NeoCell Three Step Program

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Kayla Harrison, who is competing in the 2012 Olympics in Judo, takes NeoCell products to perform her best and remain pain free:

NeoCell Olympiad

I was able to review the NeoCell Three Step Program.  It includes the Collagen+C for strengthening the skin, preventing wrinkles, thickening of fine hair, slowing hair loss, and stregthening brittle nails.  Secondly, the program includes Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry liquid, which has proven to be one of the world's best moisturizers.  It assists with tissue hydration, water transport in the body, and a great source of anti-oxidants.  It nourishes skin and helps reverse wrinkles and even scars!  The last product in the three step program is Pomegranate from the seed capsules.  Pomegranate is also high in anti-oxidants and improves cardio health and has anti-aging properties, too!

Collage+C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Pomegranate from the seed

I have been taking NeoCell's three step program and have noticed a change in my skin and nails, for sure.  My skin is softer and my nails are growing faster and stronger.  I can't wait to take these products for a longer time to get a bigger impact!

I was also sent the NeoCell Beauty Mist to try:

refreshing beauty mist

The Refreshing Herbal Mist is a great way to cool off in the summertime!  It's an on-the-go moisture complex that leaves a layer of moisturizing collagen, essential vitamins, balancing herbs, free radical scavengers, and soothing aloe vera to keep skin moist and looking healthy!  Make sure to check out NeoCell's refreshing mists, too!  (The mist is not included in the winning prize package.)

Follow NeoCell on Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned to the NeoCell website for it's new launching, coming soon!  Until then, you can purchase NeoCell products at iHerb and Amazon!

To enter to WIN this fabulous prize package from NeoCell, just enter in the Rafflecopter form below!  Good luck!


Giveaway has ended and Kathy M. is the lucky winner!

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  1. I think that it is just great that you have these givaways……..Thanks, keep themcoming

  2. Alexandra Roach says:

    This could do wonders for the body! Thanks for posting this!

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