We Do Love Natural Green Eggs and Ham! {without food coloring}

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This natural Green Eggs and Ham post was brought to you by Petit Jean Meats and Great Day Farms.  All opinions are mine.

Dr. Seuss, famous author of the lovable, rhyming books for children, is having a birthday on March 2nd.  What better way to celebrate than with a dish of Green Eggs and Ham?  The boys love this funny book about something we know all too well around here….thinking you won't like a food without even trying it.  

In my quest to make green eggs and ham without food coloring, I tried many things.  Some websites I found suggested that in order to make green food coloring the natural way, simply boil or steam green foods and use the water for food coloring.  WELL, since egg yolks are yellow, just using a green water substance wasn't really going to work.  But, since blue and yellow make green, that's where I started.  First, I used a purple carrot from our garden, peeled it and boiled the peeling for about 30 minutes, until only a little bit of liquid remained.

natural green eggs

I mixed the blue/purple liquid with one egg and then made scrambled eggs as I normaly would.  This was the end result:

natural green eggs

I thought the eggs looked a little….less than appetizing….but D was SO excited to try them!  He thought they tasted delicious, in fact!natural green eggs

They definitely didn't look as green as I wanted, so I tried something else.  For extra green eggs, I would use this recipe.  First, I boiled two kale leaves (you could also use spinach,) then put them in the blender, along with one egg.  After that, I cut my Petit Jean ham into bite sized pieces and scrambled them all in a pan over medium heat.  They turned out super green and the kale made them super healthier!  However, D wouldn't touch those green eggs and ham…go figure.  He is my green broccoli loving child, but I suppose those green eggs were a bit too green for him.  

natural green eggs

So, there you have it…our experiment with making green eggs and ham, the natural way!  It's fun to try new things, figure out what will work and what won't, celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday, AND eat yummy food, so if you have preschoolers or older children, this would be a fun activity, start to finish.

natural green eggs

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Celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2nd with Green Eggs and Ham and other favorites!  Check out this cute idea from My Crazings Savings:  Oh The Places You’ll Go!

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Gena is the mom of three boys, ages 7, 5, and 2. She is the wife of a great man, a Christian, blogger, and former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom. They live in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Texas area.


  1. Really great ideas!! I made green eggs one time with food coloring… off-putting to me too but my daughter thought they were awesome.  Loving the natural alternative!

  2. I do not like green eggs and ham. Seriously. I just can't eat green eggs, but this is such a cute idea and healthy!

  3. Too bad my son is allergic to eggs, otherwise we'd try this. But your advice is great for families who want to honor Dr. Seuss!

  4. What a great idea, beets are awesome! Great book! 

  5. It has been ages since I thought of Green Eggs and Ham….sounds like you had fun trying to make them even if he wouldn't eat them.

  6. This was my favorite book growing up… I could "read" it to my parents because I had the whole thing memorized.

    I would have been thrilled to have my mom do this for me!

  7. Thanks for the great tips!  I am having a Dr. Seuss birthday party for my daughter this year, so I'll have to try this. 

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