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Anyone who knows me and my family know that we just love Keith Urban's music.  Keith's songs were the first that really appealled to the Captain when he was around two years old.  He would get his toy guitar and jam out to "Put You In A Song," any time, day or night!  Here is a little video from when he was two and playing his arm as a guitar….haha:

The hubby and I have attended [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: Trumpet Boy

The Captain got to play a real trumpet!  This has been his dream for over a year now.  He had a blast, did a great job, and had a great teacher!! 

(Excuse the low quality picture!)


Wordless Wednesday: Silent Night – David Archuleta

I’m totally cheating on the “Wordless Wednesday” post for today. There are tons of words and it’s not even a picture, BUT, we LOVE this song by David Archuleta, performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Orchestra! It’s simply beautiful!

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Soundfreaq Sound Kick on sale at!

I just saw that the Soundfreaq Sound Kick bluetooth speaker that I posted about last week is on sale at! It is regularly priced at $99 and is now 20% off, costing you only $79.99! If you have a Target RedCard, you can get free shipping and 5% off, making this a great steal!


Soundfreaq Sound Kick – An Affordable Bluetooth Speaker

We love to listen to music, but with two loud kids, we need a little more volume and quality than just the iPad or iPhone speakers.  I have been listening to a lot of Christmas music on the iPad and the day we received the Soundfreaq Sound Kick to review, we were just putting up the Christmas tree so it was a perfect time to try it out!



I was concerned that we would have to take a [...]

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Find Fun, Unique Gifts at HearthSong

gift ideas


Toys are everywhere this time of year. I’m already tired of seeing the latest action figure and doll commercials, and we’re not even in to December yet! My boys love toys that are new, exciting, and are more than your everyday toy you can find at the local store. That’s where HearthSong comes in! HearthSong has “toys you’ll feel good about giving.” It’s [...]

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Holiday Gift Idea for Little Ones: “Over The Moon: The Broadway Lullaby Project” CD

broadway lullabye project

If you've read this blog much at all, you'll know that Captain Fussybuckets has always been, well…fussy…about going to bed.  Even since he was a baby, his sleeping habits have been less than desirable.  We have never had a lullaby CD, but when I showed the "Over The Moon:  The Broadway Lullaby Project" CD, he was excited about having his very own lullaby CD and wanted to listen to it that [...]

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Have FUN with Imagine Toys! {review}

I love finding stores and sites that sell fun, new, orginal toys that you might not find anywhere else.  I was so thrilled to discover Imagine Toys and get to review their Blue Circus Time wooden music set:

Our boys love to make music (and noise,) so this set was perfect for them.  The set comes with a xylophone and two wooden hammer sticks to play it that slide nicely [...]

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The Wiggles’ Final Tour

Did you know that three of the four original Wiggles are retiring?  Yes, after this final world tour, Jeff, Murray, and Greg will be retiring and three new Wiggles will be joining Anthony as the new generation of The Wiggles!  The 2012 Summer Tour called "The Wiggles!  Celebration Tour!" will be the last time you will get to see the orginal four Wiggles sing and dance to your favorite Wiggles songs!

The Wiggles! [...]

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Three Wiggles Are Retiring!

The famous Australian kids' band, The Wiggles, just announced that three of the founding members, Jeff, Murray, and Greg, are passing down the torch to some NEW Wiggles!  The Wiggles announced on their website that while Anthony will be staying put as the Blue Wiggle, there will be a new Purple, Red, and Yellow Wiggle after the end of the year and the end of their Celebration World Tour!  (Check out the website for a show near you!)

The new Wiggles were chosen by the outgoing Wiggles and have been dancing and singing alongside [...]

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