Easy Dot Art Shamrock Craft For Kids – St. Patrick’s Day


Easy Dot Art Shamrock Craft for Kids

Crafts are something that we all can agree on in this house.  The boys are excellent about coming up with their own crafts, but sometimes they need a little guidance to get started.  They love these Do A Dot Art! markers that Grammy gave to them and so I drew a shamrock (doesn't have to be perfect!) and let them dot around it.  The box says to only dot the markers, not drag them, so that adds another level of patience and skill to their crafting.  They seriously use these for everything.  We have made letters, their names, different drawings, and now these shamrock craft paintings.  They turned out really cute!

Materials needed:

Easy Dot Art Shamrock Craft


1.  Draw or print an outline of a shamrock.

2.  Have child dot the marker all around the outline, then fill in the inside with green.

3.  Create a rainbow pattern with remaining colors (red, orange, yellow, blue, purple) and create a rainbow "behind" the shamrock.  We made two lines of dots for each color, then repeated the colors until there was no more white space showing.  

4.  Let dry (it doesn't take long) and display for St. Patrick's Day!

Shamrock craft
Easy Dot Art Shamrock Craft for Kids

To extend your child's learning, here are some fun St. Patrick's Day books for kids!


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Simple Textured Paint Football Craft for Kids

Simple Textured Craft for Kids

We are gearing up for the youth group Super Bowl party at our house on Sunday.  The boys want to decorate and have made a few posters for the big event already, but we needed some more football decor.  The Captain created this adorable textured paint football craft for kids and it turned out great!

Materials Needed:


  1. Cut a football shape out of a plain piece of white paper.  (Can freehand or use a template.)
  2. Lay football cutout on a sheet of bubble wrap.Simple Textured Craft for Kids  
  3. Wrap more bubble wrap around the end of a glue bottle, then secure with a rubber band.  This will be your "brush."
  4. Use the bubble wrap covered bottle to dab into paint and onto the football.  This creates the texture effect.
  5. Once the football is covered in brown paint, let dry.
  6. When paint is completely dry, cut felt pieces for the lines and stitching on the football and glue on.
  7. Allow to dry overnight and hang for your Super Bowl party or wall art!

Simple Textured Craft for Kids

Simple Textured Craft for Kids

Looking for more fun Super Bowl activities for kids?  Print a copy of my free Super Bowl XLIX Word Search!



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Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George! Banana Valentine Craft for Kids

One of the boys' favorite book characters is Curious George.  How can you resist this lovable, mischievous little monkey?  One book we like to read this time of year is Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George!

banana valentineI love crafts that the boys can create on their own, and this is definitely one of them!  Enjoy making this valentine craft for kids as you prepare for the fun day!



  • Yellow felt
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Markers


  1. Print out or freehand a banana and peel on yellow construction paper.
  2. You or your child cut out the banana and peel. 
  3. You will then want to help your child carefully trace the shapes on to the yellow felt. The yellow felt will serve as a backing to the banana and will make the valentine more durable. The yellow felt will also work as the banana’s peel as you continue to assemble your valentine.
  4. Cut out the shapes on the yellow felt. For this job, you may want to take the reigns since felt can be a little tricky to cut. 
  5. Once you have everything cut, it is time to start the fun part – putting it all together!
  6. On a flat surface, glue the construction paper banana shape onto the felt version. Then, on top of the construction paper banana, glue the felt banana peel.
  7. Use glue to tack down the edges of the peel so it looks as if the banana has been peeled down. 
  8. Once everything is glued down, take either a thin tip marker or pen and write your chosen valentine's day message. 
  9. Finally, use a brown marker to draw a heart, or even a monkey if you’re feeling ambitious, in the space between  your valentines message and your child’s name.
  10. For an extra special valentine, attach the handmade banana to a copy of Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George! or any other Curious George favorites!

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday. There’s candy, candy, oh and more candy, but a homemade valentine craft makes it all so much more special for you and your little one!

Banana vday



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Crafts and Activities Inspired by Our Favorite Children’s Books

The boys love listening to a good book.  I love seeing their excitement for a character like Corduroy or Clifford come alive.  To extend their excitement and understanding, I search for a fun craft or activity based on the book we have read.  This makes it fun for the whole family and provides a genuine love of literature that I want my children to have.  I want to share a few activities that I have found that are based on children's books.  Pick one, a few, or all of these awesome crafts to do with your children and watch the excitement come to life!

children's books

The Lorax handprint craft

Harry Potter pretend magic potions craft 

Chicken Little craft

Rainbow Fish craft

make naturally colored Green Eggs and Ham

The Lorax tangerine snack

preschool book baskets 

Jack and the Beanstalk activity

Corduroy the Bear craft

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish activities

The Gingerbread Man activities

Llama Llama Red Pajama shape quilt craft

The Very Hungry Caterpillar craft (in Spanish, but self explanatory)

Joseph Had A Little Overcoat collage

upcycled comic book can

Follow my Pinterest board for all of these pins in one spot!

What is/was your favorite children's book?  Do you have a craft or activity to share?

Show Your Creativity with the Vecco DIY Rug Texas Pride Contest

This DIY rug post has been sponsored by Vecco.  All opinions are mine.

In our house, we have mostly hardwood floor – no carpet.  That is perfectly fine with me, as I believe hardwood floors are easier to take care of.  We do have an area rug in most rooms to help with the falls, noise level, and to create a place to play and read books!  When Hubby and I were searching for rugs for our house, we were very limited in what we had to choose from.  I wish that I had the option of using Vecco products and creating a rug that fit our personal taste and decor.  

Have you heard about Vecco or seen the ads?  The possibilities are truly endless!  First you select the stencils that you want to use, then the Carpet Colorants.  Then, you place the stencil on the rug and spray.  If you're not happy with what you've created, it can be vacuumed right up until you spray the Colorant Lock on your rug.  See, it's so easy to show your creativity with a DIY rug!

6.  Vecco - Image #3

If you're worried about the safety of Vecco products around littles or pets, know that I was, too.  But here is what I found on the Vecco website that made me breathe easier:

Vecco cans and caps are partially made from post-consumer recycled materials and components of these are recyclable after use.

Most of the ingredients in Vecco products are made from the earth. Vecco Colorants and Colorant Lock contain no CFCs, bleach, dyes, sulfur or harmful chemical propellants. Vecco is not irritating to skin or harmful to you, your children or your pets when used as directed.

All Vecco products are made in the USA.

One Rug At A Time Event #advertisement

If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area, you can show off your Texas pride for a good cause with Vecco DIY Rug Décor.  On Saturday, November 15th from 6 – 10 p.m. at Vecco's One Rug at a Time event, you can enter to win $2,500 and help a local non-profit organization win $5,000.  There will be live music, local area food trucks, and DIY fun for the whole family!  A special Texas rug mosaic will be on display to benefit Dwell with Dignity.  Each piece in the mosaic was created by a local Dallas artist and will be donated to a household in need.  The Texas Pride rugs made by the Dallas art community will also be on display.

Leading up to this fun event, four non-profit organizations – Dwell with Dignity, Dallas Area Fabric Artists, ArtLove Magic and Groundwork Dallas – are participating in a special rug-making competition using Vecco DIY Rug Décor.  These organizations have each designed a rug that illustrates what Texas Pride means to them.  The organization who receives the most votes will win a $5,000 donation from Vecco to help support their cause.  Cast your vote for your favorite rug from Monday, November 10, 2014 through Friday, November 14th here.

5.  Vecco - Image #2

Are you inspired to participate?  The DIY fun isn't just for the design pros.  Anyone can design and enter a rug in a special, second Texas Pride rug contest, just for individuals.  Vecco will have supplies available for anyone who wants to design a rug and enter.  Simply be one of the first 100 visitors at Vecco's One Rug at a Time event at Valley View Mall on Saturday, November 15th from 6 – 10 p.m.  Vecco designers will be on hand to provide instruction and tips to help bring your rug to life.

When your rug is ready, snap a photo and email it to onerug@veccostudio.com to submit your entry.  Vecco will post it on a special Texas Pride board on Pinterest.  Be sure and share the link with friends and family and ask them to 'like' your rug photo to cast their vote.  The rug that receives the most likes will win $2,500!  Voting begins December 8 and ends on December 17, 2014.  The winner will be notified by Vecco by email. 

To learn more about creating a Vecco DIY Rug, watch this helpful video:

Will you be attending the event?  Are you inspired to create a Vecco DIY Rug?


20 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

20 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

The boys and I love to celebrate each season with a fun craft.  I went in search of some great fall, but not Halloween, crafts and I came up with twenty great fall crafts for kids!  I think we will start with some leaf crafts, then apple, then pumpkin, and complete the rest later in the Fall season.  We are going to be prepared when Fall comes!  

(All pictures have been used with permission.  Contact individual blog owners for questions or permissions to share on your own blog.)

Have fun crafting!


fall frames


Fall Frames:  3 Ways – Homemade Ginger


Soda Bottle Pumpkins – Organized 31


Easy Fall Pumpkin Craft – Barefeet On The Dashboard

RecycledNewspaperPumpkin (2)photo (1)

RecycledNewspaperPumpkin (2)RecycledNewspaperPumpkin (1)

Recycled Newspaper Pumpkin Art – Laura Kelly's Inklings




Patchwork Pumpkins – The Nerd's Wife


Jeweled Acorn Caps – Julie Is Coco and Cocoa


Painting Pumpkins with Toddlers – Barefeet On The Dashboard



Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins – Saving Said Simply



Paper Plate Owl – Huppie Mama

RecycledNewspaperPumpkin (2) DIY bottle cap turkey napkin rings

DIY Bottle Cap Turkey Napkin Rings – The Country Chic Cottage


A is for Apple – We Know Stuff



Apple Magnet – About Family Crafts


Apple Stamp Banner – How To Have It All


Stained Glass Fall Leaf


Autumn Tree Paper Craft – Southern Girl Ramblings


Fingerprint Fall Tree – Just 2 Sisters


30 Days of Thankful Tree


Coffee Filter Leaves – Artsy Momma


Acorn Cap Wreath – How To Have It All


Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder – Just 2 Sisters

DIY Drinking Glass for Kids using Repurposed Glass Jars

We have been using glass cups, bowls, and plates for a few years now to limit our use of plastics in the home.  I try to get our dishes from thrift stores or clearance but things DO break with kids using them, so you really can never have enough!  Recently, my mother gave me quite a few of these cute little jars that she had saved for us, because they are the perfect size for little hands.  (They are great for portion control for juice and keeping spills small, too.)  I had seen a great idea to decorate coffee mugs with oil based paint markers and thought it would be fun for the boys to personalize their repurposed glass jars.  We dedicated about an hour to decorate our clean glasses and let them dry for about 24 hours.  I think they turned out super cute!  They've made it through one dishwashing without chipping, but really should be hand washed to avoid chipping.

DIY Drinking Glasses for Kids Using Repurposed Glass Jars

Supplies needed:

  • clean glass jars
  • oil based paint markers
  • clothes that can get messy (because as much as you tell a three year old "don't get it on your clothes…it's not going to work ;)
  • imagination!

DIY Drinking Glass for Kids using Repurposed Glass Jars

DIY Drinking Glass for Kids using Repurposed Glass Jars


  1. Follow directions on markers to get them ready for drawing.
  2. Draw, write, create with the markers on your glass jars.  I wouldn't recommend drawing inside of the glasses because I'm thinking that would leech chemicals into your beverages..which is the whole point of using glass jars anyway.  :)
  3. Let jars dry for about 24 hours.
  4. Place decorated jars into a cold oven.
  5. Turn on oven to 350º.
  6. Leave the glasses in the oven for about 30 minutes.  Warning: you will smell the paint "cooking," so definitely open up a few windows or do like we did and head outdoors during this time.
  7. After 30 minutes, turn off the oven but feel free to leave the glasses inside to cool….then they're ready!

This was so much fun for the boys and they just went to town, asking for more jars to decorate.  It all cost about $12, which was the price of the markers…the jars were F-R-E-E!  So now, all of my glass jars that I use for food storage are pretty and decorated! 

We also made a fun Father's Day gift for Daddy to drink his favorite juice:

DIY father's day Drinking Glass using Repurposed Glass Jars

(The jars I used were from this product, in case you wondered.)


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Start your Garden Indoors with DIY Seed Pots! Great Earth Day Craft, too!

This DIY seed pots post has been brought to you by Oriental Trading.  All opinions are mine.  This post contains affiliate links.

Earth Day is April 22nd and a great day to teach about recycling, gardening, and just being kind to the Earth we all live on.  Now is the time to start thinking about our Spring Garden, however, and I wanted to start some seeds indoors with the boys, so they will be ready to plant by Earth Day, or sooner.  


I received these seed pots from Oriental Trading and we were excited to decorate them.  I gave the boys some markers, eco-friendly glue, googly eyes, tissue paper, eggshells, and old cooked spaghetti noodles, just for fun.  I was curious as to what they would come up with.  (The googly eyes and other items that aren't biodegradable should be removed before planting.)


We had a blast decorating the biodegradable seed pots.   The Captain tried to make a pot that looked like Daddy.  We made a smiley face out of eggshells that we had put in the compost bucket.  We used the cooked spaghetti noodles to spell "BP" for bell pepper.  D made a four-eyed monster that he was quite proud of:



After we were done decorating, we filled the pots with potting soil and planted a few seeds in each.  We planted herbs, tomatoes, and bell peppers, then wrote on the back of the seed pots the name of the type of seed that was planted in them, so we wouldn't forget.IMG_0142

Our seed pots have sprouted and will be all ready to transfer to our garden when Spring comes!  The boys are excited and I am, too!  We love gardening!  Most of the googly eyes have fallen off with water, and watering does change the appearance of the pots over time.  

diy seed pots

These DIY Watch It Grow Medium Seed Pots can be purchased at Oriental Trading  for only $8.25 for 24.  They are made of biodegradable peat fiber, so you can plant them right into the garden without worrying about disrupting the roots.  As I noted before, however, you should remove all plastic decorations before planting them, although most fall off with watering.


Happy Spring and Happy Earth Day, too!


Stained Glass Fall Leaf Craft

fall craft

The boys love talking about the changing seasons and looking at all of the magnificent colors of the fall leaves.  We wanted to decorate the house a little with the beautiful colors of fall, so we made a stained glass fall leaf craft!  It was a bit more difficult than I had prepared for, but they were each able to participate and do what they could, with help.

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Okra Painting {Crafts for Kids}

crafts for kids

Our summer garden is coming to an end, but the okra is still holding on.  It has been so hot here, I just don't want to go pick the okra some days, so, when I finally make it out there, there are a few pieces that are overgrown and hard.  I had been throwing some into the composter, but the other day we tried okra painting.  The boys had a blast.  

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