Happy Birthday to Life With Captain Fussybuckets!

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I began writing this blog two years ago, this Friday.  Happy birthday, Life With Captain Fussybuckets!  It was a simple blog back then, and it has grown into something a little bit bigger.  I want to THANK YOU for reading this and any other post I've written.  Readers are really what makes this blog work.  So thank you for your time.  

I'd like to hear from you.  How long have you been reading?  What are your favorite parts of this blog?  What are your least favorite parts?

AND….if you're an email subscriber, it's time for a super special giveaway only for you.  If you're reading this in your email, hit "reply" and tell me anything….and you'll be entered to win a $5 Amazon code.  I'll use random.org on Friday to choose a winner!  Good luck!

Seyma S. is the lucky winner!

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Gena is the mom of three boys, ages 5, 3, and brand new! She is the wife of a great man, a Christian, blogger, and former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom. They live in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Texas area.

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