Little Tikes: Christmas in July!

Little is having a Christmas in July sale!  And from today until July 6th, they’re offering an extra 5% by entering the code “BANG” at checkout!  (This is for the product total before shipping and taxes, but there are a lot of items with Everyday Free Shipping!)

Hurry in and stock up for Christmas!  Captain Fussybuckets’ favorite Little Tikes toy is the Adjust And Jam Basketball goal: [...]

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Lessons in Forgiveness

Captain Fussybuckets is learning about forgiveness.  He doesn’t really understand the concept, but he knows how to say “I forgive you.”  He’s learning that even Mommy & Daddy make mistakes and when they do, it’s a good thing for him to forgive us.  This morning, I (Mommy) was watering my plants and I accidentally tripped him with the water hose.  OOPS!  I felt horrible, he got hurt, he cried, Daddy got him a band-aid, but in the end, he told me “it’s okay, I forgive you.”

This got me to thinking….how many times has someone hurt me or [...]

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Flightless Goose Book Tour

Today is our stop  on the "Flightless Goose" book tour!  I received a copy of this book and immediately read it to the Captain.  He really enjoyed it!  This is such a sweet book, and tells a very good message.  Gilbert gets into an accident and he is not able to fly anymore.  This means he is left alone when all of his friends (who also call him names and pick on him for being different!) fly South for the winter.  While he has all of this free time on his hands, he runs and gets really, really fast. [...]

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Don’t Rush Mobility

Baby D wants to crawl. You can see it in his eyes and hear the frustration in his voice. This morning, I sat down on the floor and put him on his tummy. He immediately popped up on his hands, but he can't figure out what to do with his legs. (The Captain just used his arms to pull his body and legs along….never did properly crawl!)  Then, he started scooting backwards. I thought to myself "WHAT am I doing???" YES I want this child to learn how to be mobile but WHY am I encouraging it????? This is [...]

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Home Video Time! Brother Band

Captain Fussybuckets is very musical and always has been.  He’s currently recruiting new members for his band!  

Children Inspire Design Printable Party

I first saw the Children Inspire Design artwork on places like Jasmere and Totsy.  Every product is simply amazing.  I love these alphabet cards, which are just stunning!!




Rebecca Peragine is the creator of Children Inspire Design.  She is doing great things with her company!  They are creating beautiful pieces that help children have fun and learn.  Check out this beautiful print that promotes a love for our planet:   Continue reading Children Inspire Design Printable Party

Winner! Kool Kid Legs from Mama Runs With Scissors! plus more giveaways!

Michele is the winner of the Kool Kid Legs from Mama Runs With Scissors!  Congratulations, Michele!  Check your email!

If you didn't win….we have TEN new prizes you can win in the next few days!  First, we have the awesome Dallas Mavericks giveaway ith EIGHT prizes!!!  Tomorrow, we will have a cute giveaway for something party related….and on Monday we'll be the blog stop for "Flightless Goose" and have a copy of the book to giveaway, as well!  So, stayed tuned, spread the word, and enter our giveaways!!

Dallas Mavericks multi-prize giveaway! {over}

Our family is full of huge Mavs fans! (well, except those few Spurs fans, but we'll forgive them for that, for now. :o) We are SO thrilled that the Dallas Mavericks WON the 2011 NBA Championship!!! What a rollercoaster, emotional season!

To celebrate the Mavs' victory, I have rallied some Dallas Mavericks fans who have Etsy shops ( and they have donated some WONDERFUL Mavs gear! (Seriously, I want to enter to win all of these items but of course, I won't. :o)

**To enter, complete the mandatory entry below each picture and description, then fill out the Google [...]

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"Flightless Goose" book tour!

We are so excited that our blog was one of twelve blogs chosen to review the new book, “Flightless Goose,” by Eric D. Goodman!  Our stop on the tour is next Monday, June 27th!  Make sure to come back then and read all about the “Flightless Goose” and enter to win a copy for yourself!


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Small Successes with a Toddler

I don't remember the first time it happened.  I do, however, remember the last time it happened.  It wasn't pretty.    I remember many times that it happened.  One day, in particular, I was about 7-8 months pregnant with Baby D and I took an early Saturday morning trip to the store.  I also took along the 12 year old boy who was in our care at the children's home and Captain Fussybuckets, who wasn't 2 yet.  We had to go to get a few items, I forget what they were, but all CF wanted was a balloon.  And [...]

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