Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler {sponsor spotlight – Earth Day Birth Day Giveaway Hop}

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Rubbermaid has come up with another great product!  The Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler helps separate the recyclables from your regular trash in a leak-proof, machine washable, recylable bag that can be "hidden" behind a cabinet door.  The bag is removable and has a handle so you can quickly transport the recyclable materials to your recycling bin:

Hidden Recycler is easy to empty

The Hidden Recyler is very easy to install.  We installed it in a snap under our sink:

I think it's important that we do all that we can to help the Earth, and the Hidden Recycler makes it easy to get the recyclables off of your counter and where they belong.  The 5 gallon bag can hold up to 36 12 oz cans and a milk jug can easily fit in, along with other things you collect every day that need to be recycled.

The Hidden Recycler can be purchased at the Rubbermaid website and Meijer at about $17.59.

Rubbermaid has generously agreed to be our sponsor for the Earth Day Birthday Giveaway Hop, beginning April 21st!  Come back and enter to win your very own Hidden Recycler!  To get ready for the giveaway, like Rubbermaid on Facebook and follow Rubbermaid on Twitter!

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