Cooking with Coconut Flour?

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I recently purchased some coconut flour for cooking.  I thought it would be a good alternative to wheat flour and then I began reading up on all of the benefits of coconut flour.  First of all, it’s gluten free, so if you’re allergic to gluten, it’s good that there is yet another alternative to wheat flour.  It’s also high in fiber and protein and can be used in muffins or quick breads to substitute for wheat flour OR you can substitute 10-30% of the grain-based flour in other standard wheat-based recipes to add extra fiber.  And, since organic coconut flour contains natural sugar from the coconut, baked goods need less sugar and also have a mildly sweet coconut taste.  Tropical Traditions’ organic coconut flour is great for mixing in shakes and smoothies for an extra boost of protein.

gluten free

Coconut Flour Banana Muffins

Right now through January 10th, Tropical Traditions coconut flour is 30% off.  Check out the website to purchase organic coconut flour and get some great recipes, too!

And to make things sweeter, Tropical Traditions is offering FREE Shipping through January 7th.  A minimum order of $16 is required.  Check out the Tropical Traditions website for information and restrictions.

Have you used coconut flour?  I’d love to hear your opinion if you have!

If you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.

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  1. molli vandehey says:

    actually, you can sub ALL the coconut flour in baking BUT you need to add 6 eggs per 1/2 cup. we make the BEST chocolate cake but it takes 20 eggs!!! but you absolutely cannot even tell it is gluten free, let alone coconut! and i find TT flour to be the BEST

    • That’s awesome and thanks for sharing! I just tried to make a microwave cookie and uh….it didn’t work AT all. It’s good to know the key is the EGGS! Thanks!!

  2. My favorite use for coconut flour is pancakes! The recipe also uses Coconut Milk.

  3. I've been trying to follow a mostly paleo diet, so I was using alot of almond flour.  Then we found out our youngest has a nut allergy.  I've been trying coconut flour recipes.  The best ones I've tried are at a blog called Comfy Belly.  You can search by ingredient, so just click on coconut flour and all of those recipes will come up.  The chocolate donuts/cupcakes are a favorite around here!  Also, if you don't have a nut allergy, her banana bread that uses coconut and almond flours if really good.  I stir in a handful of chocolate chips and my kids think its dessert. 🙂

  4. I have never used coconut flour but have been trying healthier alternatives in baking.I think I will try this the next time I make banana muffins and see how it turns out.

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