Basic Essential Oils For Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

Basic Essential Oils For Your Natural Medcine Cabinet

basic essential oils

These statements about essential oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. These are simply things that have worked for the author friends.

I have been dabbling in essential oils for a while now, but it is always good to turn to someone who has done their homework and knows more than I do!  This post was guest penned by my friend, Amanda.  She blogs at Naturally Healthy Living and is a great resource for tips and advice about all things essential oils and natural living!  

basic essential oilsLemon. Peppermint. Basil. Orange. Cinnamon.

When we hear these words, our first thought usually is about the plant we associate with those herbs and foods. In the last year or two however, people are beginning to associate those terms with healthy living – specifically essential oils.

I see lots of posts on Facebook and Instagram about how essential oils have been such a blessing to many families, but I know there are still many people who haven't heard about them or tried them yet. I'm excited to introduce you to three of my favorites, and give you all a chance to win them, plus a couple of bonus goodies!

I began educating myself on the world of essential oils about 5 years ago, when my oldest daughter was just a baby and was needing extra immune and respiratory support. After getting samples from a friend, I was pleasantly surprised (being the skeptic that I am,) about how well they worked. Since then, I have been researching, studying, and sharing what I've learned with people all over the country. I am also pursuing a Master's Degree in nutrition, because I have loved being able to assist people as they make healthier choices and improve their overall wellness. Essential oils can play a part in all of that, so I chose to write about three basic oils that would be safe and versatile for anyone who is wanting to learn how to incorporate them into a natural lifestyle. 


Lavender is well known in the fragrance industry for being soothing and calming. Browse the bath products aisle at your local Target and you'll see lots of lavender-scented salts, soaps, candles, potpourri, etc. The difference between what you'll find there and the essential oil, is that many of those lavender-scented products are using synthetic fragrances that can actually be toxic!

Lavender essential oil, in its pure form, can provide many of those relaxing therapeutic benefits without synthetic additives. Plus, lavender can be used for a myriad of other things. It's known as the "Swiss Army Knife" of essential oils, and can be used to support the immune system, respiratory tract, emotional wellbeing, and more. It is very gentle and can be used on babies and the elderly and people with sensitive skin. It is wonderful in a bath to help relax and calm. I have used it in homemade baby wipes solution to promote healthy skin. 


Lemon oil is another versatile and beneficial essential oil to have at home. Many cleaners and detergents are lemon-scented, or may even use some lemon oil in the product, and for good reason; lemon is a wonderfully cleansing oil. It is fresh and uplifting for the emotions, and can even clean and purify the air as it provides the cheerful aroma to your home.

Coming from the rind of lemons, it's concentrated potency and flavor can be used for everything from homemade cleaners to lemon cheesecake bars. A couple drops of oil with a cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water make an excellent cleaning solution for spraying down toys and surfaces without using harsh chemicals. This oil also supports the immune system and respiratory system. This is my favorite oil to use when the mucus monster hits our house. Lemon oil has been shown to break down mucus, and it is gentle to be used for respiratory support for babies and children. 


Peppermint is also a basic and wonderful oil to incorporate into a natural lifestyle. It is so important to have on hand during the colder months, as it helps to open airways, energize the mind, and flavor chocolate desserts. Many times the winter weather can cause us to become lethargic and unmotivated, especially when we don't see the sun as much. Peppermint can add some energy and life into your routine, can help wake you up in the morning, and keep you going through that afternoon slump. Adding a drop to coffee is delicious, and I've used it to make butter mints, peppermint brownies, and in hot tea. 

Peppermint is wonderful to use to support the digestive tract, ease head and muscle tension, and for it's overall topical cooling effect. It smells wonderful when paired with lemon to add a fresh, cheerful aroma to your home. It also is great paired with lavender to help support healthy circulation to fatigued muscles and joints.


These three oils work synergistically to promote the benefits of each other, while also providing their own individual therapeutic effects. I want to bless a family with a set of these three oils, along with a mini tool set for you to use as you incorporate these into your home. I will be giving away one Introductory Kit containing 5ml bottles of lemon, lavender, and peppermint oil to one lucky person, along with a roller bottle and a car diffuser pad to use with your oils. 

basic essential oils

I have seen how helpful these have been for our family and I love that I can share about them with others. As I have pursued greater understanding about health and wellness, I have realized that real wellness is a combination of our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Essential oils can absolutely assist with our physical and mental wellbeing, but I truly believe real wellness comes through knowing Jesus Christ and trusting Him to make our souls well. That is my overarching desire and passion – to help people see Jesus and understand His love for them, and the gift He offers through the healing of our hearts and souls. If that is something you have not found yet, it would be my honor to share how He rescued me and changed my heart. If essential oils have piqued your interest, I would be happy to share what I've learned about them as well!

I'm thankful for this opportunity I've had to provide a little insight into the big world of essential oils, and you can follow me on Instagram or on Facebook at Naturally Healthy Living for more information, tips, and tricks about using oils and other various wellness topics. Be blessed!

basic essential oils

Easy DIY No Sew Paw Patrol Shirt with Free Template Printables

Easy DIY No Sew Paw Patrol Shirt with Free Template Printables

DIY Paw Patrol Shirt

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Baby Brother is CRAZY about Paw Patrol!  Every day he asks for his favorite show, to wear his favorite Paw Patrol shoes, and he loves to pretend to be the Paw Patrol.  I found some super cute fabric and wanted to turn it into a customized t-shirt for him.  But first, I needed a template because I am not too great at freehand.  

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Free Football Themed Planner for Kids – Student Planner and Reading Log Printables

The Captain is 7 now and it has become VERY obvious in recent years that he THRIVES when using a schedule.  I homeschooled for his kindergarten year, and the days that we got the most done were the days that I made a checklist and schedule for him.  He did his work, went down the list, and felt a sense of security, I think, from knowing what he needed to know and what was expected of him.  He is in public school this year, and really thriving because he has an organized teacher and usually he knows the schedule and what is expected of him.  Also, he loves football and is, of course, thrilled about the upcoming Superbowl, even though his team isn't going this year.  That's why I am so excited to share with you these football themed planner printables for kids!  

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The ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day Roundup!

The ULTIMATE Valentine's Day Roundup

Ultimate Valentine's Day Roundup

One of my favorite blogging communities has done what true communities do best….teamed up and formed the ULTIMATE Valentine's Day Roundup!  The Social Fabric community is full of fantastic bloggers with amazing DIYs, crafts, tutorials, recipes, printables, activities, and more.  This is the best of the best when it comes to Valentine's Day!  Take a look and you are sure to find something that you truly love!


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Make Sure That Your Kids Get Proper Nutrition and Vitamins…Without a Fight {Giveaway, Too!}

Make Sure That Your Kids Get Proper Nutrition and Vitamins…Without a Fight

Make Sure That Your Kids Get Proper Nutrition and Vitamins Without A Fight

This post was brought to you by alternaVites. All opinions are mine. Contains affiliate link

We all face different challenges with our kids, and if you have more than one child, you know that every child is different.  We did just about the same thing in regards to feeding the boys with our older two, and somehow, D is the better eater.  He will try almost anything once, loves broccoli, milk, salmon, and kefir, and I feel like he is getting the nutrition and vitamins that his body needs to grow healthy and strong.  The Captain, on the other hand, is not likely to try new things, turns up his nose at food often, and would live off of bread and sweets if we let him.  I do not want to label him as "picky," but he is definitely a food snubber.

What happened and why are they so different?  I am not sure, so I cannot tell you, in all honesty!  We served them both pureed baby foods, both were breastfed and formula fed, both had a sensitivity to milk that they have seemed to grow out of, and they turned out completely different.  (While the verdict is still out with Baby Brother, I tried a different approach with him, baby-led weaning, to try to avoid the food snubbing as his oldest brother does.  I'll fill you in when he's 5.  ha!)

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Vanilla Valentine Popcorn … with a Spicy Kick!

Vanilla Valentine Popcorn with a Spicy Kick!

Vanilla Valentine Popcorn

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I was playing around with some different things in the kitchen, and made a delicious treat with a bag of microwave popcorn and a few other ingredients.  This vanilla Valentine popcorn would be a great teacher or neighbor gift, class party snack, or a special afternoon snack for your family on Valentine's Day..or any day of the year!  The color can be changed with each batch you make!

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Book and Journal Keeper – Keep Books Safe and Little Brothers Out! “The Plans I Have For You”

Book and Journal Keeper

Book and Journal Keeper

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post. Contains affiliate links

The Captain is 7 and loves to read.  He has really loved discovering the world of chapter books this year!  Often times we find him after we thought he was asleep, reading his Star Wars book, the Bible, or a book about animals or the solar system.  Reading is such a gift and I am glad that he has found this love and is confident as a reader.

One problem that we have run into, however, is that he has two little brothers that love books, as well, but in different ways!  While D is gentle with books and loves sounding out words, Baby Brother is two and very destructive!  He loves to look at books, yes, but he also loves to throw them, drop them, and he is learning that we do not rip pages or color in books that are not coloring books.  That's a tricky thing for a toddler to learn, isn't it?
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Celebrate the Lunar New Year in a Special Way at Best Buy!

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Every event is a call for a celebration, and the Lunar New Year is no different.  The Lunar New Year not only celebrates the beginning of the year, but also the ending of winter and the highly anticipated arrival of SPRING!  I know I am ready for Spring and I'm sure you are, too.  

The Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays celebrated in Asian countries, and worldwide.  Best Buy wants to celebrate with employees, customers, and communities by offering a very special gift card and egift card design.  What a way to bring good luck to someone you know!

Lunar New Year egift card

The Lunar New Year, which is based on the phases of the moon, falls on February 8th, 2016 of our Gregorian calendar.  Best Buy is helping celebrate the event with an Asian-inspired gift card and eGift card, available for purchase or gifting from through February 13th, 2016.  

Surprise someone you know who celebrates the Lunar New Year with this festive gift card!

Best Buy Lunar New Year egift card

Do You Buy Clothes For Toddlers When They Have Older Siblings?

This clothes for toddlers post was brought to you by Healthtex as part of a campaign for The Motherhood.

Do You Buy Clothes For Toddlers When They Have Older Siblings?

Clothes for Toddlers

If there is one thing that we have been blessed with, it is clothes.  People love to buy clothes for babies and if you are lucky, a family with an older child will give you some awesome hand-me-downs.  With three boys all born in the fall, I thought we were set with clothes forever.  Baby Brother is #3, and I have been finding that clothes are definitely worn out, well loved, and stained, despite my efforts to take care of them, after two rambunctious toddlers.  He is also a little bigger than the other two were, so he is needing certain sizes at different times of the year than the other two did.  I looked through his winter clothes recently and found that he really needed more long sleeved shirts!  I was honestly in shock that there was not much available.

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Valentine’s Day Verse on Burlap – An Easy DIY Craft for the Non-Crafter!

Valentine's Day Verse on Burlap

Valentine's Day Verse on Burlap

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I love making small crafts with the boys, but I definitely stick with crafts for kids and easy crafts.  I went out on a limb and made this cute Valentine's Day verse on burlap and while it could be jazzed up a lot, it was pretty simple and even the non-crafter could tackle this one!

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