Fun With GF /LG Food! cookbook by Debbie Johnson

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I was able to review "Fun With GF/LG Food!" by Debbie Johnson.  She is the pro of GF/LG because she lives it herself.  She says in the first few pages of the book:  "Doctors are finally realizing that about 60% of the population has some degree of Celiac disease or gluten intolerance."  She also goes on to talk about the rising instances of Diabetes.  A Gluten Free/Low-Glycemic diet is essential if you have any degree of Celiac disease, are at risk of having or currently have Diabetes.  Debbie Johnson doesn't have Celiac disease or Diabetes, but has cut out a lot of things from her diet that left her feeling unwell.
Debbie Johnson also talks about how progressive doctors are treating and oftentimes healing conditions such as ADD, autism, and more with a GF/LG diet.  Obviously check with your doctor before trying to heal yourself or someone you know, but studies have shown that people on specific diets plus a few specific supplements have helped their conditions.
The recipes in this book remind me a lot of when the Hubby and I were on the South Beach Diet a few months ago….lots of veggies, good nuts and fats, etc, but it is more detailed that than.  The author has taken a lot of time researching and finding good alternatives to things with gluten and stuff that is just yummy.  The recipes have many choices within the recipe for meat lovers, vegans, people with dairy intolerances and other allergies, along with being GF/LG.
This diet takes lots of dedication, but it sounds like she feels so good on this diet and she doesn't even want to eat the "junk" that many Americans (including myself) eat on a daily basis.  She owned a restaurant called The Golden Chalice that served these delicious foods, too!
Buy it!  You can buy your own "Fun With GF/LG Food!" e-cookbook at or Amazon.
Win!  Debbie Johnson has graciously offered three of her delicious GF/LG Holiday recipes to one of our readers!  Enter to win in the Rafflecopter widget below!
Giveaway has ended and Tosha P. is the lucky winner!
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