Celebrate the Lunar New Year in a Special Way at Best Buy!

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Every event is a call for a celebration, and the Lunar New Year is no different.  The Lunar New Year not only celebrates the beginning of the year, but also the ending of winter and the highly anticipated arrival of SPRING!  I know I am ready for Spring and I'm sure you are, too.  

The Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays celebrated in Asian countries, and worldwide.  Best Buy wants to celebrate with employees, customers, and communities by offering a very special gift card and egift card design.  What a way to bring good luck to someone you know!

Lunar New Year egift card

The Lunar New Year, which is based on the phases of the moon, falls on February 8th, 2016 of our Gregorian calendar.  Best Buy is helping celebrate the event with an Asian-inspired gift card and eGift card, available for purchase or gifting from BestBuy.com through February 13th, 2016.  

Surprise someone you know who celebrates the Lunar New Year with this festive gift card!

Best Buy Lunar New Year egift card

Sports Toys For Kids – Batteries Not Needed!

Sports Toys For Kids

Sports Toys for Kids

I have joined up with a few other blogs to give parents ideas for non-electronic, no batteries required gifts this year.  Whether you are just tired of the noise or want your child to use their imagination, this is the place to look.  There are so many ideas on the linky, so check it out!

Sports Toys for Kids

My family LOVES playing sports, so I have compiled a list of 25 of the best sports toys for kids.  These are all fantastic ways to learn new sports, practice old favorites, and best yet, get exercise!

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Top Gifts for Boys 2015 (Ages 5-8)

Top Gifts for Boys 2015
Top Gifts for Boys 2015

I received a few of these products at no cost for inclusion in my gift guide, but not most.  This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more information.

Are you ready for the holidays?  The boys have asked for so many different things for Christmas, but I have made a collection of gifts that I think will be the biggest, top gifts for boys ages 5-8 this year.  Some of them are NOT brand new toys, but are still loved favorites.  And, it should be noted that these toys are NOT just for boys.  Since I am a boy mom, I cannot speak for the girls, but my guess, though, is that boys and girls alike, and even grown up boys and girls will love these gifts!

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Cooking With Kids Recipes Cookbook Is A Great Gift for Grandparents or Grandchildren!

Cooking With Kids Recipes Cookbook

Finding gifts that parents, grandparents, and kids alike can be tricky.  We want to encourage quality time with the kids, both for us and the grandparents, so I know this sweet book would be loved by all.  The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook: Cub-Friendly Cooking With An Adult is wonderful and the perfect gift to encourage togetherness.

Even at 7 years-old, the Captain was so excited to get this book.  He thumbed through the pages and picked out a few favorites that we could make together.  He loved the idea of enchiladas and we made them that very night.  There are some truly delicious ideas in this fun book!

There are many cooking with kids recipes in this cookbook!  From "Bear-y Delicious Scones" for breakfast, to mini pizzas, chicken quesadillas, and even some delicious desserts and snacks like a mug brownie or blue-beary pie, there is so much to choose from.  The Captain wants to make these crustless tuna sandwiches together soon:

Cooking With Kids Recipes Cookbook

At the end of the book, there is a precious prayer to pray before meals.  Also, a "Sweet Facts About Honey" page and a Kitchen Measurements help sheet make the cookbook extra special.

If you have a child that loves the Berestain Bears, loves cooking with parents or grandparents, or just need a gift for a child that you love, definitely head over to Family Christian and a copy of this book.  It's utterly sweet and will provide for many delicious meals, all made with a little one.  And, enter to win one of two copies in the Rafflecopter below!

Garlic, Garlic, Garlic! A Collection of Delicious Garlic Recipes {Plus An Awesome Gift for Cooks This Year!}

Garlic is the pungent, flavorful clove that has been a staple in many cuisines for years.  It has also been used for medicinal purposes, and is known as having antibacterial properties.  Sure, you may need a breath freshener after you eat it, but man, is it delicious!  My boys LOVE garlic.  We use garlic powder and dried garlic often, but really, there is nothing like the taste of freshly pressed garlic.

Garlic bulbs are easy to grow year round and also store for a long time.  If you love to grow garlic, Farm Fresh Feasts has tips on roasting and freezing garlic.  

I have collected some wonderful garlic recipes in this post, and I hope you will find some new ones that you love!  And make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for a great gift idea for cooks and garlic lovers this year. 

Garlic Kale Hummus – Strength and Sunshine

Fire Roasted Game Day Salsa – DFW dad

Tomatillo Salsa – Life With Captain Fussybuckets

Garlicky Dill Dip – Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats

Homemade Hot Sauce – Ann's Entitled Life

Quick Garlic Seafood Appetizer – A Lady in France

Tomatoes Farcie – A Lady in France

Chicken Tajine – A Lady in France

Coriander Garlic Grilled Chicken and Green Goddess Sauce – Strength and Sunshine

Roasted Garlic Artichoke Pasta with Chicken – Ann's Entitled Life

Asian Lettuce Wraps – Life With Captain Fussybuckets

Garlic Chicken with Fettuccine and Kefir Sauce – Life With Captain Fussybuckets

Salami and Ham Stromboli – Life With 4 Boys

Paleo Paprika Cauliflower Rice – Life With 4 Boys

New Orleans Style Shrimp and Grits – Life With 4 Boys

Chicken, Shrimp, and Sausage Paella – Life With 4 Boys

Savory Cinnamon Slow Cooker Chicken – Life With 4 Boys

Asaparagus with Butter Garlic Sauce – Recipes To Make

Homemade Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks – Recipes To Make

Bimbimbap – Recipes To Make

Southwest Chicken Soup – Recipes To Make

I recently found, what I believe, is the best garlic press!  I't s a great price on Amazon right now, too, less than $15 when it is regularly $25.  I love using this garlic press, which can also be used as a ginger press.  It's a mincer, chopper, grater,  and you can use garlic with or without peel, which I love because I hate peeling garlic!  It's just sturdy and constructed well.  It feels like an expensive kitchen tool, but it is inexpensive while being very high quality.  Best thing, it's dishwasher safe and won't rust.  It would make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook or just loves garlic.  It's one of the best gifts for cooks this year!best price for garlic press best price for garlic press

Top Gifts for Preschoolers

Top Gifts for Preschoolers

Gifts for Preschoolers

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Preschoolers are so much fun to shop for!  They are becoming more independent, are generally more excited about Christmas than the previous years, and with my kids, this is the age where they are happy with just about whatever they get!  The possibilities are truly endless when shopping for preschool-aged kids, but I've collected some of our very favorites for this holiday season.  Check back often because I'll be adding more of the best gifts for preschoolers throughout the season!

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HUGE Best Buy Holiday Shopping Event: This Saturday, November 7!

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Top Gifts for Toddlers

Baby Brother is almost two, and being the third boy, it has been a struggle to know what he might like that the older brothers already have.  I have made a collection of some of the top gifts for toddlers to help others in our situation!  These toys have all been tested and approved by Baby Brother, so enjoy!  I will be adding to this throughout the season, so check back to see some more great gifts of 2015!

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Salted Caramel Coffee Body Scrub – The Perfect DIY Gift

The thing that I love about Fall the absolute most is the scents!  The smell of fall can be pumpkin spice, apples, or sweet, salted caramel.  Sipping coffee in the fall is one of my favorite things, so I love this salted caramel coffee body scrub.  It's perfect for fall or any time of the year.  You can make it as a special way to pamper yourself, or fix a big batch and give as Christmas gifts.  It smells amazing and makes you feel luxurious, too!  Coffee body scrub is great for exfoliating and moisturizing.  The coffee can stimulate cells and help with cellulite, too.

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Find the PERFECT Birthday Gift at Best Buy…or Create Your Own Wish List!

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Best Buy #GiftIdeasIf there is one thing I'm not a huge fan of, it's shopping for gifts.  I mean, I enjoy it, but finding *the* perfect gift that the recipient will LOVE is hard.  I often times wish that I just had access to everyone's wish list!  The Best Buy Online Gift Ideas Experience is the next best thing.  Quickly and easily find the perfect gift for the person who is having a birthday with a little help and guidance.  

Best Buy Gift Ideas Page

Best Buy has made it easy with different categories – "him," "her," "teens," and "kids."  There are other helpful categories for anniversary gifts, housewarming gifts, and gifts for new parents.  Check out the "Top Tech Gifts" category for the latest and greatest in technology.

When shopping online, sometimes I find the perfect gift, but then see that it is out of my price range.  Best Buy removes this disappointment by allowing customers to search for a gift in a particular price range.  Gifts under $25, gifts from $25-$49.99, gifts from $50-$99.99, $100-$249.99, and gifts over $250.  This narrows your search down to help find just what you're looking for and spend just what your budget allows.  My favorite part of the search options is the "sale" and "free shipping eligible" selections.  It helps greatly when you can get a better than average deal on a birthday gift.

If you simply cannot find what you think your recepient would love, Best Buy makes buying gift cards super easy.  Buy a gift card that Best Buy will ship directly to the birthday girl or boy, or an e-gift card that can be delivered instantly via email.

Best Buy Wist List

To make things beyond simple and easy, tell your friends and family members to create a birthday wish list and share it with you so you can give the gifts that they really and truly want.  It completely takes the guesswork out of gift shopping.  You can also use the Best Buy Wish List to keep track of all the great birthday gift ideas!  

It is very simple to search for a wish list, create one, or manage your already created wish list.  Not only is it easy, it's really, really fun!  I created a wish list just for the fun of it and found a lot of great new products while I was at it.  It took me less than five minutes to set it all up and add these items!  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Best Buy Wish List #GiftIdeas #WishList @BestBuy ad

Who will you be shopping for soon?  What items would be on YOUR Best Buy wish list?