Wait time at the doctor’s office

We’ve been to the doctor a lot in the past 3 years.  Prenatal visits, well baby visits, sick visits, you know how it goes.  Waiting usually isn’t a big deal, UNLESS you have a hungry, sick, sleepy, fed up baby or 2 year old.  (So basically waiting stinks unless we’re kidless.  ha!)

When we lived in Central Texas, we went to Scott & White clinics and hospitals.  Most S&W clinics have a sign that says “If you’ve waited 15 minutes past your appointment time, please let someone at the front desk know.” (or something like that)  Most of the time we didn’t wait the 15 minutes past our appointment time, but a couple of times we did.  We NEVER waited an hour or longer.  EVER. 

Then we moved and the wait time got longer.  And longer.  And longer.  Then we moved again and the other day, we waited two hours past our appointment time to see the doctor.  The nurse said that wasn’t normal, but I talked to another patient and she said that she had waited THREE AND A HALF HOURS before.  At a pediatrician’s office…with a CHILD.  Are you kidding me?  And it seems like in this area, the wait times are longer, for all kinds of doctors. 

So what was it about Scott & White that they were able to stay on schedule?  These doctors probably aren’t paid any differently…  Is the cost of renting a building more expensive?  Maybe that’s it.  Doctors around here have to pay for their own space and thus, have to jam patients in and get to them when they can.  I don’t know….but either way, it’s ridiculous to expect a sick kid to wait longer than 30 minutes.  Just ridiculous. 

I know my family members are probably rolling their eyes as they read this (ha! you are, aren’t you??), because we had this discussion the other day.  It’s just the way things are and always have been.

But, to my friends in other areas of the country, how long do YOU typically have to wait to be seen by the doctor?

Only 4 months in…

First up, Mommy here.  My dear husband wrote this blog a few days ago.  He told me what he was doing and spent a lot of time preparing his thoughts and clicking away on the laptop.  I told him….that this wasn’t the place for this.  Our blog had a different purpose than this.  Now, a few days later, I stand corrected.  God is a huge part of our lives.  He has blessed us immensely and our purpose in LIFE is to talk about Him and things concerning Him and share the good news.  Shame on me for saying what I did.  If it causes people not to be happy with our blog, then so be it.  All we should care about is what God thinks. 

Our header says “our life, the stuff we love, and the deals to make life easier.”  Okay, God is a part of our life.  God is the stuff we love, so yeah, this DOES fit here.  We can have fun giveaways and reviews and talk about cute stuff our son says, but God can be a part of that, too.  And he is.  So here you go!  Read what my husband has to say, and take it to heart!  Hopefully he’ll contribute more in the future, too. 

Mommy out!

Daddy here,

  What a blessing I’ve had this weekend.  I got to see most of my family from both sides!  We had such a great time.  In the midst of the insane weather we’ve been having here in west, Texas, God gave us two days of perfect weather.  The toddler cousins (4 in all), as well as baby D, soaked up being outside. The adults did, too.  I pray that your weekend has been a blessing, and if it wasn’t, I pray your week will get better.  Just remember, no matter how bad this life is, we are just here a short time, and we can choose to have an eternal life in paradise. Interested in knowing how? Just ask.

The title of this blog is “4 months in.” The idea behind it is, we are only 4 months into 2011, and I’ve already experienced what seems like a decades worth of unexpected events.  I’ve never been one to believe in present day curses, especially a cursed year.  I want to share, simply because this year seems to be cursed in some ways. Let me explain.  Jan. 17, my wife and I lost our boss, a father-like figure, Danny, in a freak basketball accident that I was just feet away from.  This rocked my world.  Then on Feb. 2nd, we quit our job at the childrens’ home in an effort to do some family recuperation.  Then, I was planning to go back into youth ministry immediately and had some great, seemingly-promising, interviews that ended in disappointment. As everyone knows, the huge earthquakes in Japan that caused tsunamis, really caught everyone off guard.  Then the month of March and April brought some very dry and windy weather that led to over a million acres of land in Texas being burned up by wildfires. Some of these fires were just 10 miles away from our home here.  Then, at the beginning of April, another influencial man in my life died suddenly due to a heart attack.  He and I weren’t close, but his work in the Christian acappella industry has played a huge role in my life, and my extended family’s life.  Now, this past week we’ve been seeing some relief from the dry weather, but are experiencing the crazy storms that bring hail and tornados with them.  Then I got the news from my old church and workplace that one of the long-time members, and volunteers died after a very short-known battle with cancer.  It took all of us by surprise.  Maybe this type of life is normalcy for many of you. And I realize that the more places I live, and the older I am, the better chance I have at grief and unexpected events.  But, I think more than anything, I have learned in just four short months that I should be more God-fearing.

God is in control of everything that happens, and that terrifies me because it means that I am not in control. Some people might ask, how do you love a God who strikes fear in his children? Or, you might ask, how does God love us, when he causes so much grief? I usually don’t know what to say to these questions.  Right now, I am more confused than I’ve ever been.  But there’s a peace that I have that I can’t explain.  It’s the peace that no matter what happens to me, my family, or my friends on this earth, there is something so much greater waiting for us.  I know this because I believe it wholeheartedly, and am convinced that it is absolutely true. I will continue to fear God and try to live my life anxiously awaiting the day I get to go home, where we all belong. 

Our First Giveaway!

YAY!!!! I’m so excited about our first giveaway! We have three awesome prizes to give away!
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Thanks for stopping by!

Easter Part 2

What a special treat we had this Easter weekend!  We got to see most of our immediate family and it was so much fun!!  Captain Fussybuckets got to have two Easter egg hunts!  Of course, this means he is constantly wanting to delve in to the candy, but that’s okay…every kid has to learn moderation someday.  He thinks we’re SO mean by not letting him just eat to his heart’s content.  Hmm…maybe we should let him and see how awful he would feel after all of that?  Nah, it’d probably backfire on us!  ha!

Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday.  We went to church with the family (as we do every Sunday), saw some old friends and more family, came home and had a nice lunch, the kids had their naps, and then we had the egg hunt!  I think we (I, Mommy, and CF and Baby D’s Auntie) had more fun hiding the eggs than they did finding them.  It’s such an awesome thing, though, seeing your kids get so excited. 

Happy Easter!

We here at Life With Captain Fussybuckets want to wish all of you a Happy Easter!  We hope that you enjoy friends, fun, family, and food.  But more importantly, remember WHY, exactly we celebrate Easter in the first place!
Here are some pictures from today’s fun!
Egg hunt with the cousins!

It was all over after he figured out there was candy inside!

Who made the breakfast rules, anyway?

Captain Fussybuckets is usually a good eater. He’s picky, at times, but definitely knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want.  When I ask him what he wants to eat for breakfast in the morning, it’s usually the standard waffles, cereal, oatmeal, etc.  But sometimes he randomly says chips, pizza, a hot dog, or a sandwich.  And I don’t argue with him.  If we have it and it’s not candy or cake, I let him have it.  Some may frown on that, but who made the breakfast rules anyway?  And even if he DID want cake, how is that different than say….this:

or this:

And if he requested a hot dog, how is it diferent than a yummy kolache?

And how in the world do we get away with eating THIS for breakfast….

Honestly?  How can someone say that a bowl of Fruit Loops, which has 1 gram of saturated fat, 25 grams of carbohydrates (with only ONE of those carbs being dietary fiber!), and 1 gram of protein for ONE cup of cereal, or a donut from a popular chain…which has 4 grams of saturated fat, 31 grams of carbs, and 3 grams of protein is better for my child than a homemade sandwich, a hot dog (minus the bun, because he doesn’t like the bun!), or a homemade slice of pizza?

I mean, really, who made up the rules that this stuff is okay to eat every day for breakfast?  But try eating it for dinner and man, I’m sure that wouldn’t fly AT all!

If my child wants a sandwich, piece of pizza, chips, whatever….it seems to me that he’s getting the same amount of junk (unless you choose light versions, which would make them better for him…) AND more protein. 

Am I the only one who thinks that eating a light hot dog is better than a kolache?  Or eating a ham and cheese sandwich is better, nutritionally, for a 2 year old than a bowl of sugary cereal?  Which, don’t get me wrong, he’s had his fair share of sugary cereal! 

I just want to know who MADE these breakfast rules!!!  Crazy, I tell ya….

Happy Four Months!

Our precious Baby D is 4 months old today (okay, technically not until 10:25 PM!)  Happy birthday, sweet baby!!!!

And to celebrate, he took an hour and forty minute nap!  YIPEEEE!!!!  Of course it was probably because he was exhausted from spending the day yesterday with family and attending his auntie & uncle’s baby shower! 


Stamp of Approval

Daddy here,

  I figured it was time for me to put my stamp on this snoop bloggy blog.  I can’t help but be reminded of Winnie the Pooh’s “Blustery Day” as I look out the window this late April morn.  The wind is so blusterous that the trees are bending sideways and the sky is brown (good ole west Texas).  Thus our routine of daily bike w/ baby trailer rides, and family walks, has been interrupted. So, here I am.  On to serious things. 

Being a father…I never knew how important this job is.  It is the most important job I will ever face.  I’m reading a book called “Church + Home” by Mark Holmen, that touches on the importance of parents being the number one spiritual influence in their childrens’ lives.  I 100% agree with this idea.  If you are at all invested in your children’s spirituality, I would suggest picking this book up for about $16 on amazon (including shipping).  Everyday my two sons look at me with desperation.  Their need for love and attention is deeper than any desire I’ve seen.  Even if I get on the phone for 10 minutes, I notice that within the first 5 minutes, my older son gets very jealous and starts acting out.  Now, yes, this jealousy is not always good, because its very important for children to learn how to share their mommies and daddies.  But for now, I am committed to giving these two boys 100% of my attention when I can.  I am so blessed to be in a position where I can give them this attention.  I know it won’t last forever, and they might not even want it once they get olde, but it’s my hope that because of the investment I’m putting into my kids now, then later on, when I call them to a higher standard, they will trust me enough to do it simply because I’ve always been there for them. Someday, when I am old and looking back at my life, if I never became “successful” in my career, or acheive my greatest career goal or dream, but I was a good father, then I will have lived a good life. There is no greater calling for a man than to be a father that is fully devoted to his children.  God has lended these two amazing boys to me for an undisclosed amount of time.  It is my hope that I never look back on my role in my children’s lives and say “man I wish I would have been there.” Sacrifice is a hard thing to do, but I will sacrifice nothing when it comes to the wellbeing of my children.  Thats all I have to say for now. I’ll be back. Unless my kids don’t let me. Maranatha!

I want!

My son is 2.  He has been very blessed to get a LOT of stuff.  People like to give him stuff.  This is fine, I’m glad that he can enjoy some toys, candy, whatever….but, my son has a serious case of thinking that whatever he wants, he can get. 

Here are some things he’s asked for in the past few weeks:

a bike
dragon slippers (more specifially….. 拖鞋tuō xié  from “Ni Hao, Kai-Lan”)
 a pink bouncy ball (even though he already has a blue and green one…)
 a robot costume  (more specifially, the robot costume Elmo wore in this morning’s episode of “Sesame Street”)
 Skittles (or any candy, really)
 a balance bike (because I actually thought about maybe buying him one, and was checking prices online when he came up and saw this picture:)
 a train….but not any train, the HUGE, make believe train from “Choo Choo Soul”
this random “bouncy thingy” from VTech that he saw on a commercial 
 And, again, a bike.  I know, I’ve already put that on his list.  But he REALLY wants a bike.  And I made the mistake of telling him that he could have one when he gets bigger.  Now every day he says “I pooped in the potty!  I’m getting bigger!  Can I have a bike NOOOOOW?”
Disclaimer:  It sounds as if my child sits in front of the TV allll day long.  He does get a lot of exercise and sunshine!  But he can’t miss his favorite show “Ni Hao, Kai-Lan” and enjoys a random break in two year old hyperactivity!

Our Boys!

Introducing……our two boys, the joys of our lives!

I know, most of you already KNOW our boys, but well, I’m going to post pictures of them anyway!!  And some of you may be wondering why I don’t put their names often, or at all.  Well, here’s your answer.  When Captain Fussybuckets (the redhaired 2 year old) was a baby, we had a blog for family and friends to keep tabs on him and his super quick growing that he was doing.  A few random people made a few random comments, which is what you’re SUPPOSED to do in Blog World, but it kinda freaked me out, since our names and everything were on there.  So, I’m toning it down a bit this time to try and preserve our privacy.  So, Captain Fussybuckets it is. 

Some people my husband and my mom, have noted that we’re leaving the baby out of the title.  Well, it would be too wordy with our original choice of “Life With Captain Fussybuckets and Colonel Crankypants.”  Although he’s not really cranky a LOT.  This week his name would have to be Colonel Squeakypants because he has learned to squeeeeeeeal anytime he wants to get our attention or just hear himself, I guess.  It happens, and it’s cute, for a few minutes.

Alright, enough of the babble.  There are our boys.  We love them very much.  And YES, they are BOTH OURS.  Yes, my loving husband is Argentine/Hispanic and I’m white, but well, it happens.  They have all of his features, from his ears, to eyelashes, to eyebrows, even down to his awesomely cool feet (ha!  I love you, Honey!), but they were just *blessed* with my coloring and blue eyes.  Hey, at least Baby D got Daddy’s hair color!  Kinda….