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My name is Gena, pronounced "GEE-nuh."  You know, like Geena Davis, only without the other "e."  It's funny because some very sweet people that have known me since birth still call me "Jenna."  I guess it's confusing because the typical spelling is "Gina," even though if you're going to phonetically spell it….well….you know my spelling is right…right?  haha!  Well, unless you argue that it should be pronounced "Jena," but anyway…

So, I have been called many variations of my name, and I just smile and nod.  And now, it's more confusing than ever, since I attend a church of about 150 people, alongside Gina (pronounced the same way,) Gena (pronounced "Jenna,"), and Jeanne.  But yet, people still call me the correct name, well, most of the time at least.  I honestly wouldn't care if they called me something else, as I am used to it.  It's just funny that people who were the first to learn my name still don't have it right!  haha!  Oh well, it doesn't bother me, and hey, at least they don't call me "Hey You," or "Gwendolyn," or a bad name or something….  ha!

Do people have a hard time pronouncing your name?

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Gena is the mom of three boys, ages 7, 5, and 2. She is the wife of a great man, a Christian, blogger, and former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom. They live in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Texas area.


  1. Christine Roeske says:

    Hunh, never would have thought of another way to pronounce Gena, lol. People, all my life, have thought my name is "Christina". Yup, Christina.

  2. Kasee Johnson says:

    Almost nobody gets my name right: Kasee (Casey). And while my family knows how to say my name, even my grandma spells it wrong!! I used to write my name on nametags as K.C., which happens to be my first two initials (yes, my mom is clever like that), but I gave up a long time ago. I answer to KC, Cassie, and even Kelly – because that's my sister's name (hers is spelled Kelee) and we used to get mixed up all the time. Because my name is so different, I chose to give my firstborn a very common, but meaningful name — Matthew. But his last name is my maiden name – Jones. There are TONS of Matthew Joneses. So I went a little more creative when naming my daughter – Charlee – but people ask if it's short for Charlotte or think it's pronounced shar-lee. *rolling my eyes*  My two youngest boys are Wyatt and Reed, and while Reed is not misprounounced, I was shocked to learn how many people cannot pronounce Wyatt because of the W sound next to the Y sound. Spanish speakers have the hardest time with his name, and living in Southern California, we are submersed in the Spanish language. Oh, well. We can't please everybody. And I love my kids' names, as well as my own.
    I wouldn't have even considered that your name would be misprounounced. That's almost obsurd!

  3. Ugh. I hate that! My name is Leila. I pronounce it LEE-la (like Sheila). I know another gal who spells it the same way, but pronounes it Leah. I also have heard people pronounce it as Layla. So annoying! 🙂

  4. My daughter's name is Eliza  (Eee–Lie–Zuh)  but lots of people pronounce it "Ee-lih-zuh"  or "Ee–lie–juh".   And many people have told me they have never heard the name "Eliza."  What????  It's an old name!

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