Get your kids to eat fruits & veggies with the Copy-Kids DVD!

Captain Fussybuckets loves most fruits.  He never was a veggie fan, even back in the baby food days.  Now that he's three, things have not changed.  We try and we're lucky if he takes one bite of any kind of vegetable.  He DOES like salad, but that's only because there's Ranch on it.  😉

When I heard about the Copy-Kids DVD, I was really eager to try it with him!  He was so excited to get it and he asks to watch it.  The idea behind Copy-Kids is that kids will do what they see other kids doing.  The Copy-Kids DVD is video of kids eating different fruits and vegetables.  There's not much talking, just a lot of eating.  The kids are eating and enjoying their fruits and vegetables!  The kids are adorable and honestly, there's nothing like watching a toddler take a bite out of a bell pepper!

So how did Captain Fussybuckets react?  We went through all of the fruits and vegetables (each one has it's own segment) and if we had that fruit in the house, he wanted to eat it right along with the other kids.  If we didn't have it, he said he wanted us to get some at the store.  Great!  The vegetables?  Here's what he said: "next time you cook [carrots,] Mommy, I'm going to eat them!"  Well, then he went to the fridge and got out the baby carrots and we ate some together!  He wasn't too thrilled with the taste, but he took a few bites and was very proud of himself!  He even said "feel my muscles!" after he ate it!

It's weird how this works…but it really does!  If kids see other kids enjoying fruits and vegetables, they'll be more apt to try them!

And the best part, or the best part to me, at least, was that when Baby D saw the kids on the screen eating his favorite fruit, banana, he pointed to where the bananas are on the cabinet and said "nanana."  awwww!

Do you want to order your own copy of Copy-Kids for a picky eater you know?  You can order them at the Copy-Kids website!

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Disney’s “The Secret World of Arrietty”

The newest Disney movie will be coming out on February 17th!  "The Secret World of Arrietty" is a movie based on the book – "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton.  Arrietty (voice of Bridgit Mendler) is a tiny 14 year old who lives with her parents (voices of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler) in the recesses of a suburban garden home, unbeknownst to the homeowner and her housekeeper (voice of Carol Burnett). Like all little people, Arrietty (AIR-ee-ett-ee) remains hidden from view, except during occasional ventures beyond the floorboards to “borrow” scrap supplies like sugar cubes from her human hosts.  But when 12-year-old Shawn (voice of David Henrie), a human boy who comes to stay in the home, discovers his mysterious housemate one evening, a secret friendship blossoms.  If discovered, their relationship could drive Arrietty’s family from the home and straight into danger.  The English language version of “The Secret World of Arrietty” was executive produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, and directed by Gary Rydstrom.

Check out "The Secret World of Arrietty" preview!

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Welcome to my new little home!

Well, it all happened more quickly than I anticipated, thanks to the awesome Krystal!  Life With Captain Fussybuckets is now a WordPress blog! I am learning the ins and outs of WP but I do love it!  If you look around, you'll notice that some things are a bit "off" and I'm working hard to fix them all.  If you click on a link within a post, it will probably take you nowhere, but I'm working on that, too!  This is a great change for the blog and I'm excited to have you here!  Get ready for some new stuff and some giveaways coming soon!

If this page is down…

If this page is down over the next few days, it means that we are feverishly working to move the blog over to a self hosted domain on WordPress.  (Well, not me, exactly, but  my friend Krystal, who designed the blog.)  If you are an avid blog reader, you know that many bloggers do this to protect their blogs and add a bit more variety!  So if I'm quiet for a few days, just bear with me, it's just a blog growth spurt!  🙂  I'll be back!
Thanks for being a fan…I shall return!

Birthday Chronicle Review

I have been looking for a great way to remember what was going on around the time that the boys' were born. Sure, there's always information on the internet, but what if you had something that compiled everything important from the day that you or your child was born?  
Casie, a work at home mom of six, and a blogger, has come up with the Birthday Chronicle, that outlines all of the major stories from any birthday until December 2010!  This is a fabulous way to remember and celebrate the day.  It makes a great gift, too!
Check out The Birthday Chronicle and other personalized products! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Never cheap out on furniture!

A few years ago, we had been married for two years and were still sitting on hand me down furniture.  We both had a job and were expecting our first baby.  We also had a house dog, who loved to curl up on the couch and bring dust and pollen inside, so we wanted new couches that were allergy friendly and were also easy to clean up.  We searched a few places, but really couldn't spend a ton of money on new couches.  A few friends of ours had good experiences at Big Lots.  I know, we thought exactly what you are probably thinking…Big Lots???  for furniture???  But they really do have some nice pieces.  So we checked into it and found that they had some nice couches made by Ashley furniture company.  They were pretty, made of "pleather," comfy, and just what we were looking for.  So we bought them for about $2,000 and went on our way.  Hubby really liked them because each had two recliners built IN them, and with our small house at the time, we didn't have room for an extra recliners, so this was perfect.
For a couple of years, our couches were awesome.  We were really happy with our purchase.  But then….this started happening:
and then this:
We had no clue what was going on.  The worst place was where no one EVER sat.  There was no valid reason that we could think of WHY this was happening to our couches when we had them for only a few years!  And now, our pathetic couches look like this:
It is quite embarrassing, but we can't exactly sell them and we don't want to buy a cheap something else, only for it to fall apart in a couple of years.  We called both Big Lots and Ashley furniture and neither company were able to help us at all…not even with advice as to why this happened or what we could do about it!  Big Lots said that the furniture had a one year warranty and since it had been more than a year, there was nothing they could do.
So here we are, with embarrassing, ugly couches, saving up some money for when we can buy REAL leather couches that won't peel off!  This just makes me so mad because many people can't afford the really nice stuff, so they settle and it only lasts a few years.  Ugh!

Wordless Wednesday: Grandparents are the Greatest!



Peanut Butter Bars Recipe

Today (January 24th) is National Peanut Butter Day!  (yeah, I had no idea either, until I read it on Facebook and went to verify it!)  So, to celebrate, Captain Fussybuckets and I made Peanut Butter Bars!
My mom used to make these scrumptious things called Peanut Butter Balls and if you'd like to make them into a ball, go right ahead!  They're more grabbable that way, but well, sometimes I tend to be lazy in the kitchen, so bars it is!  🙂  
Peanut Butter Balls/Bars
First, heat up these ingredients in a sauce pan on medium heat, while stirring:
1 cup peanut butter (any kind you like, creamy, crunchy, etc – we use Natural Creamy with only salt and peanuts)
1 cup corn syrup (we use high fructose corn syrup free)
1 cup sugar
Wait until it starts to boil, remove from heat and add in:
6 cups of cereal
(the best kind to use organic Peanut Butter cereal, but you can also use O's, puffs, whatever you have on hand!)
When it's all stirred up and the cereal is coated with the peanut butter mixture, you can either drop by spoonful onto a sheet of wax paper OR spread in a pan and cut them into servings later.
Random peanut butter fact:  Did you know that peanut butter companies add sugar and oil to peanuts to make their peanut butter?  Um, yeah, all that you NEED in your peanut butter is peanuts!  We use Smucker's All Natural peanut butter because the only ingredient in it are peanuts and salt!  Yum!  Yes, it isn't super creamy, but it's NOT crunchy or pasty at all…and it is delicious!

Our New Favorite App … and it’s FREE!

My hubby loves music.  He loves making weird sounds with his voice and Captain Fussybuckets loves it, as well.  So, the new hot app in our house?  VidRhythm.  You first choose the song you want to recreate, and then a theme.  After that, you are prompted to record a few sound bytes and when you're done, and it creates a video for you!  Captain Fussybuckets loves this app because he can do it by himself.  While it was probably not made with 3 year olds in mind, he loves this thing!  Watch this sweet video he made with Daddy's help! 
I just checked the App Store, and VidRhythm is still free!  So download it now and start making some music videos!

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