Valentine’s Day Verse on Burlap – An Easy DIY Craft for the Non-Crafter!

Valentine's Day Verse on Burlap

Valentine's Day Verse on Burlap

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I love making small crafts with the boys, but I definitely stick with crafts for kids and easy crafts.  I went out on a limb and made this cute Valentine's Day verse on burlap and while it could be jazzed up a lot, it was pretty simple and even the non-crafter could tackle this one!

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Christmas Tree Craft for Kids and Our Favorite Christmas Books!

Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

We are always looking for fun crafts to do with the boys, especially those that take a little more time and helps them practice their fine motor skills.  I wanted to do a Christmas tree craft for kids, and the steps are pretty simple.  I took a technique we used to make this turtle with shell craft to make the texture on the tree.

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Making Memories Together: Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Recipe and Picture Ornament Craft for Kids

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Making Memories Together:  Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Recipe and Picture Ornament Craft for Kids
Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Being the mom of three boys is sometimes tough.  Most often, they would rather be playing a game or kicking a ball with Daddy.  This weekend, however, Daddy is on a retreat and the boys are "stuck" with Mommy.  Sure, we can go outside and play ball or play a game, but I wanted it to be a special weekend, doing things to celebrate the holiday season and spending time together baking and doing crafts.  Sometimes I get in over my head, but that is okay, messes can always be cleaned up. 

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Throw a #StickAPic Photo Party for Teens!

Throwing a StickAPic Photo Party for Teens

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Throwing a Photo Party for Teens

Hubby is a youth minister and has events for the youth group often.  Yesterday, he threw a big area wide event for our youth group and five other churches.  Over 80 teens and pre-teens joined together to eat, worship, and have fun together!  Events like this are always a huge undertaking, but so much fun and well worth it.  I received a great StickAPic party supply box around the time he was planning the event, so we planned a fun photo party for the teens!  In the party box was HP ink, HP social media snapshots sticky photo paper, glue, decorations, plates, napkins, snacks, craft supplies and embellishments, and a Michael's gift card for purchasing extra craft supplies.

At first, I was not sure that the teens would be up for this idea, but it turned out great and they LOVED it!  I mean really, what teen doesn't love taking pictures?  The theme of the night was "Not Alone," about how even when we aren't with anyone, God is with us.  So the instructions were simple…find a friend or more and I'll take your picture for you.  (No selfies!)  We got a few props, which some used and some didn't:

Throwing a StickAPic  Photo Party for Teens

A friend made a vibrant backdrop out of PVC pipe, colored tablecloths, and decorations:

Throwing a StickAPic  Photo Party for Teens

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Glow-In-The-Dark Star Wars Pyramid Bean Bags

My little guys are really getting into "Star Wars."  It all started with "Angry Birds Star Wars," oddly enough, but now they're crazy about it.  So much so, that the Captain is going to be Darth Vader and D will be Luke Skywalker for Halloween.  Hubby loves the movies and while the boys haven't seen them yet, they love reading about Star Wars, hearing Daddy talk about it, and of course role-playing.  Hubby can't wait to see the new Star Wars movie!

A few months ago, I found some adorable Star Wars glow-in-the-dark fabric on eBay and knew I needed to get a project started for the boys.  I remember learning how to make pyramid bean bags in college in an Elementary Physical Education class, and I knew the boys would flip for Star Wars bean bags!  (I found this awesome glow-in-the-dark Darth Vader material on Amazon if you can't locate this particular print on eBay.)  Star Wars is HUGELY popular right now, in case you missed it, so you can probably easily find fabric that you love.  (Also, in the pictures, if you are wondering, is the awesomely cool Millennium Falcon from Playskool.  It has been a HUGE hit with all three boys.  It comes with R2-D2, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, and Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are sold seperately.)

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Make Better Choices on the Beverage Aisle {Plus a Beverage Bands DIY}

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DIY Beverage Bands

If one thing is for certain, our family stays well hydrated.  We all love our drinks, but admittedly, they're not always healthy.  I have made a concious efffort to start drinking more water and when I want a sweet drink, to make it a better beverage choice.  I know the boys are always watching…and waiting to have a sip of my drink, as well!  I need to be making good drink choices not only for me, but for my family.

Walmart has lots of drink choices, and some of my favorite healthier options are in the beverage aisle.  Right now, you can print a money saving coupon on some better-for-you drink options at Walmart.  Also, don't miss this great Ibotta offer.

Making Better Drink Choices

One of my favorite new finds is bai5.  I love the Brasilia Blueberry flavor!  There are only 5 calories per serving and it is non-GMO and naturally sweetened.  It has blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry juices for flavor and even has some caffeine in it (35 mg, like a cup of green tea, so not all that much.)  I also love the taste and convenience of bottled FIJI water!  And the taste of Snapple iced tea is awesome, and there are many different choices to fit your preferences and dietary needs, like the Diet Snapple iced tea.

While we are making healthier drink choices, the issue still exists that we can't keep track of which drink is ours.  That's fine, I guess, since we are all family, but with the holidays and sick season coming up, I wanted to create a way to keep track of our drinks.  The boys and I made some super cute DIY Beverage Bands that were very easy!

Better Drink Choices

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Mummy Letters – Halloween Craft For Kids {Cute, Not Scary!}

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Mummy Letters craft for kids

Since it is already September, I guess it is time to start thinking about Halloween.  It’s not my favorite holiday, but it’s in my favorite season and the day before the Captain’s birthday, so I have learned to love it.  It really is a lot of fun to see the boys dress up in their favorite costume and get candy and little toys.  They love it, so I guess I must, too.  I sound like a hater, but I just don’t like adults trying to scare kids who don’t like to be scared.  Halloween doesn’t have to be full of scary things to be fun!  Maybe I’m just bitter because I was a very sensitive child who scared easily and I have bad memories of Halloween.  ha!

The boys love to make decorations for different holidays, and I like to keep it fun and cute for Halloween.  I came up with the idea to cover cardboard letters with cheesecloth and attach the always adorable googly eyes .  D had the idea to attach a nose on his mummy, so he added a pom pom and it’s pretty cute, I must say.

The Captain volunteered to show exactly how we made it in this time lapse video: [Read more…]

Cool Down With A DIY Iced Tea Glass FULL of Half Iced Tea & Half Lemonade

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DIY Iced Tea Glass

Being from Texas, iced tea has always been one of my favorite drinks.  I drink at least one glass of iced tea daily, sweetened with honey.  Tea is always my go to beverage of choice at family gatherings, potlucks, and parties.  I broke up with soda a few years ago and have not looked back, because tea is just, so so good and has many health benefits, too.  Iced tea always seems to quench my thirst like soda never could.  It's the perfect drink to enjoy by the pool or park with my family.

I wanted to jazz up my iced tea with a fun, summery design, so I made a DIY iced tea glass with an oil based paint marker.  I think it turned out pretty cute, and I'm on the very low end of being artistically gifted.  Imagine what you could do!!  I also repurposed a pickle jar as an iced tea "pitcher" to match.  My tea of choice was Bigelow Half Iced Tea & Half Lemonade!

DIY Iced Tea Glass

Supplies Needed:

  • drinking glass of any kind or repurposed glass jars
  • oil based paint marker(s)
  • contact paper – optional, but helpful!
  • oven
  • your favorite flavor of Bigelow iced tea


1.  Decide on your design.  You can cut something out of contact paper to ensure precision, or you can freehand it, it's up to you!  If using contact paper, peel off backing and press to stick on the glass.

DIY Iced Tea Glass

2.  Clean the side of your glass/jar that you will be using with rubbing alcohol or vinegar and let dry completely.  (Don't touch the cleaned areas or oil will transfer from your hands to the glass.)

3.  Use the oil based paint markers to create your design on the glass.  (You can use rubbing alcohol to clean off and start over.)

4.  When satisfied with your design, peel off contact paper and let your design dry for about 20 minutes.

DIY Iced Tea Glass

5.  Place glass items into a COLD oven and turn on to 350°.

6.  Open a window because there will be fumes and let the design "cook" on the glass for about 40 minutes.

7.  Turn off oven off and let glass cool completely before removing.

8.  Hand wash for best results, but wash them in the dishwasher if you like to live dangerously.  

I realized after the cooking process that I should have used more paint on my jar.  Oh well, I'll know next time!

DIY Iced Tea Glass

The boys were impressed with Mommy's super crafting powers, but they were much more impressed with the delicious Bigelow Half Iced Tea & Half Lemonade.  They are all tea lovers like their mommy, and lemonade lovers like their daddy, so this was such a special treat for them.  And that's the great thing about Bigelow tea is that I feel good about serving it to my little ones because it's healthy and 100% American made by an American family.  They have so many different flavors, too.  I bought my Bigelow tea at Walmart, in the beverage aisle.DIY Iced Tea Glass

Bigelow Tea is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year!  Bigelow began in a New York City townhouse, where Ruth Campbell Bigelow developed the iconic "Constant Comment"® tea, (which is delicious, by the way!)  Bigelow Tea now has a worldwide market offering more than 130 varieties of flavored, green, organic, herbal, decaffeinated and iced teas.  There's definitely something for everyone.  They also use a special foil pouch to ensure freshness and protect the tea from the air, moisture, and surrounding aromas.  

Are you an iced tea drinker?  I'd love to hear about your favorite way to drink iced tea in the comments below!

Make This Fun Burlap Flag Craft With Your Kids for The Fourth of July!

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Burlap Flag CraftThe boys and I really making crafts together, especially during the summer.  We love flags, but realize the complexity once we're already covered in paint, figuring out how to equally space all 50 stars.  It is what it is, and this craft was super fun for all of us to make.  As I've said before, crafts for kids do NOT have to be perfect at all.  I like to just sit back and let the boys do what they want to do, and then we can work together on the more difficult parts.  That's what we did with this American Flag craft.  



2" Inch Burlap Ribbon Wholesale - 100 Yards


  1. Cut 13 strips of 1" burlap, 15" long
  2. Lay out 7 of the burlap strips on newspaper or mat.
  3. Use small foam roller to paint 7 strips red.  (This was fun for the boys!)American Flag Craft
  4. Wash out the foam roller and then paint the 6 strips white.whiteburlap
  5. Let strips dry and wash out foam roller again.
  6. Cut square of regular burlap, 7" x 7".
  7. Use foam roller and blue paint to cover the burlap square.
  8. Let blue square dry.
  9. When blue square is dry, use angled paintbrush to paint white stars (or circles, lines, blobs, etc) on the blue square.
  10. Next, create a frame with the sticky craft sticks.  It should be in the shape of a flag (of course,) and tall enough for the strips to line up.  This size depends on what kind of look you are going for.  We chose the layered look.
  11. Parents, use the hot glue gun to carefully glue each strip, layered on top of each other – remember, red goes on top!
  12. Next, glue the blue square with white "stars" on top in the top left corner. 
  13. Let dry and add a small piece of burlap to hang your work of art!

This craft was a bit difficult for my 6 year-old to complete on his own, but he and I, along with my 4 year-old, worked together over a couple of days and made a flag they were proud of.  We had a great time and got to learn more about the flag, too!  You really can't be educational crafts and remember, they do not have to be perfect!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


Show Your Team Spirit With A Personalized Fabric Covered Wooden Letter

Fabric Covered Wooden LetterWe are pretty big Dallas Mavericks fans.  Well, the Captain insists that he doesn't like the Mavs, but as long as he lives in our house, he is a Mavs' fan….HA!  Well, when he was a baby, I ordered some super cute Dallas Mavericks fabric on ebay for a custom cloth diaper.  Well, I had to order a lot of it, and so I had some left over that I didn't know what to do with.  While shopping, I found the Captain a wooden letter for his name and decided to make him a cute personalized fabric covered wooden letter for his room, using the Dallas Mavericks fabric.  It has become a tradition in our house, and now all of the boys have one.

Yesterday I realized that Baby Brother is almost 17 months old and still didn't have a Dallas Mavericks letter, so we all made it a family affair to make him one.  Here's how we did it!

Materials needed:

  • enough fabric to cover your letter – I bought mine on ebay, but you can get it at some fabric stores or on Amazon, you just have to search!
  • Mod Podge for fabric
  • small paint brush
  • scissors
  • craft paint, if desired


  1. Lay your wooden letter on the fabric.  Pull the fabric up and over the sides of the letter to see how big you need to cut your fabric.  Trace around it.
  2. Make sure that you cut the same size border around the whole letter and cut all around it.  Don't cut out holes yet, if your letter has one.
  3. You have two choices at this point.  You can either cut the fabric to cover only the front of the letter OR you can wrap it around the sides.  The latter is a bit trickier, but you can do it!  If you want to only cover the front, you can now cut exactly where you need it and cut the holes out.  If you want to cover the sides, continue to step 4.
  4. To cover corners and curves, you'll want to pull the fabric and either fold down or clip.  I chose to clip on the corners and insides of the letter.
  5. Cover the front of the letter with Mod Podge with your brush.
  6. Position the fabric how you want it, face down, and lay the Mod Podge covered letter on top.  Turn over and smooth out bubbles and wrinkles with your fingers.  
  7. Now, paint the sides of the letter with Mod Podge.
  8. Work the fabric so it covers the sides.  You might need to make adjustments or extra clips as you go along.
  9. If you have a bare spot, don't worry!  Most places can be fixed easily with extra remnants of fabric.
  10. You'll want to make sure that the fabric lays down nicely.  Add more Mod Podge on top to create a shiny finish and to make sure it all lays down nicely.
  11. **If you did not cover the sides with fabric, wait until the Mod Podge dries and then use craft paint to cover the sides, careful not to paint the fabric.
  12. Let dry and hang!

Dallas Mavericks Fabric Covered Wooden LetterMy letter Z does have a few wrinkles, as you see.  I should have pulled it tighter at the top.  The good news is, this project is fairly inexpensive, so I can make another easily!

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