 or later on Saturdays…..

How much sleep do you need?  What about your kids?

Hot Tot Hair and Skincare – Safe and Smells Great!

gift ideas

Captain Fussybuckets struggled with painful eczema and skin problems for the first 2 1/2 years of his life.  We took him to the doctor, tried creams, allergy medicines, oatmeal baths, apple cider vinegar baths, and nothing just seemed to consistently work for him.  Finally I realized that first, he must have pure, alcohol free, heavy moisturizer on his legs when his eczema acts up.  Secondly, I realized that his skin was less likely to have problems in the first place if I used gentle cleansers on him in the bath tub.  Now, some Baby soaps say they are gentle, but if you look at the ingredients list, you'll see that they're just NOT gentle enough.  I have found that if the soaps are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde (yes, they really DO put that in baby soap!), and other yuckies, then he doesn't have any issues with his skin.  Baby D's skin is a little better and he hasn't had many eczema issues, but using stuff that is free of chemicals that shouldn't be in skin products in the first place makes me feel better!  So when I was asked to review a product from the Hot Tot line, I quickly checked out their website and knew it would be great for the boys and their skin!

hot tot

I chose the Hot Tot Spotless Tot to review, which is an "extra gentle hair and body cleanser created for babies and beyond."  We love Spotless Tot because it smells good and is free of all of the chemicals that irritate the boys' skin and just aren't good for them.  We use it on their hair and body, and sometimes for hand washing, too:

Spotless Tot

I just love foam cleansers and the boys do, too.  It makes bathtime fun and it's easy for them to wash themselves with the foam.

for kids

Hot Tot has a full line of products for babies and kids, including Sweet Pea Serum, Conditioning Detangler, Styling Gel, Structure Whip, and Finishing Mist, Shampoo, and Conditioner.  These would make great stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts! The Spotless Tot sells for $14 on the Hot Tot website or on Amazon.  Connect with Hot Tot on Twitter and Facebook.

Enter to win a bottle of Hot Tot for a tot you love in the Rafflecopter form below.  Giveaway ends on November 28, 2012!  Good luck!

Giveaway has ended and Samantha M. is the lucky winner!

Sleepwalkers in the Night

I remember sleepwalking a few times as a child.  One time I remember walking out of my bedroom with my small plastic trash can in one hand, and my blanket in another.  My oldest brother was sitting at the computer and he asked what I was doing, which I think woke me up.  In my haze, I replied "sometimes I just get mixed up" and I went back to bed.  Then another time, my mom was in the bathroom and I walked in and she says I used her face soap to wash my hands.  She asked if I needed to use the bathroom, but I didn't remember that at all.  She said I finished washing my hands and went back to sleep.  There were times when I woke up and all of my dolls were lined up by my bed and I had no recollection of doing it!  Sleepwalking is a very, very weird feeling. 

I think I have sleepwalked/talked a few times as an adult, but not much.  My husband, however, is a very frequent sleepwalker/talker.  He has thrown a towel on the wall, insisting that there were spiders all over it, made a lot of noise on our wood floor and told me he was trying to fix the Captain's "wrench set" (which he doesn't even have??), and most commonly, thought he was at church camp or a lock-in and there were people waiting for him.  I always know, now, when he is sleep walking or talking, but in the beginning, it really freaked me out.  One of the first times he did it, I laughed and laughed at him and he got mad and said "I'm going to send your forehead straight to the station!"  Whatever that means, but I was scared.  ha!  Now I just stay quiet and let him do his thing or I just ask him what he's doing, which he almost always replies with something, even if it makes no sense.  I really feel bad for him because I know the confusion and weird feeling that comes with sleep-doing things!

Well, I have been worried that the Captain is a sleepwalker for a long time now.  He has been coming in to our bedroom for over a year now.  We set him up a kid couch for him to sleep on because nothing worked to keep him from doing it and I'm not about to put a lock on his door to keep him in his room.  Kids get scared in the night.  I did, my husband did, and it's okay.  He won't do it forever.  

Last night I heard some thumping around in the house, soon after we had gone to bed.  I figured it was the Captain coming to our room early, so I just stayed there and watched the door.  Sure enough, a few minutes later, the door opened and he stumbled in.  But, he turned around and left.  I got up, thinking maybe he left his blanket in his room, but he walked into the living room.  I called for him and he came around the corner, running into the wall, pretty hard.  I got down on his level and looked at him and said "are you okay?"  His eyes were wide open but he didn't respond.  He just stumbled past me and fell on his bed.  I put his blanket on him and went back to bed.  About a minute later, however, he was screaming.  I went into his room, again, and he was just sobbing.  I asked him what was wrong and he said "I want Daddy!" Okay….so Daddy came in there and the Captain told him that he woke up and he was scared.  sad

I know it's just a little thing that happens and most of the time, kids will grow out of it.  I looked at WebMD for possible solutions to our sleepwalking problem and here's what it said:

  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Limit stress. Meditate or do relaxation exercises.
  • Avoid any kind of stimulation (auditory or visual) prior to bedtime.

We know that the Captain doesn't get adequate sleep.  He has started going to "school" a couple of times a week and doesn't nap while he's there.  He's also always been not such a great sleeper, so I'm sure his quality of sleep isn't too great.  I don't think he's stressed, at least I hope not, but that probably explains Daddy's sleepwalking.  The last thing we all need to work on!  We try to wind everyone down at bedtime, but last night we were at church until close to bedtime, so the boys were a little nutso.

I guess all we can do now is make sure the Captain (and Daddy) are safe and don't hurt themselves while sleepwalking!

Do you have a sleepwalking story or advice?  I'd love to hear it!


Sleep BETTER with a Sleep Number bed!

We had the wonderful opportunity to review a Sleep Number® m7 bed, the new memory foam bed from Sleep Number!  We love our sleep around here, so we jumped for joy for this review!

First, we went to the Sleep Number store to find out how the Sleep Number technology works.  My hubby and I both got to find our sleep number from a trained professional, Tony.  He was so nice and helpful and told us all we needed to know about the bed we would be getting.  First, we laid down on the Sleep Number and Tony filled both sides of the bed to 100.  Then he told us to tell him to stop when we felt comfortable and that the bed wasn't pushing against us.  It was pretty cool to see the pressure points on the screen:

individual fit



Tony spent a lot of time with us.  (He even got the boys a ballon to play with and helped make sure Baby D didn't run out of the store!  haha!)  He told us about his experiences with Sleep Number and I could tell he loved what he did and believes in the Sleep Number bed!

After our Individual Fit was over, we discovered that we were both a 30, as that was the most comfy number to sleep on.  It is all based on weight and pressure though, so a 30 to me is not the same as a 30 for my husband!  His side is too squishy for me and mine is too firm for him!

We checked out the new bed that we would be receiving, the Sleep Number m7:


sleep number

Sleep Number also makes bed linens and pillows, along with special add-ons for each bed so you can maximize your sleeping experience!


sleep number

A few weeks later, the Sleep Number truck arrived at our house (we knew they were coming) and it took about 20 minutes for the Sleep Number guys to set it up for us!  They were super helpful and told us a few things we didn't know…like that they recommend giving it 14 days because sometimes it takes that long for people to get their perfect "fit" or sleep number.  He said that he himself hated his Sleep Number bed for a few nights and now he hates NOT sleeping on it.  He also recommended not changing the number too drastically, only go up or down 5 at a time.


The first night on the Sleep Number went like this:  Baby D was teething or sick or something, so he was up and down all night.  That really set the mood for a dreadful night, and when I woke up the next morning, I was mad at the Sleep Number!  I didn't sleep well and I was certain I wouldn't ever like the bed.  But, I remembered what one of the delivery men said, and gave it another shot that night.  I asked my hubby what he thought of the bed and he was seriously in love.  It didn't take him any time to love the Sleep Number!  

The next night was a little better.  I slept more soundly and played around with my sleep number and pillows a bit.  We've had the bed almost two weeks now and I can honestly say that I really enjoy our Sleep Number bed!  It is so awesome to be able to set  our side of the bed just how we like it.  And if the Captain takes a nap on it, we can easily change it to how he likes it.  We LOVE this bed!!

Now, some facts about the new m7 Memory Foam Sleep Number bed.  This bed actually cools instead of heats you up, like memory foam is known to do.  This is definitely helpful to ensure a restful night's sleep!  The traditional Sleep Number technology contours and adjust to each individual person.  It's a fascinating, delightfully cozy use of the best technology available!

Find more information about this and other Sleep Number beds on the website.  Be sure to follow Sleep Number on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest information!


Sleep Buddy Helps Kids Stay in Bed!

I was lucky enough to win a SleepBuddy in a blog giveaway a few months ago.  I had wanted to get a SleepBuddy for Captain Fussybuckets, who loves to come to our room in the middle of the night, for a long time.  We've had constant issues with this kid and in retrospect, I should have gotten him a Sleep Buddy a long, long time ago.  Habits die hard when you're three, and we're still working with him.

The idea behind SleepBuddy is simple:  when the light is on, you stay in your bed, quietly.  You don't have to be asleep, but well, that's the idea.  If the child wakes up at say, 6 AM and the light isn't set to go off until 7, he or she will lay quietly in bed and possibly go back to sleep.  This is a BRILLIANT idea and has worked for many kids.

The inventor of the SleepBuddy is a (smart!) mother who has used it successfully with all of her children.  The SleepBuddy system comes with the SleepBuddy light, which is simple to use, (but still comes with directions,) a children's book that describes what this new awesome SleepBuddy is to the child and explains how to use it, a rewards chart with stickers, and a Parent's Guide.  Everything is clearly laid out, but, of course, each child is different and so you don't have to follow it strictly.

For us, we had two bedtime battles to tackle.  I introduced the SleepBuddy, but we realized that we had to address the bigger issue first, which was that he had gotten in the habit of wanting someone to sit with him until he went to sleep.  After a couple of months of this madness, after I sat in his doorway for over an hour one night, I decided enough was enough.  We stopped using the SleepBuddy, but kept the idea of a sticker chart and rewards system for going to sleep by himself.  FINALLY, it worked, and he is going to bed by himself these days, so we're going to try out SleepBuddy sometime very soon.  He still comes to our room and sleeps on his mini couch almost every single night.

I'm still excited about the SleepBuddy.  I am imagining a full night's rest with no interruptions!  I can already tell this is going to be extremely helpful when Baby D transitions from his crib to a big boy bed, possibly in the same room with Captain Fussybuckets, but we're not there yet!  Baby D is a great sleeper but if he can see an out, he's going to take it!  The SleepBuddy, with it's soft blue light, is going to help ease fears of the dark and a new bed for Baby D.  And hopefully, it will help the Captain very, very soon!

Find out more about SleepBuddy or purchase your own on the SleepBuddy website!  Follow SleepBuddy on Twitter and Facebook, too.  And you can even buy a SleepBuddy on Amazon for less than $40.


Where To Sleep, Where To Sleep?

Captain Fussybuckets has been in a big boy bed for about eight months or so.  He hasn't always done well.  He started off great and for the longest time, it was just like he was in his crib.  He didn't realize he could get OUT of his bed until a few months ago.  He didn't abuse this until recently, however.  Up until a few weeks ago, he'd still call for us to come get him out of his bed when he woke up.  
Well, that was then.  Over the past few weeks, he has started turning the doorknob on our bedroom more and more with each passing night.  We always put him back in his bed, unless it was after 6 and we knew he needed more sleep (as did we!) because he went to bed so late the night before.  BUT when he turned the doorknob after 6, it was sure to wake Baby D up in his own room (because he is very loud and it is usually followed by door slamming.)  And he did NOT go back to sleep.  
Last night we decided to bust out the baby gate, per "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" by Dr. Richard Ferber.  Dr. Ferber bought us some extra sleep when CF was super young and waking every 45 minutes or so.  So, I busted out the book again and it says:  "When your child is unable to control his behavior by himself, you have to set limits for him and enforce them."  Okay, got that.  He goes on to say that some kids can be coaxed with rewards.  We tried the sticker chart thing and yeah, that was a bust.  Who cares about a sticker when they want their Mommy & Daddy at 2 AM??
He also says that kids cannot be expected to have self control on their own will in the middle of the night.  That is the hardest time to have self control, and it's true.  And children should not be punished or threatened in the middle of the night because they don't have self control and are just in a bad habit.
So, back to the limit setting.  Dr. Ferber talks about using a baby gate to keep the kid in the room.  So last night, we busted out the baby gate.  We explained to the Captain what it was all about, and what the purpose was.  He was excited.  We agreed to leave the door open so he wouldn't open the door and forget about the baby gate and run into it.  We left a light on and it took him about 40 minutes to fall asleep with all of this excitement.  Then, we went to sleep around 10.  Then….
At 2:30, the doorknob turns.  It was Captain Fussybuckets.  I was shocked because I didn't hear any noise prior to that and I had no idea how he got over the gate.  I took him back to his room, and there was his IKEA kid's chair.  DUH!  I didn't take the chairs out!!  
Well, long story short, he would not go back to sleep.  Over an hour later, after many talks with Mom & Dad, he burst into tears for the thousandth time and I decided that enough was enough, that we had to have our sleep.  I know, any form of sleep training is hard and you have to stick with it.  But anyway….I brought his stuffed couch bed in our room and put it at the foot of our bed.  He brought his light up turtle, blanket, and pillow.  And he went RIGHT to sleep.  I, of course, did not.  He had put his turtle on his tummy, and with every breath, the stars danced on the ceiling.  So around about 4 AM, I went to his bed.  And then, I proceeded to have the best 3 hours of sleep I had acquired in a loooooooooooong time!!!  He stayed on the floor the rest of the night morning and Daddy slept well, too.  Then, Baby D woke up at 7 and I got up with him.  He hasn't slept in that late in a long time, as well.  
So, what's the problem?  Well, I'm just stuck.  He needs to be in his bed.  If we are all in our beds, we all sleep better.  I can't sleep well with him in the floor.  Daddy and I both can't sleep with him in our bed.  (Seriously folks, it's like sleeping with a rabid octopus.)  But I have a hard time going back to sleep with him coming to our room every 2 hours.  
Daddy and I both have very important jobs.  While my job is staying at home taking care of the boys, I think everyone can agree that it's important that I have enough sleep for this job, even though I don't leave the house.  


So what's the answer?  Should we keep on returning him to his bed, bribing him with stickers and treats, hoping that one day it will click?  Or should we just set up his couch bed in our room for him to come lie on when he's scared or wakes during the night?  Or does someone else have a brilliant idea that we haven't tried?  Remember, he's two, so I don't want to scare him back to his bed with threats.  That's just not a good idea because he's not old enough to understand or have self control to not come to our room.  


I know, all of you co-sleepers are laughing at me.  ha!  Seriously though, co-sleeping would be more of an option if, like I said, he wasn't a rabid octopus!!!!  hahahaha!
Anyway, your thoughts & comments are welcomed!  I might not take your advice, but I'd definitely like to hear what others have to say!  He's always been a not-so-great sleeper, but it's sad when your almost 3 year old is waking as often as a newborn and your 8 month old is sleeping through the night. *sigh*