The Blur

We’re moving to our new house this weekend…if all goes as planned.  If you didn’t know, we’ve been living with my parents for 3+ months to look for a job, get rejuvenated, and “bond” our family, if you will…  We moved here when Baby D was almost 2 months old.  We, of course, thought we wouldn’t be here but 6ish weeks.  Well, God had other plans.  Plans that were well worth waiting for.  We’re excited about our move and hubby’s new job.  We have enjoyed living here and will miss Grammy & Grampy, for sure.  They were a tremendous [...]

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winner! Learning Link Technologies Giveway!

We have a winner for the Learning Link Technologies Giveaway!

Congratulations……Alice L.!

Thanks for entering!  Check out our other giveaways:  OxiClean and Soaps!

Happy Memorial Day

Giveaway: Yummy soaps!

A few weeks ago, I was the winner of some yummy smelling soaps at on online giveaway from the gOOdie site.  I wasn’t familiar with The gOOdie Site, but it is a place full of GOODIES! (of course!)  This is from her website:“Like free gOOdies? Try products for free before you ever spend a dime on them. Make money by simply doing what you do everyday. Using the internet. Pay for your next vacation with photos you took from your last one. Interested in trying new products with family and friends? Host a houseparty. Earn rewards for your buys [...]

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Saturday Randomness

Thanks, Hubs, for the sweet, super secret posting you made yesterday!  Thanks for working so hard for our family!  He, along with my wonderful in-laws and some new friends from church primed the three bedrooms and did other things, I’m sure!  I’m bummed that I can’t be there, but I’ve got two boys recovering from a cold and they need to be in their own beds for now.

Other things to note:

Captain Fussybuckets has a bladder that must be the size of Texas.  Is it weird to be jealous of your son’s bladder?  Is it weird to be [...]

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Quick shout out!

Hubby here.  Just want to give a quick shout out to my amazing wife.  I’ve drug her all over Texas trying to find the right job for us to relocate to.  These trips take a huge toll on her and our children, and she has been such an amazing support for me.  Our kids have just shuffled along, not knowing what’s going on.  Usually it takes a week or two for them to get back on a normal schedule after a weekend trip.  Well, when you travel 3 weekends in a row that doesn’t allow much reacclimation.  I love [...]

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Flats & Handwashing Challenge: Day 4 – Coming Clean

“Well I’m here to admit my deep secret.  I haven’t been completely honest, so I feel it’s time to fess up.  My first washing experience was great right?  Guess why?  Oh yeah, that absence of poop…Well not today folks.  Today’s washing experience incorporated what my husband affectionately called “poopsplosion.”  Is that too much information, dear readers?  I feel like I have to come clean, because my diapers certainly look like they didn’t.  I’ve seen tips where people talk about using brushes and such to get out stains, I just don’t find myself being that dedicated to the cause when [...]

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One job ends, another begins!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today ends the 30 year career of my favorite teacher…my mom!  Today is her last day teaching children in a classroom, as she is retiring.  We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments.  30 years….can you imagine how many kids she has taught to read, write, add, along with other countless things? She has made a difference in the lives of so many kids!  But I’m a little excited to know that she will be more readily available to assist in teaching our kids and her other two grandchildren!  Congratulations, Grammy!!

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Flats & Handwashing Challenge: Day 3 – Using Locally Available Products

“Day 3 started out badly.  Not only did my toddler run a 103 fever all day but my little girl reached a high point in our battle against reflux.  So, we had an impromptu doctors visit.  I tend to not “do cloth” at my doctors because there is always a lot of diaper on and off things have to be done.  Well, this time I had no choice.  I said I would diaper in flats all week and well that’s what I’m going to do.  I was amazed by how questioning the staff was about my choice of diapering. Have they [...]

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Tigger does mirrors!

Both of the boys are sick with a cold or allergies of some sort, but we’re making the most out of our day!  Did you know that Tigger does mirrors?