The Blur: Parenting An Infant

We're moving to our new house this weekend…if all goes as planned.  If you didn't know, we've been living with my parents for 3+ months to look for a job, get rejuvenated, and "bond" our family, if you will…  We moved here when Baby D was almost 2 months old.  We, of course, thought we wouldn't be here but 6ish weeks.  Well, God had other plans.  Plans that were well worth waiting for.  We're excited about our move and hubby's new job.  We have enjoyed living here and will miss Grammy & Grampy, for sure.  They were a tremendous help and the time that the boys got to spend with them was priceless.

Back to the story, Baby D started sleeping through the night soon after we moved here.  (and let's pray that he continues to do so!!!)  :o)  But I sit here thinking what it was like when we first moved in and I barely remember any of it.  WHY is that?  I was thinking the other day about how I don't remember much from this part of Fussybuckets' life.  Of course then, I had a good reason to feel like a zombie because he was sleeping horribly, up every 45 mins – 3 hours, and continued to sleep horribly for a while.  Thank goodness for pictures!

parenting an infant
Two months old


5 months old – Easter

I remember the day the above picture was taken, simply because it was Easter.  He was sleeping better at night, but I remember trying to get him to sleep at church.  He refused to!  He just kept popping his head up and looking around at all the people!  He always has been curious and interested in other people!  I think he stayed up for 6 or so hours!  It was crazy!



6 1/2 months old

This is when it starts getting good and the memories come flooding back.  My friends have told me that you just gotta survive for the first 6 months, and then it gets better!  I really do believe that.  Baby D is 5 1/2 months old and getting more and more fun all of the time.  He is able to stay awake longer and while he never does anything at the same time every day, he's falling into a routine.  He's still taking short naps, but he throws a long one in there every once in awhile. 



I don't know why "The Blur" exists.  I mean, most of us look forward to the day that we have kids.  We are filled with excitement when pregnant, make all of these big plans, and then in my case at least, it was just survival those first few months with Fussybuckets.  How is that even cool?  OH well.  Like I said, at least we have pictures.  And air conditioners…  ha!  My dad was telling me that the summer when he was a newborn, the highs were over 100 every day for like, 90 days.  (correct me if I'm wrong, Dad!) My grandma had FOUR other kids to take care of, and no air conditioner.  I cannot even imagine.  Our ancestors were tough, amazing people.  Wow.
So, I'm trying to be super thankful for what we have.  We really are spoiled, you know.  And I'm also trying to take lots of pictures and be mindful to create positive, memorable experiences with my kids!  Often times I fail, but I just gotta keep trying!
Have a great day!



Happy Memorial Day

Saturday Randomness

Thanks, Hubs, for the sweet, super secret posting you made yesterday!  Thanks for working so hard for our family!  He, along with my wonderful in-laws and some new friends from church primed the three bedrooms and did other things, I’m sure!  I’m bummed that I can’t be there, but I’ve got two boys recovering from a cold and they need to be in their own beds for now.

Other things to note:

Captain Fussybuckets has a bladder that must be the size of Texas.  Is it weird to be jealous of your son’s bladder?  Is it weird to be posting this on a public website?  The answer to both of those is probably yes.  HA!  But he has been dry upon waking for the past week or more, so last night we went sans diaper and he woke up, dilly dallied a bit, and then finally went potty.  I can’t believe it!  I think my son is officially potty trained!  *sniff, sniff*  (totally joking!!  I’m happy to only be changing one son’s diapers!!)

Don’t forget to enter our two giveaways:  Learning Link Technologies (ending 5/30) and OxiClean (ending 6/2)!  ANY US citizen can win!  And if you’re in some other part of the world reading this, you can win the online version from Learning Link!  And leave a comment if you or someone you know has entered the OxiClean contest on Facebook!  That sounds totally awesome and I can’t wait to see who wins!

Okay, everyone have a SAFE weekend and a good Memorial Day.  Remember why you get the day off, if you do.  It’s not just all about bar-b-queing, folks.  Thanks to all the people that have served in our military, to keep our country safe.  And thank you to the families who have supported their family member.  Your job is important, too!

Quick shout out!

Hubby here.  Just want to give a quick shout out to my amazing wife.  I’ve drug her all over Texas trying to find the right job for us to relocate to.  These trips take a huge toll on her and our children, and she has been such an amazing support for me.  Our kids have just shuffled along, not knowing what’s going on.  Usually it takes a week or two for them to get back on a normal schedule after a weekend trip.  Well, when you travel 3 weekends in a row that doesn’t allow much reacclimation.  I love you so much honey, and I’m so glad you can finally rest.  After we are done moving! haha! I’m going to work on the new house this weekend, and I am so grateful that the wife is willing to keep the kids here.

Flats & Handwashing Challenge: Day 4 – Coming Clean

"Well I'm here to admit my deep secret.  I haven't been completely honest, so I feel it's time to fess up.  My first washing experience was great right?  Guess why?  Oh yeah, that absence of poop…

Well not today folks.  Today's washing experience incorporated what my husband affectionately called "poopsplosion."  Is that too much information, dear readers?  I feel like I have to come clean, because my diapers certainly look like they didn't.  I've seen tips where people talk about using brushes and such to get out stains, I just don't find myself being that dedicated to the cause when it comes right down to it.  Of course, I'm not really that crazy about stains with my regular stash either.  We can never forget, these are designed to catch poop. Stains and poop happen. (that takes me back to an awesome 80's bumper sticker!)

I'm tempted now to see if a wet pail would help with staining issues.  It seems like with the hand washing you might need a little more soak time.  Maybe I could get a wet pail with a little OxiClean (have you entered Captain Fussybuckets' OxiClean giveaway yet?)

So, I ended up with 5 stained diapers and placed them over my railing to dry and when I went to gather them, only one still had a stain.  Bonus for me and props to the sun.  Who needs bleach when you have a mass of incandescent gas shining on you?

So my conscience and my diapers are now clean and we can move on to new and better things. Wet pails! Aren't you excited?"


One job ends, another begins!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today ends the 30 year career of my favorite teacher…my mom!  Today is her last day teaching children in a classroom, as she is retiring.  We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments.  30 years….can you imagine how many kids she has taught to read, write, add, along with other countless things? She has made a difference in the lives of so many kids!  But I’m a little excited to know that she will be more readily available to assist in teaching our kids and her other two grandchildren!  Congratulations, Grammy!!

Playing in one of his favorite places — Grammy’s classroom!

Also…I am happy to be able to announce that my hubby has a job!  We have searched for, prayed for, and followed the way to our new church home, where he will be the youth and family minister.  We are SO excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get out there!  Congratulations, Honey!!!

Two little ones does make it more difficult, though, but we anticipate moving in the next two weeks.  Most of our stuff is still in storage, so that takes a huge load off.  Well, someone still has to MOVE the huge load….lol…but at least *I* don’t have to pack it up again!  ha!

Last but not least…I have to throw this in for the biggest Dallas Mavericks fan ever (hubby!)….WAY TO GO, MAVS!!!  They’re going to the NBA FINALS!!!

Flats & Handwashing Challenge: Day 3 – Using Locally Available Products

"Day 3 started out badly.  Not only did my toddler run a 103 fever all day but my little girl reached a high point in our battle against reflux.  So, we had an impromptu doctors visit.  I tend to not "do cloth" at my doctors because there is always a lot of diaper on and off things have to be done.  Well, this time I had no choice.  I said I would diaper in flats all week and well that's what I'm going to do.  I was amazed by how questioning the staff was about my choice of diapering. Have they really never seen a modern cloth diaper?? 

Ok back to the task at hand. My three goals for this challenge were simple:
#1 use flats instead of my normal stash – CHECK
#2 Wash flats and covers by hand – CHECK
#3 use locally available products – ummm

So far, I've done two of the three but I was dragging my feet when it came to trying the dreaded plastic pant!  First off, it's ridiculous that I live in a major metropolitan area and there isn't a local diaper shop.  I hear there is one about 45 miles away but I don't see me traveling that far for diapers, not when the Internet is so accessible.  I also don't know anyone who has been to said shop and the phone number associated with it doesn't seem to work anymore so, who knows if there is even one still there. 

Of course, I do need to mention that most baby stores carry one brand of cloth diapers.  I can't speak to the quality of these diapers but I'm not a fan of the hybrid diaper and when I examined them, I couldn't for the life of me figure out the reasoning for the weird sling contraption inside.  So for the sake of this discussion, we will discuss flats and covers only. 

The local items I've purchased and added to this week's stash are flour sack towels from the local super store and a dappi diaper cover.  I should mention the cover wasn't obtained locally because I could only find 12-18 month and 2t-3t pants instead of newborn but at least they were available.
So far, the towels have been great.  They are bigger than the ones I got off the net but they work just as good.  I spent 1.57 per from the internet and about .99 cents at Wally world. My only issue is I have a couple towels just like that for my kitchen and I keep getting them mixed up. Embellishment is a must for them. 

I finally put the pant on today and they seem to fit well and haven't leaked. Sure, they bring me back to yesteryear and give me nightmares of parachute pants, but they aren't the worst thing ever. 

Oh yeah and as you can see, they make a ultra adorable "mushroom butt" on my beautiful little girl. And yes, I did get better pics but nothing with as awesome of a smile 🙂 

So I think it is possible to diaper locally.  I know there are people doing fancy things with used sheets and rain coats but I'll stick to my towels and parachute hot pants.  With all three goals completed, what will I talk about tomorrow.  Truthfully, I don't even know but tune in to find out what I dream up." 

Way to go, Eileen!!!  Two more days!!!!

Tigger does mirrors!

Both of the boys are sick with a cold or allergies of some sort, but we're making the most out of our day!  Did you know that Tigger does mirrors?



Flats & Handwashing Challenge: Day 2 – Washing Day!

from Eileen….Day 2!

"It's wash day!

Well I did it. I washed diapers by hand. I'm giving myself a huge pat on the back. I don't really know if I technically deserve one but I guess I'll take it.

The experience itself was really very good. I'm not too sure how "good" washing pee (and poop) out of cloth by hand is, but generally speaking, it was better than I expected.

My wash routine wasn't too off from my normal routine. Rinse in cold but it turned into a soak because the baby woke up, wash in hot with 1 tablespoon of detergent (it starts with a "t" and ends with an "ide") which also turned into a soak because hubby needed something, then a triple rinse. I even threw out the plunger in the last rinses and did it by hand because I just felt like I needed to.

I drained, rung them out and laid half over the railing on my deck and half on my clothes line above my washer. The ones outside were dry in 90 minutes but it was also 90 degrees and breezy today. The indoor ones are still slightly damp after six hours. I'm betting they would be great at 8 hours or overnight.

flats handwashing challenge


The best news of the whole process is my fold is getting better! I've dumped the snappi for a pin and things seem to be coming together.

I'm really warming up to these diapers. I think they might be finding a permanent place in my stash. If nothing at all, they will make amazing cloth to travel with. Anyone who has ever washed cloth at someone else's house knows the battles. Different washer, different water, different routine. You're basically starting all over again or spend time wondering just how much you've ruined your stash. I specifically remember my mother saying "wow those are absorbent.. They STILL aren't dry". Well that was the end of my traveling in cloth days.
But I think flats will make it possible again! No worries about water hardness, energy needed to dry, or what happens if you go an extra day before washing. The versatility is wonderful.

Tonight I attempt flats at night. I didn't last night because my little one's skin has issues with dampness for a long time, but I think we can make it work. I'm also hoping to do a little embellishment of my flats. The stark white is just getting to me. I'm guessing there will be a post about that sometime this week.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Tune in tomorrow!"

As promised…here is Eileen's washing experience video!


Some days, it's nice to know that someone out there is looking out for you.  We went to bed late last night (after the Mavericks won in overtime!  woo hoo!) and woke up early to two kids who are still recovering from 3 weekends of traveling.

So this was a nice surprise to see come from the mailbox:

So now the question is….does this mean there are more early mornings in my future?
I'm totally kidding (I hope!) but thank you, Seattle's Best and Taster's Choice, for filling up my mailbox this morning!  And thanks, husband of 6 years, for letting me go back to bed and enjoy some more ZZZZZZs while you took care of the boys!  I love you!