Easy DIY No Sew Paw Patrol Shirt with Free Template Printables

Easy DIY No Sew Paw Patrol Shirt with Free Template Printables

DIY Paw Patrol Shirt

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Baby Brother is CRAZY about Paw Patrol!  Every day he asks for his favorite show, to wear his favorite Paw Patrol shoes, and he loves to pretend to be the Paw Patrol.  I found some super cute fabric and wanted to turn it into a customized t-shirt for him.  But first, I needed a template because I am not too great at freehand.  

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Free Football Themed Planner for Kids – Student Planner and Reading Log Printables

Free Football Themed Planner for Kids – Student Planner and Reading Log Printables

The Captain is 7 now and it has become VERY obvious in recent years that he THRIVES when using a schedule.  I homeschooled for his kindergarten year, and the days that we got the most done were the days that I made a checklist and schedule for him.  He did his work, went down the list, and felt a sense of security, I think, from knowing what he needed to know and what was expected of him.  He is in public school this year, and really thriving because he has an organized teacher and usually he knows the schedule and what is expected of him.  Also, he loves football and is, of course, thrilled about the upcoming Superbowl, even though his team isn't going this year.  That's why I am so excited to share with you these football themed planner printables for kids!  

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Make Sure That Your Kids Get Proper Nutrition and Vitamins…Without a Fight {Giveaway, Too!}

Make Sure That Your Kids Get Proper Nutrition and Vitamins…Without a Fight

Make Sure That Your Kids Get Proper Nutrition and Vitamins Without A Fight

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We all face different challenges with our kids, and if you have more than one child, you know that every child is different.  We did just about the same thing in regards to feeding the boys with our older two, and somehow, D is the better eater.  He will try almost anything once, loves broccoli, milk, salmon, and kefir, and I feel like he is getting the nutrition and vitamins that his body needs to grow healthy and strong.  The Captain, on the other hand, is not likely to try new things, turns up his nose at food often, and would live off of bread and sweets if we let him.  I do not want to label him as "picky," but he is definitely a food snubber.

What happened and why are they so different?  I am not sure, so I cannot tell you, in all honesty!  We served them both pureed baby foods, both were breastfed and formula fed, both had a sensitivity to milk that they have seemed to grow out of, and they turned out completely different.  (While the verdict is still out with Baby Brother, I tried a different approach with him, baby-led weaning, to try to avoid the food snubbing as his oldest brother does.  I'll fill you in when he's 5.  ha!)

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Book and Journal Keeper – Keep Books Safe and Little Brothers Out! “The Plans I Have For You”

Book and Journal Keeper

Book and Journal Keeper

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The Captain is 7 and loves to read.  He has really loved discovering the world of chapter books this year!  Often times we find him after we thought he was asleep, reading his Star Wars book, the Bible, or a book about animals or the solar system.  Reading is such a gift and I am glad that he has found this love and is confident as a reader.

One problem that we have run into, however, is that he has two little brothers that love books, as well, but in different ways!  While D is gentle with books and loves sounding out words, Baby Brother is two and very destructive!  He loves to look at books, yes, but he also loves to throw them, drop them, and he is learning that we do not rip pages or color in books that are not coloring books.  That's a tricky thing for a toddler to learn, isn't it?
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D’s 5th Birthday Interview!

Happy Birthday Interview

How old are you?  five

What is your favorite color?  red

What is your favorite thing to drink?  Dr. Pepper

What is your favorite toy?  Slinky

What do you like to do?  play Mario Kart

What do you want to be when you grow up?  a builder

What color is your hair?  brown

What color are your eyes?  blue

What is your favorite sport?  soccer

What is your favorite song?  "Jesus Loves Me"

What do you like to do with Daddy?  play Mario Kart

What do you like to do with Mommy?  snuggle

What do you like to do with the Captain?  play Mario Kart

What do you like to do with Baby Brother?  play with him outside

What is your favorite restaurant?  Carino's

What is easy for you to do?  play Mario Kart

What is hard for you to do?  take down my brother whenever we are wrestling

What is your favorite thing about school?  centers

What is your favorite thing about church? potluck

What is your favorite thing to wear?  jammies

What is your favorite show?  Alvin and The Chipmunks (he doesn't even watch this, but ok!)

What is your favorite movie?  "Minions"

What is your favorite book? "Peppa's Night Time Book"

What has been your favorite place to visit?  Disney World

What was your favorite thing to do when you were 4?  play Mario Kart

There you go….Mario Kart has this boy's heart!

If you want to download a free birthday interview printable, click on the link below:

birthday interview

Christmas Tree Craft for Kids and Our Favorite Christmas Books!

Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

We are always looking for fun crafts to do with the boys, especially those that take a little more time and helps them practice their fine motor skills.  I wanted to do a Christmas tree craft for kids, and the steps are pretty simple.  I took a technique we used to make this turtle with shell craft to make the texture on the tree.

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Sports Toys For Kids – Batteries Not Needed!

Sports Toys For Kids

Sports Toys for Kids

I have joined up with a few other blogs to give parents ideas for non-electronic, no batteries required gifts this year.  Whether you are just tired of the noise or want your child to use their imagination, this is the place to look.  There are so many ideas on the linky, so check it out!

Sports Toys for Kids

My family LOVES playing sports, so I have compiled a list of 25 of the best sports toys for kids.  These are all fantastic ways to learn new sports, practice old favorites, and best yet, get exercise!

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Top Gifts for Boys 2015 (Ages 5-8)

Top Gifts for Boys 2015
Top Gifts for Boys 2015

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Are you ready for the holidays?  The boys have asked for so many different things for Christmas, but I have made a collection of gifts that I think will be the biggest, top gifts for boys ages 5-8 this year.  Some of them are NOT brand new toys, but are still loved favorites.  And, it should be noted that these toys are NOT just for boys.  Since I am a boy mom, I cannot speak for the girls, but my guess, though, is that boys and girls alike, and even grown up boys and girls will love these gifts!

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Cooking With Kids Recipes Cookbook Is A Great Gift for Grandparents or Grandchildren!

Cooking With Kids Recipes Cookbook

Finding gifts that parents, grandparents, and kids alike can be tricky.  We want to encourage quality time with the kids, both for us and the grandparents, so I know this sweet book would be loved by all.  The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook: Cub-Friendly Cooking With An Adult is wonderful and the perfect gift to encourage togetherness.

Even at 7 years-old, the Captain was so excited to get this book.  He thumbed through the pages and picked out a few favorites that we could make together.  He loved the idea of enchiladas and we made them that very night.  There are some truly delicious ideas in this fun book!

There are many cooking with kids recipes in this cookbook!  From "Bear-y Delicious Scones" for breakfast, to mini pizzas, chicken quesadillas, and even some delicious desserts and snacks like a mug brownie or blue-beary pie, there is so much to choose from.  The Captain wants to make these crustless tuna sandwiches together soon:

Cooking With Kids Recipes Cookbook

At the end of the book, there is a precious prayer to pray before meals.  Also, a "Sweet Facts About Honey" page and a Kitchen Measurements help sheet make the cookbook extra special.

If you have a child that loves the Berestain Bears, loves cooking with parents or grandparents, or just need a gift for a child that you love, definitely head over to Family Christian and a copy of this book.  It's utterly sweet and will provide for many delicious meals, all made with a little one.  And, enter to win one of two copies in the Rafflecopter below!

Visit the Sci Tech Discovery Center in Frisco, Texas

The boys have always been go, go, go.  They want to do everything, see everything, and explore everything that there is to explore.  A few weeks ago, we took the boys to the Sci Tech Discovery Center in Frisco, Texas.  The wind was cool that day, but they needed to get some energy out, so this was the perfect family outing.  The discovery center is the perfect size for exploring different exhibits without having to walk everywhere.  It is open and spacious, and we all really had a fun afternoon there.

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