Rockin’ 30th Birthday Bash Giveaway Hop (US)

I'm co-hosting the Rockin' 30th Birthday Bash with three other awesome blogs-  365 Changes of Me (the blog owner, Erin, is turning 30 this month!), Going Crazy, Wanna Go?!?, and Mom With a dot com. To celebrate MY 30th birthday coming up in June, and also my one year blog birthday/blogoversary, I have brought back three AWESOME sponsors from this blog's beginnings!  One winner will take all!

Are you ready for the prize package?

12 pounds [...]

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Bringing the farm to our table with Tropicana Pure Premium OJ

Our family loves eating and drinking the freshest possible foods and drinks.  We are starting a small vegetable garden out in the backyard.  Watching our garden grow from tiny seeds to yummy veggies is so rewarding, and such a valuable lesson for the boys.

We also enjoy participating in the local fruit and vegetable co-op to avoid canned and frozen fruits and vegetables.  The Captain loves to come with me to pick up our box of pre-selected organic goodies each week.  The [...]

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Mama Runs With Scissors {sponsor spotlight – Rockin’ 30th Birthday Bash}

When my blog was only two months old, I contacted Jen from Mama Runs With Scissors and asked her if we could host a review and a giveaway on the blog.  She agreed and we were sent the most adorable argyle Kool Kid Legs!  Check out my Kool Kid Legs review from June!

The boys are still rockin' these Legs and [...]

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BabyMoon {sponsor spotlight – Rockin’ 30th Birthday Bash}

Last summer, we were able to review an awesome product called BabyMoon.  Check out the BabyMoon review!  This was one of our first products to review and we used it a lot, back when Baby D was younger.  It is such a great product and I'm thrilled to be working with BabyMoon again for my 1st blog birthday/blogoversary/Rockin' 30th Birthday Bash!  

The BabyMoon pillow is a great head support for babies, whether they're lying on the floor or sitting up in a carseat or stroller.  The BabyMoon pillow is a [...]

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OxiClean {sponsor spotlight – Rockin’ 30th Birthday Bash}

Back when this blog was brand new, I wrote to OxiClean and asked if I could post a review and giveaway of their products on the blog.  I love OxiClean and have found it to get out every imaginable stain my kids have gotten on their clothes.  When they said yes, I was thrilled!  This was one of my first giveaways and I had so much fun with it!  Here is the original OxiClean post!

OxiClean is still in demand in my laundry room for the toughest of stains.  And I'm [...]

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Food Dyes and Behavior

I've always hated red food dye because of the moustache it leaves on your upper lip when you drink stuff that has red food dye in it.  When we were working at the children's home, there were a few kids who always had a red moustache and I'm sure it was embarassing!  The other day, the Captain was eating a "good for you" popsicle made with real fruit but alas, there was the red food dye so it made a HUGE mess.  I got to thinking….who really cares if the popsicle is not "pretty"?  The company [...]

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Hazelaid was founded in 2008 when the founders' 3 month old had severe eczema.  In desperation, they tried a hazelwood necklace and after two weeks, her eczema had cleared up.  Hazelwood has been known to heal many things, such as heartburn, teething, acid reflux, and headaches.  The people at Hazelaid tell me that 70% of eczema cases are helped with hazelwood.  That leaves 30% that the eczema is not acid based and thus, the hazelwood doesn't help them.


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Wordless Wednesday: First Haircut

Baby D was born with a full head of hair, but then a lot fell out, so he hasn't gotten a haircut…until now! Okay, it was a five minute trim to cut off his "wings," because this mommy didn't want to give him a "big boy haircut" just yet!

not loving the haircut

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Texas Bluebonnets

I love when the bluebonnets bloom.  It's one of the most beautiful sights…to drive and see the bluebonnets covering the sides of the roads!  We missed the bluebonnets last year, so this is Baby D's first time.  He wasn't too impressed.  The sun was hot, the flowers tickled his feet, he didn't want to sit in the Bumbo…who knows.  But, we did manage to get a few cute shots.

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Silk Fruit & Protein {review & giveaway}

We were able to review the new Silk Fruit & Protein drinks.  These drinks are a great addition to any diet, because they combine the goodness of juice with calcium, vitamin D, and other vitamins and minerals.  Silk Fruit & Protein comes in three delicious flavors:  Mango Peach, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry Banana.

Our favorite was definitely the strawberry banana, although they all taste good!  We aren't used to straight juice and this really tastes strong like juice, [...]

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