My Favorite Childhood Foods

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This morning I read a post at Tales From The Nursery – Foods Of My Childhood.  It's surprising how giddy I became.  Maybe that means I enjoy food too much, or that I enjoyed it too much as a child….or possibly both.  Either way, it was a nice walk down memory lane thinking about my favorite childhood foods.

When I think about my childhood, I remember a few distinct foods:

  • Cheerios with milk and strawberries or bananas
  • Bananas with peanut butter and crushed graham crackers on top
  • Lucky Charms (I never could figure out why I was hungry about an hour after eating these….now I know…they're just pure sugar!!  haha!)
  • CInnamon toast…my mom made the best!

​cinnamon toast

(photo courtesy of MorgueFile)

  • Fried okra and squash
  • Bologna Cups (bologna, full fat,warmed in the microwave until it sort of curled up and was super crispy on the edges and oh so delicious!  Not sure if I could stomach it now, but it sure was good back then!  That's the only way I would eat bologna!)
  • Milkshakes.  Either chocolate or Oreo cookie milkshakes.  My middle bro and I would eat these while watching "Duck Tales" after school.  Not healthy AT all, but still…YUM.
  • Lima beans.  Really.  I went through a phase in high school where I would come home and eat lima beans.  Not to be healthy, because I added bacon drippings to them.  They were just so good!

So, there you have it.  My favorite childhood foods.  There are a ton more like Pizza Inn pizza, hamburgers cooked by my dad on the grill, my mom's lasagna and chicken strips, but these were the more unusual ones that stood out.

I'm not sure what my boys will say when they're older.  They both eat a lot of fruit.  D loves nuts, too.  The Captain really loves sandwiches and of course, sweets….

What was your favorite childhood food?

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Gena is the mom of three boys, ages 7, 5, and 2. She is the wife of a great man, a Christian, blogger, and former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom. They live in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Texas area.


  1. Yum cinnamon toast, one of my favorites on a cold winter evening just before bed. I always liked reeses milk shakes.

  2. I'm going to second you on cinnamon toast! I have a salt and pepper shaker with a cinnamon sugar mixture so I can just whip some up in a pinch!

  3. -eggo waffles

    -eggs over easy-in toast (must be cooked that way, runny)

    -cream of wheat with a cooled-hardened surface 

    -ninja turtle ooze fried pies

    -rectangle lunch room pizza on Fridays

    -lunchroom chicken fried steak on Tuesdays with the icecream scoop of mashed ppotatoes 

  4. Yum, those all sound delicious! I'm going to try that banana one with my girls.

  5. Homemade macaroni & cheese will always be one of my favorites.

  6. What a fun post!  I definitely have a few and when they come back, they come flooding back!

    One of my faves was PB&J with Spaghettio's – yep, good 'ole Spaghettio's, but it was SO delicious!

  7. Love cinnamon toast! I used to eat butter on saltines. Not the healthiest snack, but I always ate them at my great grandmother's house. Her house was on the way home when I walked from the bus stop. Saltines with butter will always remind me of her!

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