LARK – a great gift for Mom! {review}

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If you are a Mom, know a Mom, or have a Mom, you know that Moms sometimes don't get a lot of quality sleep.  Coffee is our friend and anything that helps to not disrupt our sleep or can help us get better sleep is a winner in my book.  

Meet LARK.  Developed by lovers of sleep and sleep experts, LARK is a wristband that you wear to bed.  You simply set the alarm on the LARK app (compatible with iPhone 4S, 4, and 3GS, the iPod touch and iPad devices) and LARK monitors your sleep, gently wakes you in the morning (without waking your sleeping hubby or kids that happen to be in your bed) and then gives you a full report of how you slept.  This report includes how  many times you woke up, how long it took you to fall asleep, and the quality of the sleep you received.  You can also upgrade the LARK app to LARK pro and get a personal sleep coach, to let you know what you need to do to get better and more sleep!

Here is the LARK setup.  This is the charging dock, that charges your LARK in the front and you can attach a USB cord in the back to charge your iPod/Phone/Pad while you sleep!

LARK charging:

The LARK wristband:

Here are some screen shots that I took from my sleep assessment from LARK.  One morning I forgot to turn off the LARK alarm, so the night I slept "very well" actually stunk because I know for a fact that I did NOT wake up at 8:25 AM!  ha!  If there is one not so great thing about LARK, it's that you have to set an alarm to get your sleep stats.  I know, I know, the main purpose IS a silent alarm, but I haven't had to set an alarm since November 2008 when Captain Fussybuckets was born, so that took some getting used to!

*sigh*  This was a bad sleep week!

I was very pleased with my experience with LARK.  I really want to try it out on my whole family…..but, we'll see how that goes.  haha!

LARK retails for $99, the LARK up app is free.  With the LARK, you get a free seven day assessment of your sleeping habits.  If you want to upgrade to LARK pro and get your own sleep coach for an entire year, you can for $60.  The sleep coach will give you tips on how to improve your sleep, areas to work on, and summarize your sleeping patterns for you!

LARK has graciously agreed to be our sponsor for the Magical Mother's Day Giveaway Hop, so come back on May 7th to enter to win your very own LARK!  While you wait, you can follow LARK on Twitter, like LARK on Facebook, and read more about their awesome product or buy your own on the LARK website!

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Gena is the mom of three boys, ages 7, 5, and 2. She is the wife of a great man, a Christian, blogger, and former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom. They live in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Texas area.


  1. I am assuming you need the app in order to get the stats, but can you get the app online? I would love to try this out, but do not have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch šŸ™

    • yes, I believe you have to use it with iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone.  šŸ™  It works with Bluetooth from your device so it won't work without it.

  2. Wow, technology is crazy..maybe I missed the point, but how does this help you sleep? What do you do with the info you get, just wondering how it all works!

    • Well, the sleep assessment and sleep coach will give you areas that you need to work on to help you sleep better, as well as give you tips on how to do so.  Say you're struggling in an area that you didn't even know, it will help you figure out what's going on.

  3. Sometimes, I get amazed with how technology works! great post!

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